Anybody?? (1x1 Need guy!)

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Well im sorta bored right now and i really want to do a romance roleplay:) If you have any ideas please tell me! We can make up as we go along.


Cybering: Time Skip or PM
No character controling
No anime pics
No talking lyke dis!

Yes Real pics
Yes be somewhat semi-lit but dont write like over 2 paragraphs maximum.
At least 5 sentences or more.
Please tell me when your leaving(:
Have fun!! =]

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** ok! So do you want to start or do you want me too? **
  **Anna** / tfreak1029 / 8y 321d 1h 54m 9s
[It's cool. Haha... Hm Yeah Sure we can do that if you would like.]
  Deklin Reddik / CowXCheese / 8y 321d 10h 21m 6s
** Sure! sorry for the late reply though.. so do you have any ideas we could do? My ideas are that we could do a high school romance or somethin like that.. **
  **Anna** / tfreak1029 / 8y 321d 20h 28m 35s
Join, Eh?
  Deklin Reddik / CowXCheese / 8y 321d 22h 8m 37s
** Please someone join!! **
  **Anna** / tfreak1029 / 8y 321d 22h 51m 38s

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