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Eighty-five million years ago, two men were concieved in the stars above where the heavens lie. The mother was kind and gentle, with a fiery wrath and temper to match. The father was a stern man, who did things in a more violent way but always had good intentions. The woman had white wings, pure as the white puffy clouds beneath her. She had all the powers that the top Goddess she was should have. That's right, she was a goddess. The father's power were less powerful, but strong enough to put the mother at risk if he should ever get angry enough.

On this momentus day, all the angels and all the God's and all the Goddesses gathered together to witness the birth of the children of the two most powerfull beings an all the universes. And it was a day that would be exhaulted and celebrated for the millions and millions of years to come.

Time had passed on until about sixty-five million years had separrated the present time and the time before that is in question. The two men had grown to become outstanding warriors. Their combat prowess rivaled many of the God's and goddesses themselves. The two men were immensely pleased by their own powers as well. The father was excited to see his two children's power growing to rival his own, however a quite few of the God's and Goddesses were beginning to worry about their own safety and argued that the boys could at any time destroy all they had come to know and love, including the father's beloved wife. Those who feared the men's power reasoned that the boys should be stripped of their powers and locked away for the remainder of their existance. The head of them was the mother, who feared that her position as head of the Gods Goddess would be stripped away from her by her own kids.

This enraged the father, believing that his wife was a disgrace for wanting to betray their own children in such a way. He and a some of the other Gods and Goddesses went to war with the mother and her followers. The terms of the war were that the side who lost the war would have no choice but to follow in the winning side's judgement on what would be done with the men.

The battle raged on for many thousand years, casualties rising ever so high, on the surface of the earth. The inhabitants at the time, the one's known as "dinosaurs", were wiped out completely before the end of the war even drew close. At last, the two main powers met each other in glorious battle. The father and the mother clashed, the world itself seeming to be falling apart each time their weapons touched. Their fight waged on for hours, each strike holding the intent of a killing blow. Finally the father gave in, for he had not the will to kill his wife. He gave in to her demands and fell down on one knee. The wife, however, was not so forgiving. She cast he and his folowers into the center of the Earth and sealed it shut, so that she would never see their retched faces again.

When it came time to deal with the children, she found it exceedingly hard to do so. Her heart ache at what she had to do to her children. In order to do what she needed to do, she did what no other god or goddess had ever dared to do. She stripped herself of her womanlyness and morphed her body and soul into that of a male. With a mother's weakness taken from her, she stripped the two men of their powers and chained them together in the heart of a blazing prison known as "The Sun". She then placed the men in an eternal sleep, in order to ensure they would never be heard from again.

Sixty five million years had passed, and heaven, Earth, and the place where the spurred god's and goddesses had been cast too had all taken dramatic changes. Heaven had completly "forgotten" about the ordeal that had taken place, and everything was good and pure once again. The earth had been taken over by fleshlings known as humans. Although these seemed less significant and less advanced than the angels and gods and godesses that had created them, they knew a lot more than they were given credit for. The place where the spurned gods resided was given a new name: Hell. It had taken on a dark form, filled with betrayal, murder, demons, sex, gambling, rape. Why? Because they wanted everything that described them to be the opposite of those who had placed them there.

Something happened. The sun began shooting flares out randomly in all directions. Scientists were astounded. The sun shouldn't have been destroying itself for another hundred million years! But then, everything had gone back to normal as quickly as it had started. The worry left the eyes of the humans, but the angels and their heavenly overlords began to fear for their lives. Inside the sun was a blood bath of feathers, organs, severed limbs, and shit from the guards crapping themselves in fear. The brothers have awoken, and they want revenge.

Your roles

There are many roles for you to take, however in order to get these roles, you have to play as a normal human for a week or so in order to rank your way up.

