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Peyton gave Demitri a look and sighed as he told her that she should not give in to their threats. "What other choice do I have? You won't help me. I told you, I will break every rule if I have to, I will take any beating that comes my way if I have to, I have made my choice." She said as she looked at him. She looked down and then let out a sigh. "Cassie, stay down here." She told her sister as she went upstairs. She didn't want Cassie to be around if Jared was really going to let her have it, she also didn't want Cassie to get hurt if he tired of beating on her.


"What the hell was she talking about just now?" Cassie asked as he sister left the living room. She had realized that Peyton had become very distant since Alyce had p-been murdered. She didn't like what she had been hearing the last few days either and now that she was alone with Demitri, she could interrogate him. He wasn't like Jared, he seemed too weak to actually be okay with the things Jared did, Cole didn't hurt her like he used to but he would beat on Peyton if he got the chance to unleash his anger. "What has Peyton been telling you? And don't lie to me, she has changed since Alyce has been gone, she hasn't talked to me at all, she locks it all up in her head and she has gotten into a lot of trouble with everyone lately." Cassie said as she folded her arms and waited for him to respond.


Peyton had taken a few hits from Jared and even a few burns. He was pissed off with her but Cole had told him to lay off and that he had already scared enough to where she thought he was going to rape her again. She knew her lip was busted as she walked down the stairs and she knew that she was going to have a bad black eye. Not to mention the burns on her back from his lighter. She got to the bottom of the stairs and walked into the living room, feeling the atmosphere change suddenly. She looked at her sister and Demitri as they became silent. "What's going on...?" She asked them both. "Nothings going on, Peyton, we were just chatting. Demitri wants more water." She said as she grabbed his half glass of water and hurried to the kitchen. Peyton gave Demitri a look. "What happened when I was up there?: She asked him bluntly.
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Was she really afraid of leaving this place so much? She was doing all that she could to make sure that he took Cassie with him and not her. If he left, he was either going alone, or he was going with both of the girls. Demitri had made that clear, at least he thought that he had. “I dunno yet. All I know is that I'm not leaving you here by yourself. And trust me, you'll see me again soon. But the next time you see me, your parents will be going to jail.” He ignored her comment, and bit back a sarcastic remark that he knew if he didn't hold his tongue, he would have said.

The boy couldn't help but laugh when she said that they weren't what he said they were. “Yes, they are. Trust me. If you were me, you would think the exact same thing.” As for what they did to keep their fake family alive, he didn't care. Demitri didn't know what life for Peyton would be like outside of this house. All he knew was that he had to give her that chance to find out that life didn't have to be one beating after another. Life wasn't like this. Hell, if you lived like this, you would probably be better off dead, anyway. “Look, I'm tired of the negative comments. Just keep them to yourself. They make me feel like the plan that I've thought pretty hard about isn't going to work.”

Demitri ignored the girl's comment that she would do what it took to help her sister, even if he wouldn't. When Cassie came downstairs, he knew that she had nothing but bad news to tell the girl. He narrowed his eyes at her statement. “No.” The boy stated simply and he noticed the older girl sigh. He really didn't want the girl to get hurt. “Don't agree to do something like that.” Hadn't they just talked about this? It made him angry that she would agree to do that just because of a little bit of threatening.

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Peyton gave him a look, a bit torn when he told her that she should be looking forward to a new life, outside of the house. She was actually afraid to find what was outside of the house that she grew up in, she had only had her sisters to talk to, even though they told her countless stories about their friends and what it was like. She cleared her throat as she looked back to him, realizing that she had been staring off into space. She had caught the last of what he had said that he wouldn't blow his chance and she looked down, pursing her light pink lips. "So, you still are sticking to your plan of leaving Cassie and I both here, while you leave?" She asked, almost hesitant to ask, but there really wasn't any reason to be afraid anymore, what more did she have to lose? "It was nice knowing you then and I hope your chance works out." She said as she looked down at her hands that sat in her lap now.

