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Getting accepted into an all Boy's and Girl's Academy was the best that Komari ever felt. It was just the life she had always wanted. Though the problem was that the Academy was in Tokyo, Japan. As for her parent's it was going to be hard to let her go, in a school, alone with Males and Female's. Though assuring her Mother and Father, Komari promised that she would be safe.

So after getting to Tokyo, Japan, she started to get to the office to try and find herself a dorm. Though their were none left, except for one. Though it was in the highest known dorm, for the Beautiful Male's. Komari never found herself as beautiful as others. Checking the dorm out, a few Male's told her that she could stay. But as she was walking around even more, one of the Male's caught her in the hall-way. He was the popular one that all the girls wanted to be with, though Komari didn't know that. As Komari talked with the Male's all said she could stay except for Chiba Azusa.

The Talk. :]
"What is your name?" Chiba Azusa asked her in a soft toned voice.
"Komari Benedikte.." She told the Male that was standing before her.
"Well I will let you stay in my room. Only under one circumstance! You become my slave..." Chiba told her, acting like it was nothing. Though he thought the girl was pretty cute.
As Komari nodded her head, she had became Chiba's slave.

Back To The Plot.

As everyone in that Dorm had known about these two, the other boys had started to mess around with Komari, since they thought she was cute. But the Female's in school didn't like her, because they never thought she was good enough for Chiba. So they tried to put her down, though Chiba was always there for her. As these two had become closer, they started to feel more than just a spark between each other. More like fireworks. How will this turn out? What drama will happen? Was staying at Paradise Yakata, a bad choice?


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The warmth of Chiba's lips then rested on her forehead, as Aoi didn't know what she had done correct to get it. After Chiba went into the bathroom, Aoi turned around watching the door shut softly. As the running of water, had ran through the bathroom's door hitting the walls of their room. Aoi suddenly shook off the feeling, as she turned back around. Covering her chest, she started to walk over to her dresser, into which where she kept her things. Of course, she un-packed last night, after Chiba had gone to bed.

Running her pale, white finger's over the top drawer. She suddenly opened the drawer, pulling out her under-clothes. After closing the dresser drawer, Aoi started to put on her undergarments. As she slipped her body through a tank-top, and throwing on a button-up shirt. Though the female's uniform's were quit... unique. As Aoi started to button up her shirt, she smiled as she had looked at herself in the mirror. Sliding her skirt on up her legs, she buttoned that up on the side as-well. Though Aoi was missing something..

Some Socks.

As she left her wet hair up in a towel, she then looked around in her dresser for some long socks, that ran up to her thighs. After finding them, Aoi grabbed one of the socks as she slid it up her leg, almost meeting her skirt line. She did it with the same leg as well, though with a different sock. Sitting down on the bed, she grabbed her school shoes, as she slid them on as-well. After Aoi had gotten ready, she stood up in the mirror looking at herself smiling. Hearing a chuckle outside of the room, Aoi started to walk over towards the door. Seeing as Renzo, and a few other boy's were standing next to him. "Hello, Everyone. What are you doing up here? You know if Chiba saw you, I don't think he would like it." Aoi told them, as she let a soft smile form by her mouth. After closing the door, and locking it, Aoi heard all of the boys groan. As they started to walk back down the stairs.

Pulling herself around the bed, for her face to meet the mirror once more. Aoi took the towel off of her head, showing her nice, glowing brown hair. As she started to run her brush through her hair, in a few minutes later. Her hair was up and ready for school. It was in a little bun, though since Aoi didn't like it. She just decided to let her hair run down her back, like normal. Though she grabbed the sides of her hair, as she then looped them together, to make her look even more prettier. Smiling at herself in the mirror, she then heard the water shut off. As Aoi waited for Chiba to come out of the bathroom, she stood in the middle of the room smiling. Once hearing the door open, she watched as Chiba came out of the steamy room.