This was mainly built for me and Ian, however if you feel like joining, then feel free to. If you join, I'm going to have to ask you to join as a human. That's right, a weak little human with a short ass life span. Why? Because I fucking said so. NOW, the real reason why is because we don't need thirty bad asses roaming around killing every fucking body. Now, after you've played the role of a human for a while, I'll give you the option of joining the ranks of Heaven or Hell, I don't care which. You won't be fighting me or Ian for a while, so don't worry about dying just yet.

If I really like you () I'll let you become someone important. You may become one of the guardians who hold the secrets to our powers, the one's we have to murder. If so, and you feel like keeping him, when we get to you, you may pleed your case and join our ranks. THAT is the only way you'll end up in the final battle of us vs. God and Satan.


I feel like we need to have these, however, I'm really lazy right now so I'm just gonna copy paste some of your rules Ian.

1. Romance: Really? There's no time for this moochy crap! You're too busy surving to love someone!
2. Violence: Its all about the fucking violence in this one.
3. God-moding: Oh I fucking dare you.
4. Swearing: ...... I shouldn't have to say anything.
9. Grammar damn you! Speak freaking engrish, use commas, quotations, and other grammatical things correctly!
10.I'm on a crappy little computer that doesn't have spell check, so I'll give you leeway on rule 9
11. Fuck ten! Anime pics only, real pics have no place in my fantastical image of this unceasingly cruel world of blood and gore.


Basically, this is an all out war of me and Ian vs everyone else. However, we can die. In the very begining before we get our ungodly powers, we can be taken down. Try your fucking hardest, otherwise it won't get done. In order for Ian and I to get our powers, they must either be surrendered to us by the God or Goddess guarding it, or we have to kill them and take it ourselves. Don't all be pussies and join up, please that'll kill off the roleplay. Other than that, humans be surving and fucking like there's no tomorrow since it's the apocolypse for you, angels and demons be training.


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Almost there...

Logan stared forward down a long hallway. At the end stood a door, as glorious as it was imposing. Immensely gorgeous and intimidating as the door was, Logan knew that behind that door lie his quarry. What he had fought so hard to confront was just a short stretch away. All of the conflict. All of the bloodshed. All of his losses. It would all be rectified once he reached the end of the hallway. The whispers in his head grew more frantic, excited. They begged him to take a step forward, then another, and another. The whispers gave way to shouts, some of anguish, some of hope, others of anticipation for what was to come. Logan's arm gave an involuntary twitch.

Just a bit more

The stench of blood and sweat lingered in the air. Logan looked a sight and would scare any avid church goer to recite bible verses and revert to speaking in tongues. His clothes were ragged and torn, and dyed obscure colors from the fresh blood seeping into them. There were open wounds ravaging his body, the bruises on his swollen face were already turning purple and green, and his hair was matted, grimy, and disgusting. There was nothing pretty about the trials and tribulations that he had gone through to get here, and his body damn sure showed that.

Finally, he reached the double pane door. He placed his hands in center of the two doors and hesitated. Then, he threw the door open. There she was, waiting for him just as he thought. Logan clenched his fist, the anger gnawing at him once again. This is it...

He took a step forward, then PANG

Logan lurched forward, throwing the blankets off himself in the process. He grabbed his head and screamed. Then he turned to Ike and screamed again. Then he turned towards the roof of the building and screamed once more.


He listened to his brother's tale with rapt attention, though it was a little difficult, at first, to get used to the extra voices in his head speaking to him at the same time. Truth be told, he was a bit jealous. Here he was getting impaled by fucking spears while Ike got laid.

At the end of his story, Logan was up and moving about. He had gotten redressed and pulled his hood over his head. He turned back to Ike, still mulling over what they should do.

"We gotta go out and find them, Ike. I like a fucking challenge as much as the next guy, but c'mon. The longer we wait, the bigger the chance that they'll all rally against us at once. We can't handle that yet."