HE told her he wasn't afraid, and called them something, that she assumed wasn't a very good thing, but she had a hard time understanding the word. " careful, they aren't that...they will kill you if they have to, to keep their family alive." She said, trying to explain it to him. She knew that her parents didn't want to find another boy, but they would if they had to, they would do whatever was necessary to keep their family secret a secret and would survive any way they could. She was beginning to think that this wouldn't work, she wanted out of the house, but she wanted her sister out more, her sister had a life outside, and so did he, she couldn't even imagine what her freedom would be like outside, how people would treat her or what would happen after she was out.

Peyton shook her head as he told her that it was going to be okay, she didn't believe it would be. She almost could say with confidence that it wasn't going to be, deep down, her gut told her to be on alert. He told her that her sisters didn't want her to be a toy and said that they cared about her a lot and she let out a sigh. "I am sick of being babied, they knew I hated it, but they did it anyways, you don't understand at all, getting Cassie out of her, without worrying about myself or staying here while she gets away is the only thing that I can think of to pay her back for what she has done for me for years, I cannot let my sister suffer like Alyce did." She said, thinking and took a deep breath. "If you won't help me, then I will have to do it myself, I will have to break every rule my gut is telling me not to, if it means to save my sister."

When he said that he was sure that her sister was fine, she gave him a bit of an uneasy look, she knew that Cole used her a lot for his play thing, but she could not stand thinking that the two of them were up there doing something to Cassie. It was very possible that they had silenced her or even knocked her out for that matter, and it wasn't the first time, they had done it countless times to her two sisters before, to keep them from fighting back. He offered to go up there with her and she gave him a look, it probably wasn't a good idea to go up there at all, not with Jared still really angry but she had to make sure they weren't doing anything to hurt Cassie.

As if her sister had heard her thoughts, Cassie came down the stairs. Peyton looked at her sister, to make sure there was no extra harm to her and slightly relaxed when she saw that there wasn't anything. "Jared wants you upstairs, he said that if you don't, then he will tell mom that you fought against him and that you have been stealing her jewelry while she has been gone." Cassie said, and Peyton could see that Cassie didn't even want to be saying this to her younger sister, but it was obvious that Jared hadn't given her a choice, he probably had something hanging over her head that their mother wouldn't like and Peyton knew that her sister would do whatever it cost to protect the baby that was growing inside of her, even if it meant that she had to do Jared or Cole's dirty work.

Peyton looked down, completely torn now, she didn't want to go to Jared, she was even more afraid now of what he would do to her now that she had fought back and Demitri had defended her but she didn't want Cassie to get between anything and Jared had struck her right where he knew she would gave. She looked down and nodded, "Okay...." She said, allowing the last part to carry on, she knew that the boys were probably listening to the conversation as she inhaled.
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Just this once, he wished that she'd give him a chance. He wanted her to trust him, and he would make sure that she did, one way or another. “Well, trust me, I won't screw this up. There's too much that I have to look forward to when I get out of here. You should be looking forward to a new life too. Regardless of what they tell you here, I'm sure you could be something once you got out of here.” She might not be the smartest, or the brightest person in the world, but her use of practical skills was the best he'd seen anyone use before. She was uneducated, but she wasn't stupid. It went against everything his parents had told him the way they treated her. From a young age for him it was always: 'Don't judge people based on their intelligence' or 'Everyone is equal. They might not act like it, but we're all wired the same way'. “I won't waste my chance to get out of here; I promise.” That was a promise he intended to keep.

Demitri didn't care if he got hurt; he thought he'd made that perfectly clear. “I seriously doubt that he could hurt me. Maybe both of them at one time, yes, but if they're by themselves, they're pansies and their hardly worth my damn time.” Like the girl had said a few days ago, they didn't want to kill another boy, so he was sure that as long as he played by most of their rules, the worst that would happen to him would be the beatings. He'd become immune to them by now and had learned to take them in stride. The more bruises he was covered in when he left this place, the more that they could be charged with.