"Chiba-sensei, look. Don't you like it?" Aoi asked, as she then let a soft giggle ripple through the bottom, and top of her lips. Looking around, she then felt a small blush run through both of her cheeks. After watching his head nod, Aoi smiled waving her finger's. "I'm going to wait for you downstairs, Sensei." After turning around, Aoi unlocked the door as she walked out of the room. Aoi watched her feet, as she started to head down the stairs, running into Renzo once more. Letting out a soft yelp, Aoi found herself on the floor in a terrible position. Looking up at him, Renzo had a smile on his lips. As Aoi found out how she fell down, she suddenly closed her legs, blocking the view. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't see you there.." As Aoi was helped up by Renzo, she then nodded her head, as she waited for Chiba to come downstairs.

They were going to be late for there first class.
  Aoi Hashimoto / Deceased / 10y 69d 2h 35m 15s
Chiba had stepped back, from being pushed away quite a distance and crossed his arms happily. He smiled and chuckled a bit, as he found her reaction cute, to the stutter and tone of her voice, to the blush on her face. Chiba didn't mind the refusal, after all part of it was a joke. He gazed into her eyes, staring at it's beauty for a short while before nodding. "That's quite alright Aoi... Maybe next time..." He said in a joking manner, closing his eyes and giving an affectionate smile at Aoi. "I'll get to our room, ounce I'm finished here." He said, as his pitch reached a soothing and soft tone, chuckling a bit short after. His glasses loosened a bit during the chuckle, his right arm raising up and pushing the middle of his glasses, back into place with two fingers.

He had saw Aoi handing over the newly made tea, and a smile reached his lips, as the thought he had at the stairs was actually true. He walked over and one of his hand gently took the plate, the tea and spoon was resting on, and relived her of it's weight. His other hand made it's way to the tea cups hands and lifted it up. "Thank you for the Aoi... I will definitely tell if you I want more." His voice was filled with appreciation. Chiba raised the tea cup to his mouth, just inches away. His eyes was kept on Aoi, as she was dragged away. He wouldn't let any boy do anything to her, that she wasn't alright with. He brought the tea closer to his mouth, closing his eyes, he took a small sip.

He opened his eyes, and pulled the tea away as he heard Aoi speak to him. He gave a soft smile, and nodded. "I'll be up in a second Aoi. Take your time..." Encouraging her not to rush. His eyes followed her outside the kitchen, making sure she was safe. As she left his sight, he closed his eyes and brought back the tea to his mouth, taking another sip. "Aaaahhhh, your so lucky Chiba! I wish she'd make tea for me too, and sleep with me." Renzo said placing his arm around his shoulder through his neck, after watching Aoi leave as well. Chiba looked at him and laughed. "Haha, stay away from her." He said smiling at him, in a happy tone, trying to make it some what funny. Chiba had a chat with a few of the boys, and finally finished his tea. "Well everyone, I'm heading towards my room." He said standing up and walking towards the flight of stairs, Chiba had heard the boys telling him off and asking him to give their greetings to Aoi.

As he made his way up towards the room, and slowly turned the door knob, and opened the door slightly, peeking his eye through the slit in the door. She wasn't in the room and a smile reached his face. He opened the door enough for him to move through and closed the door behind him gently. He peered around the room for a quick second followed by moving towards his closet picking out his cloths and a towel. He walked towards the middle of the room leaning on the bottom side of his bed, crossing his arms waiting for Aoi to finish her shower.

As Aoi walked out the door, he looked at her and smiled. He saw her drop the towel and chuckled taking a step forward, and walked towards Aoi, stopping in front of her. He placed his hand on her cheek, leaning in and kissing her forehead. He let of her cheek and looked at her, giving her a affectionate smile. He walked passed her, walking in the bath room and closing the door gently.

