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I would like an rp partner to work with. We'll come up with a plot of some sort and go from there. I mostly play male characters but can play female if needed.
Spelling and grammar is a necessity as well as decent writing. I'm not too bothered on length at the moment, I'm feeling lazy so just some proper creative writing that gives me something to work with and I'll be happy.

Think that's about it.

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I think you forgot about me?
  Yukari Satou / NPR20 / 8y 242d 18h 28m 1s
Okay. I won't be back this early tomorrow though. It is 6:45 p.m. here, and tomorrow I work later shifts, but if you are on earlier, then that's good for me. I'll be up in about 12 hours, if that's tomorrow for you.
  Yukari Satou / NPR20 / 8y 261d 14h 8m 11s
Sorry, I was preoccupied. Can we talk over the details tomorrow? I'm thinking of going to bed cause my brain is fried. Sorry
  Blake Scott / CharlieTrance / 8y 261d 14h 9m 56s
I like to play female characters between the ages of 12 and 17...

I will play adult too if you want.

How about if we work something out? What about a foreign exchange program RP?
  Yukari Satou / NPR20 / 8y 261d 14h 43m 45s

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