The male snapped out of the fantasy of freedom that had been playing in his head for the past few minutes and smiled slightly at her. She hadn't wanted Jared to rape her, and he understood that. What person would want that? “It's okay. You'll be fine, I promise.” Demitri placed a hand on her shoulder in a reassuring manner. She still seemed to be shaken up by what had happened, and he wanted to help her out the best he could. “You shouldn't put yourself down as much as you do. They didn't want that for you because they wanted you to have a chance to be something instead of just a toy for those two boys. I'm sure your sisters mean a lot to you as well as you do for them.” He didn't know; he couldn't see inside her head, but the boy was sure that was the case.

When she laid her head in his lap, it reminded him of his little sister a bit. Demitri smiled slightly and nodded. “Yeah, I'll stay here as long as you want me to.” The male was slightly confused when she jolted up, but then realized that she was concerned for her sister. “I'm sure she's fine, but if you want, I can go with you, so there's less of a chance that you'll get hurt again.” He offered, moving to the edge of his seat. He really didn't want her to go up there by herself and get hurt again.

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Peyton gave him a look and shook her head. "I used to, that has come and gone though, I stopped when I saw what it did to Alyce, I know that you can only rely on yourself and just a few others." She said as she looked up at him. She didn't exactly stop, she fibbed that last part but she had stopped praying every night hoping for a way out. She only prayed for their safety and that God wouldn't take her other sister away from her like he had taken Alyce. "Listen, Demitri, promise me one thing...don't mess this up, don't get caught in your escape because if you do, you blow it for all of us. This is our one chance and if we fail, first we will never hear the end of it and they will always be on guard." She explained her worried thoughts with him. Cassie had disappeared somewhere in the living room so she made sure to keep her voice down low so that she wouldn't hear.

Peyton rolled her eyes when he told her that he didn't care and that he could hold his own fight. "I can get hit a thousand times but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt afterwards." She said to him as she tried to counter him in a way. She wasn't sure how it made sense but to her it did. She didn't want him just risking his life to show he wasn't afraid of the others but she was concerned about how the outcome would turn out. At first it was because she was afraid that she would lose her sisters way out, but then after spending weeks with him had changed that, she didn't want to see him end up like Oliver or Alyce, she wanted to make sure that he got home to his family and Cassie was free.

She raised her head from her arms and looked straight ahead. "I kicked him...I kicked him without thinking about it." She said as she bit into her pink lip. She really needed to stop that or she would chew her whole bottom lip off. When he asked her if this had been the first time Jared had actually tried anything with her it took her a few minutes to answer him. "Yes...I the clear before, Alyce and Cassie took whatever they wanted to do, my sisters didn't want that for me." She said as she let out a sigh when she realized how much they had actually babied her. That was why she had to put her foot down and get Cassie out of the house, to pay her back in a way.

When he apologized to her, she let out a sigh and finally looked at him. "Don't be...I'm...grateful you did, no one else would have." She said, not sure if she should say more or not. She bit into her lip again and then quickly released, trying hard not to do it again, this was going to take a while to stop, she could already feel it. When he asked if she wanted a glass of water, she was about to protest but he was already handing her a glass and sitting back down. She set it down on the end table next to her and slowly laid down and put her head on his lap. "Will you stay for a while? I don't want to be left alone right now...especially with Jared...really mad right now just waiting to take it out on someo-oh my gosh, Cassie!" She said, shooting up. "I-I-I have to go upstairs and make sure she is okay!" She said as she fumbled it get up.
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After his small rant, the girl had said nothing, so he took it as a sign that she didn't want to argue with him about it. It was certainly a wise choice in his eyes because no matter what the girl did, he would argue to the bitter end that he was right and that he could find the solution to this. It was a horrible habit to have picked up, but it had gotten him out of a lot when he needed it most. “Thank you. Now, just have a little faith in me, alright? Don't be such a downer. All we can do now, is hope for the best. If you believe in God, now would be a time to pray like hell.” A small smile curved his at his lips. Demitri had never believed in God, so it was a bit of an ironic thing for the male to say at a time like this. But he'd made his point once again.