He had removed his clothing completely and hopped into the shower, turning on the shower, the warmth running through his body. The sound of the shower running could be heard from outside the door.
  Chiba Azusa / StrifeX / 10y 74d 11h 57m 55s
After putting the spoon down on the small cup plate, Aoi felt something around her chest. As she then felt the warmth of someone's breathe in her ear, a shiver went down the spine of her back. As she then pulled her hands onto Chiba's arms, a smile slipped through her lips. Though as-well as a blush, rippling through her cheeks. Pulling herself around his arms, Aoi found herself face to face with Chiba. As there lips were almost touching each others. As a soft tint of pink ran across her cheek, she then pushed him away smiling. Aoi smiled deeply, as she then turned around picking up his tea. After she had then turned around, giggling.

After she gave the cup of tea to Chiba, another Male pulled her off to the side looking at her. "Can you make some Tea for me, Aoi?" Renzo whimpered looking at Aoi, as she then sighed. She told him, as another Male then chuckled. Aoi then looked over at the other boys, as they all looked over at her. Sighing softly, Aoi suddenly walked over to the other couch sitting down next to one of the Male's. "So. Aoi are you ready for your first day of school?" Sachio asked, that boy that was sitting next to her.

As Aoi then nodded her head, she felt weird. She was the only female in the house-hold, as the others were males. She felt really weird, it was indescribable. Sighing softly, she then put her hands on her legs, waiting for Chiba to get done with his tea. Though she had needed to also take a shower. Getting up from her seat, she then looked over at Chiba smiling. Aoi then smiled, as she had started to head up the stairs. Grabbing a towel, and a pair of clothes, she had suddenly got into the bathroom.

After turning the water on, Aoi got into the shower. Feeling the warmth of the water, running down her body. It was the best feeling, she didn't feel so wrong anymore. Smiling softly, all of her worries went away. She was so much stressed anymore, and she felt normal. After letting the water run over her entire body for a few minutes, she turned the water off. Looking down at the floor of the tub. She felt like she has accomplished something new. Pulling a towel to her chest, she then got out of the tub. Aoi pulled the hair off around her neck, as she then opened the door to Chiba's and her own room. Instead of looking at an empty room, she saw Chiba standing in the middle of the room.

Blushing a very deep red, she then let the towel drop, as she didn't mean to. After picking it up, she wrapped it around her body looking at him. She called out, as she covered her body, though her legs, and chest were showing just a little bit. Aoi did feel sort of happy that he was there, but he should have looked away once he had seen her. right?
  Aoi Hashimoto / Deceased / 10y 74d 22h 21m 16s
Chiba woke up not long after. A slight slit in his eyes appeared and he opened them slightly. A slight smile came over his face, seeing his shirt on the other side of the bed. He blinked once more, and opened his eyes half way, still feeling some feeling of wanting to sleep. He pushes his elbow against the bed, lifting himself up a short distance, his eyes at this point were fully widened. His other hand gently grabbed on to the shirt, Aoi used and put it on gently. He smiled and slid to the edge of the bed. He brought up one of his hands, and gently rubbed his eye. He yawns, and raised his hand over his head, and the other arm, bent behind him and grabbed on to the arm that was raised. After he stretched he placed his hands on the bed, pushing down on them and stood up.

He looked around, looked for Aoi around the room, his room wasn't that big, so it didn't take too long, one glance and it was over. To make sure, he walked over to the bathroom door, and gently turned the knob and opened it. There wasn't a sound or anyone in sight, so she wasn't there. He sighed, and looked towards the door to the halls. He wondered here she has gone to, he only had boxers on at the moment, knowing that it's rude to move around in them, he walked over to his closet near by and picked of a pair of jeans. He quickly slipped them on. Aoi and Chiba still need a shower, and he thought them having it together would be nice, but with some clothing of course. Chiba wasn't a pervert, but more of affectionate. He started walking towards the door exiting the room, waving at most anyone who passed by him. As he reached the flight of stairs, he quickly turned to it, and sped down.