The voice of the Abdiel boomed and ransacked through Logan's mind, and Logan's body threw itself backwards and out the glass panes of the house just as black tendrils ripped through the building and tore it asunder. As Logan looked at the remains of the house, he didn't get mad or angry at all, which startled him. He just stared, waiting for Ike to climb out of the ruble as their new foe materialized in front of them.
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Ike had watched his brother's ordeal, and, to be honest, it was amusing. His own transformation was non to different, and he understood the voices that wanted vengeance on the Guardians. However, now was not the time to reminisce, he could do that after he woke up his brother, and he would do it the only way he knew how.

Ike went over to a corner where a shovel was propped. How he got this tool was not important. What was important was how he used it. "Okay, bro, hold still. I saw this in what these creatures call a 'movie.'" Ike raised the shovel's spade above his head, and brought the flat metal down onto Logan's face. "Wake up!" Sure enough, Logan woke up screaming, holding his head in pain. Instead of consoling him, Ike decided to explain why he was here, what had happened in his absence, and why Logan was a complete douche bag. "So, here's what happened,"

H3 Aftermath

As the last scientist burned, Ike looked blankly, waiting for an answer. As the screams died out, it became apparent that no answer would be given. "Wonderful," he muttered. Instead of waiting here, Ike walked through the building looking for a way out. Unfortunately for the building, the holes he would leave in the walls would be nigh unrepairable.

Ike walked by people rushing to and fro, either trying to get out of the on fire and collapsing building. Still, he inquired to each and everyone what it was he had obtained. And with irritation building, he didn't get any answers. So he left them to their fates.

When Ike did make it out, he stood there, just outside the building, and watched it crumble with people still inside. A tap on the shoulder brought him out of his thoughts. When Ike turned around, he was greeted with a fist to to the face.

As the force of the bludgeon knocked him back, he used the slow motion reel to figure out what had just happened to him and why. Okay, I walked out a burning building after breaking out of a prison meant to hold the two most powerful beings in existence. Who would want to kill me again? Then it crashed on him just like the sting of the whip that hit him in the nads. "MOTHER OF GOD!!" Ike hunched over, now more worried about his manhood than his face. "What in the ever loving fuck was that for?!"

As he looked up, Ike could almost hear the evil music playing. To make more cliche, an evil female laugh fell to Ike's hearing. "Well, it wasn't to find you, now was it, darling?" Ike got a clear look at her face. "Oh goodie, Mama sent the babysitter," He said trying to stand up. She laughed at that statement, and even more at Ike's attempt to stand. She just smacked him again with her whip and he fell. "Ok, that's getting annoying," he said, trying to stand again. When the whip came at him, he grabbed it with his hand and let it coil. That seemed to sober up the bitch.

"Now then," Ike said, finally getting to his feet, "You're obviously a very kinky bitch, so here's what Imma do," He started to reel her in, taking the the whip and dragging her like a fish on the hook. "I'm gonna gag you, strap you down, and ram this whip so far up your ass, it will get that heart out of you for me!" She didn't seem as terrified as Ike thought she should, it was more of a questioning look. "Wait, how do you know I have what you need?" That stopped Ike. "What?" "Wait, you didn't know?" She flicked her wrist, bringing the whip back to her hand and poking Ike in the eye in the process. She jumped back, a smirk on her face, and a laugh gurgling up as she explained like the stupid whore Ike knew she was. "I'm sure you know that your far weaker than you should be. That's because several angel have take your powers and stored them within ourselves. We know what you want, She knows what you want, and no one will have any of it. So, with out further adeu," She then used the whip to tie him up and drag him about, smashing Ike into the trees and ground.

"DAMN! SHIT! FUCK! PERIWINKLE!" Ike screamed out a new curse every time he hit something while the she-bitch laughed her ass off. Eventually, she stopped, letting him free. "Come now! Surely the big brother could put up some kind of fight!" As a matter of fact... "HADOUKEN!" A large chunk of dirt hurtled after the angel, of which she dodged easily. Ike used this time to rush her, punching her sole-plexis, grabbing her by the throat, and, while crushing it, bashed it into the ground over, and over, and over again. However, the soft earth was able to absorb it, so before Ike could do much, that damnable whip came back on him, tripping him by the leg and hurtling him into a nearby tree.