Demitri had to laugh when she told him that what she'd meant hadn't meant getting into fights with them. “I don't care. I was just saying that I can hold my ground with them, and if they insist on picking a fight, then they're going to be the sorry ones.” The thought made him smile, even though it didn't seem to amuse Peyton very much. She was probably worried about him getting hurt or something. Honestly, the boy could care less if he got hurt trying to protect someone that he cared about. It'd happened before, and just because he'd graduated high school, and his best friend had died in a freak car accident at the end of the school year, didn't make a damn difference. “You don't need to worry about me. I'm a big boy; I promise.” He touched the pad of his finger to the bridge of her nose. It reminded him of his little sister in a way.

After Jared had gone upstairs again, Demitri sat down next to Peyton on the couch. “Why are you sorry? You have nothing to be sorry for. It wasn't your fault that you didn't want what he was planning to do.” She would probably be shaken up for a while about what had just happened. “Was this the first time that he's done something like this? I mean, I know that he talks about it, but is this the first time that he's physically done anything?” That would explain why she was so upset. Jared had made threats that he'd never carried out before, and honestly, Demitri had been hoping that the male was just kidding about Peyton becoming his little toy. “I'm sorry; I know that me helping has probably just made it worse, but I couldn't just let him do something lie that.” A sigh left his lips and he brushed his bangs out of his eyes. That was another thing that would change when he got out of here. His hair needed to be cut a little bit.

Demitri heard laughter from upstairs; that was never a good sign. It just meant that Jared and Cole were plotting something else. “Do you want a glass of water?” The male asked Peyton. He stood and picked up the glass of water that he'd poured for himself from the table and sat down next to her again before handing the girl the glass.

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Peyton brought both of her lips in when he said that he doesn't care if his plan doesn't work, he would put up a fight and she shook her head as she looked at the window. Outside held so much, but she knew that it was really only a dream to her and Cassie if they couldn't even get out of the house, especially since they only had one chance and none of them could blow it. She didn't want to tell him that if they messed up this time, then he could kiss the second time goodbye because the others would be expecting them to try to leave. She stopped herself from saying anything when he said that he knew they wouldn't leave her alone if he left with just Cassie and he told her that if she wasn't careful she would end up just like Alyce.

Peyton held back the sudden burst of tears that she felt in her eyes and she chewed on her lip. She knew he was right, but what else did she have? She had been prepared to get both of her sisters out with paying with her life, ready to keep the others preoccupied...she was a nobody and she had already been told that her entire life, it was how her mother kept her in check, how she kept her from leaving the house. Her mother and father told her that she didn't exist outside the house like her sisters did. She looked down, she would never admit to it, but she was afraid of the outside world, she hadn't been out there, she had only been out to the backyard, but nothing more then that.

Peyton gave him a small smile, "I didn't mean to hit us, I meant hold your ground with them, and that doesn't mean to get into fights with them, if you don't they are going to start treating you like me and Cassie." She explained to him. She didn't want to think of him getting into a fight with either of the boys or her parents for that matter. She shook the thought from her head, storing it away since she couldn't seem to get the image of them possibly fighting out of her head.

Peyton realized that she had been hanging onto Demitri for almost dear life, she hadn't realized how afraid she was of Jared in that moment until Demitri had told Jared that she wasn't a toy and that she was to go and sit on the couch while he handled the situation. She released his shirt and walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. She could still hear the two arguing and she tried to drown them out, she had to say that she was shaken up from actually standing up to Jared but she knew it was far from over, he was pissed and it was never good when he was mad, he didn't let anything go. She brought her knees up to her face and wrapped her arms around her legs. She had been staring off into space when she felt a movement on the couch and she buried her face in her arms. "I'm sorry...." She mumbled.
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The male simply smiled. He was prepared to face the consequences that it probably wouldn't work. Demitri would honestly rather be dead than be in a place like this. “Even if it doesn't work, I'm going to put up one hell of a fight. I refuse to come back to this place, even if they kill me.” Her offer wasn't what he wanted. Demitri would not come back to this place. “I won't because I'm not leaving you here, alone, with the four of them. I don't care if you think they'll leave you alone. I know they won't. If you're not careful, then you'll end up like your sister, and I know that that's not something that you want.” He really hoped that he would get through to Peyton in at least one way. Though, he wasn't really going to be surprised if he didn't. She was hardheaded just like he was.