As he reached the bottom floor, he quickly looked around for signs of Aoi. Not getting anything, he assumed she was in the kitchen already, maybe with something prepared for him. The thought made him smile brightly. He made his way to the kitchen, and looked around. A pleasant smile dawn on his face, as he spotted Aoi, with tea. He quickly made his way to her and wrapped his arms around her. "Good morning Aoi..." He said happily. He then looked at the tea and back at her. "After tea, we still have to take a shower... Mind joining me? With clothing of course." He said laughing a bit.
  Chiba Azusa / StrifeX / 10y 75d 5h 40m 13s
Pulling her hands on the bed sheets, her hands bounded to something warm. Something that was laying right down beside Aoi, as it was shirtless. Opening her eyes, Aoi slightly rubbed them looking at the figure that was in front of her. Moving her hands away from Chiba, Aoi suddenly backed up on the bed, forgetting how small it was. She fell onto the floor, as the sheets glided over her, staying on the bed. Sitting back up quickly, she noticed how well he had slept. Chiba slept like a little baby, as he was so cute. Shaking her head lightly, Aoi then looked down at the clothes she was wearing. Blushing softly, she then pulled his shirt off that he gave her last night. Pulling on her skirt and shirt that she came in with yesterday.

Slowly standing up off the floor, Aoi heard a few Male voices downstairs as she then looked out the door. Walking out of Chiba's and Aoi's room, she started to walk down the stairs as she looked around the corner. "You know, Aoi Hashimoto actually looks cute." Manzo told the others, As Aoi stepped down from the steps. "AOI! Good-morning.." Kenji called out looking over at Manzo. Smiling softly, Aoi then tilted her head to the left smiling her cute smile. Aoi asked, as she started to walk towards the couch. "Well, I slept like a baby." He told her, as Aoi then heard foot-steps from up stairs.

Gasping softly, Aoi then started to walk towards the kitchen as she heard the other Male's chuckling. Whispers were going on behind her back as she felt warm arms wrap around her chest. "Aoi. Why Chiba, you could have picked me, Manzo. I am the Male for you.." Aoi then put on her long face, as she turned around pushing him back, and away from her body. Aoi told him in her calm voice as the other Males looked at her. Of course all of them thought that she was beautiful. They all have a crush on her.

After making tea for Chiba, she watched as she just set it down on the counter until it was time for him to come out. Waiting until he came down the stairs, he sure took a while to get up, and get dressed. How long did Male's usually take to get ready? Chiba is going to miss school if he keeps going this slow. And Aoi was suppose to walk with him. Though after the little incident last night, she felt really happy. Her first kiss was with Chiba, as he kissed her in order to let Aoi stay in the dorm. She was happy, though she didn't know that Chiba would actually like her.

  Aoi Hashimoto / Deceased / 10y 75d 7h 2m 25s
Of course.
Oh, I have a picture that you can use.
Though I'm still working on it.
  Komari Benedikte / Deceased / 10y 76d 7h 50m 59s
I'm sorry I wasn't able to talk to you Aarica... I hope you can forgive me...
  Seto / StrifeX / 10y 76d 17h 12m 23s
  Komari Benedikte / Deceased / 10y 77d 1h 14m 20s
Your Welcome.
  Komari Benedikte / Deceased / 10y 78d 5h 16m 45s
Haha thanks a lot Aarica. I really appreciate it. ^_^
  Seto / StrifeX / 10y 78d 5h 18m 2s
Hold on.
This might take a-while.
I'm doing a Picture for your Ooc.
  Komari Benedikte / Deceased / 10y 78d 5h 23m 36s
Umm... If you want, and if your okay with it. Sure. ^_^
  Seto / StrifeX / 10y 78d 5h 27m 36s
Want me to get a picture for you, love?
  Komari Benedikte / Deceased / 10y 78d 5h 28m 24s
Or this guy...
  Seto / StrifeX / 10y 78d 5h 30m 32s
Hmmm... I don't know who to actually use. I might use Asato. o.o
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