She touched his hand lightly and he smiled. He'd been around her long enough to know it was a way of showing her thanks. “I think you misunderstood me. I never meant that i was going to hit you or Cassie. I've been in a couple fights in my life. I'm sure that I could hold my own against Jared or Cole.” His smile disappeared when Cassie told Peyton that she shouldn't be talking to him. She didn't trust him, and he honestly expect that she wouldn't.

Quite a few minutes passed. Demitri moved from his spot to get a glass of water from the kitchen. He'd set the glass on the table when Peyton screamed and ran into the room. He caught her when she ran into him and almost fell over. The next few words made him narrow his eyes at the male that was trying to rape the girl that he was holding. “What the hell is wrong with you? How many times do I have to tell you before you learn that she's not a damn toy.” That seemed to anger the male even more. The boy raised a fist. That didn't scare him at all. He could take a hit from the male.

Demitri turned his head down to look at the girl in his arms. He told her to go and sit down on the couch and that he would take care of this. “What the hell are you doing? I told you and her that she's mine.” The dark haired male grit his teeth at those words. “She's not yours. She's a damn person and I hate the way that you treat her and her sister.” This argument was going no where and it almost escalated into a fight. Demitri didn't once waver, and soon, the other male backed away and turned to go upstairs. He may have won that small battle, but there would surely be more to come.

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Peyton gave him a bit of an exasperated look. "I shouldn't worry and yet you are going to risk your life trying to get out of here, even though it probably won't work?" She asked him. "Why don't you just take me up on my offer?" She whispered that one, she had never kept secrets from Cassie before but there was no way she was going to let her in on this one just to have it blow up in her face. Cassie wasn't the one to run away like that, she had too much pride for that, but this was the only way Peyton could think of saving Cassie and her future child that she refused to give up. Peyton was beginning to get a little bit irritated that he wouldn't do this for her, she had found him a way out, but it only required that they be left alone so they could get a head start.

When Demitri had told her to make sure she cleaned her wound, she gave him a sly smile. "I am not afraid of this, like I said, it isn't the worst that I have had." She said as she lightly touched his hand, a show of thanks and that she was grateful that he cared to even consider when she was hurt. He told her that he no longer cared about what they said and she shook her head. "I don't mean to hit us, I mean just tell them how it is, tell them to shut up, show them you have a back bone, they are testing you-" She was saying when Cassie suddenly cut her off. "Peyton, shush! You should not be associating yourself with him." Cassie hissed and Peyton gave her sister an odd look, she hadn't seen her sister like this since....well, since never, Alyce had been the one to stand up for them, not Cassie, Cassie kept to herself, what was going on with her? Peyton wondered.

Peyton sat on her bed for several minutes when she heard the door close. From the heavy footsteps she knew it wasn't Cassie. She felt the arms slip around her waist and she bit into her lip, Jared had followed through. He pulled her back into him and she felt his lips on the back of her neck and she opened her eyes as she tried to pull away from him. He pulled her off the bed and threw her back on the bed as she let out a gasp. He was on top of her again and he grabbed her wrists and pulled them above her head. She realized that she wasn't going to be getting out of this one and suddenly something came to mind. She closed her eyes, not even allowing the thought to cross her mind, afraid she would chicken out, and kicked her leg up as hard as she could. In response Jared let out a yelp as he released her wrists and fell on her.

Peyton didn't even think when she pushed him off of her as she ran for the door and opened it and ran down the stairs. She heard Jared recovering himself when she ran right into Demitri. She felt a gasp or scream, she wasn't sure, caught in her throat and looked up, her hair beginning to fall loose out of the braid Cassie had done not even an hour before. She nearly fell on the ground, if it hadn't been for Demitri holding her up, as she heard Jared pounding down the stairs and coming to a halt before the two of them. "You little bitch, get over here! I am going to teach you a lesson!" He yelled, which made Peyton flinch.
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Demitri didn't want Peyton to hold her emotions back when the two of them talked. If she did that, she caused more stress on herself and that was never a good thing to do. A smile crossed his features when she asked him what he was talking about. “My plan. You shouldn't worry about it.” It wasn't very assuring, but then again, he wasn't even sure he would get out. No, that wasn't the way to think about this. He would get out of here, and he'd put up one hell of a fight to do it. He didn't know what to expect when he did get out. Maybe they would follow after him, which, he kind of hoped that they did. It would draw attention away from the two girls if they just focused on getting him back.

The way Cassie was eyeing him while he was talking with Peyton made him a bit unsure of why the female didn't seem to trust him as much as Peyton did. Was it because she expected him to be the same as Jared or Cole? Hadn't he already proved to her that he wasn't like them? “Okay. Just clean it up well. You don't need to get an infection.” In conditions like this, an infection would most likely mean death. They had refused to take Alyce to the hospital after they'd shot her. And she'd even burned the girl when she was still alive.

What was said next, made him a bit angry. How could he stand up for himself when whatever he said was blown out of proportion, or caused him to get more upset than necessary. “I really don't care at this point. Their words don't really affect me much anymore. I just wish they would learn to stop being cowards. If they want to fight, then I can give them a fight.” The male had been in a fight or two in his lifetime, and he was sure that he could put the two boys in his place. Maybe not both of them at once, but if it was just one at a time, then he could do it.

Demitri stayed downstairs while the two girls moved upstairs. It left him to his thoughts while he swept up the rest of the plate that had been broken. Most of the time, they walked around barefoot, and he really didn't want glass shards in the bottom of his foot.

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Peyton gave him an odd look as she tried to hold everything that she was feeling back. He told her it would be a few days before anything which confused her. "What are you talking about?" She asked him, beyond confused. They couldn't be letting Demitri out yet, she would for one lose her chance to get Cassie out of the house and for them to stop her family. She bit into her lip as she tried to think of something but nothing came to her. She had to remember to keep calm, she could not look like she was as helpless as she felt but when he told her to just wait and allow him to think about it for a few days, she let a resistant nod answer for her, not that she was happy about it at all.

Peyton watched as Demitri helped Cassie clean up the big pieces of plate and then he asked if she was okay. "Yeah, I'll survive, this isn't the worst thing that has happened to me, it just stings." She said as she looked down at her towel wrapped hand, knowing that she would have to get rid of the towel or her mother would freak out about the towel, not the fact that she had been hurt, she would probably freak out about the plate as well. She took his hand as he offered it to her and she stood up and applied more pressure to her hand. She saw Cassie looking over and it wasn't a good look, Cassie was obviously worried but so far Peyton felt like she could trust Demitri, the worst that could happen was that she would die for everything she told him, but honestly at this point she would gladly give this life up.

He told her that she should wash up and she let out a little sigh. "Demitri....don't let them push you around like that, I don't mean that you should do what they are doing, but stand up for yourself. They do this to you on purpose, Jared especially, he doesn't like you...he will do almost anything to get a reaction out of you, he knows you won't be one of them. I don't want to see anything bad happen to you...okay?" She said as she held her hand close and went upstairs. She hoped she wouldn't see the others, she just wanted to shower in peace since they had a tendency of coming in and harassing them when the girls showered. She turned the water on and undressed as she stepped into the soothing water.

After, she dried off and threw the towel away as she ran to her room and put on some clean clothing. She grabbed the brush that she shared with Cassie and brushed her hair. Cassie walked in a few minutes later, not saying anything as she sat down and began playing with her hair as Peyton looked out the window, chewing on her lip. It took Peyton a minute to realize that Cassie had braided her hair when Cole called for Cassie. She heard her sister let out a sigh and leave the room. When Peyton looked where her sister had been sitting, a first aid bandage had been left behind and she quickly applied it to her hand.
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The boy would give damn near anything to have his life back to the way it was before any of this happened. He didn't think that after he got out, that he would be normal again, though. He'd practically killed a girl who didn't deserve to die. The surprised look on the girl's face made him smile a bit. He knew that she didn't expect him to care for her or Cassie like he did, but he couldn't help it. It would take a while to break him from his habits, if they hadn't already realized this already then it was a bit sad. Demitri knew that the woman was plotting new ways to break him every day. The two boys were too. They knew what pissed him off, but did it anyway because they knew that they could get a reaction from him.

It hadn't even occurred to the boy that the girl probably didn't know what a capital crime or a felony even was. He had made his point, but when she said three people, his eyes widened a bit. That was an unwanted snag in his plan. “I don't know. It'll be a few more days before I get a chance though. I'll decide what I'm going to do over the next few days.” The boy couldn't stand the thought of leaving her there by herself. Why was he so important anyway? If he left, it shouldn't be such a big deal. They had two other 'sons' that they could already force to do their bidding.

Demitri put his plate in the sink and then knelt down on the floor to pick up the broken pieces of the plate. He didn't even care if they cut him; he was too pissed off to notice his own pain. “Are you okay?” He asked Peyton when most of the plate were picked up and thrown away. She reminded him of a kitten who'd just gotten bathed. Except, instead of water, it was soda, and if she didn't wash it off, it would get gross and sticky. “You should go wash up. If you don't, you'll feel even worse.” He stood and held out a hand to help her to her feet.

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Peyton listened as he told her about his sister and her being really young. It sounded really sad, but Peyton knew all too well about being abandon by her parents, at least Demitri and his sister didn't have to live through hell and back like she and her sisters did. She fought and tried to please her parents and their new sons with everything she had to stay alive as did her sisters, but even that had not been enough to save Alyce, Peyton had regretfully excepted that she would not be getting out of this alive, that someone would be claiming her life within the household and that would be her freedom. When Demitri said that he felt bad for her and her sisters, she gave him a bit of a surprised look. He told her that he could relate that neither one of them knew what a true family was like and she nodded.

Demitri changed a bit and as he spoke, there were some words that made her flinch each time like with the words like capital offense, whatever that meant. She tried to follow along with him but she wasn't as educated as her sisters were. Peyton stayed quiet until Demitri told her that he knew who he wanted and that if he wasn't taking both of them then they would both stay there. She shook her head and put her hands to her face. "If you leave us both, we both die, can you not understand that if you don't take Cassie with you, you have allowed three people to die." She whispered in a rush and then looked at him. "Cassie is pregnant...she hasn't said anything but I know she is and so far she has been able to keep it a secret from the others. Mom would surely beat her if she found out and abort everything, which Cassie doesn't want. I am begging you to get her out...please Demitri, I can't lose my only sister left." She was basically begging him to understand.

Jared laughed as Demitri shut up and pulled Peyton closer to him. "I think you and I should spend the night together, maybe have a little fun." He said tauntingly as Peyton let out a bit of a gasp and pushed away from him making the two laugh even more. Peyton got up and picked up her plate and just as she started walking Jared tripped her and she fell on the ground and her plate fell to the floor breaking to pieces and one of the pieces cut her hand. She sat up and pulled her hand to her chest, to keep from bleeding everywhere as Jared poured his soda all over her. "Better get to cleaning this mess up along with yourself, I will expect you to be presentable tonight." He laughed as the boys got up, leaving their plates where they were and disappeared upstairs.

Peyton bit her lip as Cassie grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Peyton's hand. "Apply pressure to that, I'll clean up." Cassie said as she started grabbing pieces of the broken plate.
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The male smiled and nodded. His sister had pretty much been his life when he'd lived at home. She was young and needed someone to look after her, and he took that to heart. “Yeah. She's really young and since Mom and Dad were never home, she relied on me a lot. I really miss her and I know that it's probably hard for her to do things without me there.” He wasn't trying to sound arrogant or conceited when he said this, but he knew the girl and she'd always been by his side when he was there. “I really feel sorry for you guys, but then again, I can somewhat relate. Neither of us knows what having a real family is like.” Demitri smiled slightly at the thought. It wasn't a happy smile, but he was just trying to lighten up the tension that was evident between the two of them.

Demitri was beyond confused, irritated, and angry. He still couldn't understand how she could stick up for her parents the way she did. “I don't care. Something about them is off. They know what they're doing is wrong, but they justify it by saying that they don't want daughters that all they want are sons. So they go out and commit a felony and kidnap males and raise them to commit a capital offense and kill the daughters that they have.” He used words that he heard all the time. One of his parents was a detective and the other was a lawyer; that terminology was quite common in his household.

After hearing her explain what Alyce had done wrong, he simply smiled. Maybe he was just being a hopeless romantic and wanted everything to fall into place like it did in the movies, but he honestly believed that as long as she was happy, then she had done nothing wrong. “Y'know, I think I'm pretty sure I know who I want and then both of you are staying here because I'm not taking just her with me. I won't leave you alone in this hell. I've already made up my mind of that much.” When he'd made up his mind, there was little to no chance of changing it. All of his friends knew that much, this girl should know that too. He was going to make damn sure that she knew that before he left. The first chance that he got, he would be gone and he wasn't going to come back, unless it was to get Peyton and Cassie out of there. The boys were probably too far gone in their sick fantasy words to help them, but he could try to help them as well.

At the table, he ate quickly, and tried to tune out the sound of the two boys talking about Peyton and Cassie like they weren't even there. His green gaze looked over at Peyton in a way that said 'I told you so'. It was like they were egging him on to say something against them, and they knew that it would work because when they talked like they were talking right now, it pissed him off greatly. “Just shut up. Damn. They're not toys, and they don't deserve to be treated like that.” The boys snickered and Demitri clenched one of his fists. “Do you claim her, then?” He opened his mouth to speak, but closed it almost instantly. He honestly didn't know what to say.

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Peyton tried to imagine what he meant when he told her that his parents just worked all the time. He told her that he had to take care of himself and his sister which made her cock her head to the side. "You have a sister?" She asked him, like a curious child would ask if they were in front of an adult. "She must really miss you then...I have a hard enough time when Cassie leaves-it has also been hard without Alyce, but I know mom can't hurt her anymore and she doesn't have to deal with Jared anymore, that's how I know she is better off." She said, not exactly sure if she made any sense but she had to think positive for Alyce or she would probably just fall into a deep hole of hurt which she probably wouldn't be able to get out of.

"Demitri..." She said his name, not able to really say much more then that. It took her several moments before she could find something within her to say something to explain to him why she couldn't stop defending her parents, even though she knew that what they were doing was wrong. "I don't know how to explain it....there....I don't know, I guess I feel bad in a way, they didn't choose this path, just as Cole and Jared didn't choose it, they were raised this way." She said, not sure how well she could explain it much more, she sounded pathetic as it was and she knew he would still chew her out about it as well. "I'm sorry, but I can't explain any better then that."

He asked her what was wrong with falling in love she let her head fall in defeat. "What is wrong is that we are not allowed to fall in love. The three of us are supposed to die because we were born of sin, this family is only to consist of males and wives, no daughters. Alyce was the first and Cassie is next, and I don't know when they will snap to kill her and then it will be my turn, I'm not stupid, I figured it out. You will be forced to find a girl when they believe you are ready if you don't get out of here soon...Jared has already picked his and it is only a matter of time before she is kidnapped and has to breed for him and the cycle continues! I can't let that have to understand...I can buy the two of you time. They will still be looking for you so not much focus would be on me." She said as she looked back to him.

Peyton let it go as she went into the kitchen and sat down next to Jared as he started babbling on. "You know, Cole, since Alyce is dead and all, I was thinking I would take little miss Peyton as my own personal little can have Cassie, not worth my time anyways." He said with a wicked smile as he looked Demitri. Peyton looked up from her food and looked at Demitri and the back down at her food, losing her appetite as she moved the food around and every now and then took a bite. "Oh? I bet you plan making up for what you lost in Alyce, little slut didn't know what was good for her." Cole sneered and laughed as the two fist palmed each other and looked at Demitri waiting for some sort of reaction. Peyton looked at him and bit into her lip hoping he wouldn't but didn't know him well enough to have any hope that he would actually would remain calm.
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