"You asshole!" She shouted, screaming like a banshee ans she ran at him, whip forgotten and nail extended like claws. When she came up on him, he flinched, ready to take the worst of it, but she kissed him. "No one has ever hit me like that before," ... What the shit is going on? What indeed, for before he could make another coherent thought, her whip was around his throat and eyes, dragging him off to some unseen lair of perversion and pain.

When he could see again, Ike was half naked and strapped down by leather and on what could only be a carving board. Candles were lit everywhere, being the only light source in the "room," and what's worse, was the female "angel" was clad in black leather, with the whip coiled around her wrist like a sadistic belt. "MMf!" Aaaaaand I'm gagged. Wonderful." As she approached, Ike noticed many obvious detail about her than he should have before. Her fiery red hair, those emerald eyes, lush lips, and ample hips. How the shit was the an angel?!? Ike would have asked, but he had unwanted plastic in his mouth. "Sshhhh, it's ok," She cooed "Alxier will take care of you." So that was her name. "I'm glad I got the older one, the young one isn't... 'ripe' yet," She winked at Ike, and he was confused. Logan was less active in that aspect of life than Ike was, sure, but still. "Now Izlos," Ike felt he had just been punched in the gut. A name held great power in the wrong hands, especially his and Logan's. "This will only hurt for a second," She gave him an evil smile...


"And then we fucked," Ike told his still confused brother as his story ended. "But that's not the ending. I still haven't told you how I got here, nor have I told you how I got my heart back, but because of your fragile ears, I won't tell you any of the raunchyness that happened," He smacked Logan to make sure the bastard was still awake.

Pleasure Chamber

"I feel that this should have been done in... well, this place is pretty suitable." Ike said, laying on his back in a plush bed, Alxier snuggling up next to him. "I understand how you feel about your mom," She started to say, and Ike winced. (blue Here we go He thought. Ike hated talks. "Perhaps we could work something out, because I'm here for you, and... and," Wait for it... "I love you!" Ike gave her a blank look. "Oh God it was too soon wasn't it? Shit, it was too soon! I fucked up!" She jumped up, but Ike got a hole of her before she could get far. "Sure did honey," He knew where to plunge his hand, right down her throat and right into her fucking chest cavity!

As he pulled out the still beating heart of his powers, Ike couldn't tell if the angel was in pain or extacy. It was of no matter, she was dead, and Ike was getting one of his things back. He ate it, swallowing it whole to try and avoid the man memories he knew would come to haunt him. Memories such as that hunky angel with big wings, or that sexy, muscular- "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! MAKE IT STOP! OH GOD WHHYYYYYYY???!?!?!?!?" Ike writhed on the floor for a good hour and half, trying to bear such horrible horrible memories of how this woman rose to power, and the same question arose again: How in the ever loving fuck was she an angel?


Ike looked at his brother, "And now we're here, which means they're out there and looking for us. So, we can either wait for them, or go to them. Quite honestly, I want to be lazy and let them find us." He cracked his neck. "And thanks for the clothes, but you couldn't have found better?"
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Logan got up and dusted himself off. He picked the pieces of crumbled building out of his hair and scowled. "Who the fuck hides their young in concrete? Bunch of animals, I tell ya. Well, good thing I put the little bastards out of their misery."

Logan began to walk away when he heard a small sound, kinda like a cry for help, coming from behind a particularly large piece of the crumbled building. "P-please... help me." It cried out. Logan cocked his head to the side and examined the helpless creature. "What's your problem? Can't get out on your own? Then why the fuck did you get yourself under there? You're on your own kid. See ya."

The young man whistled a happy tune as he made his way away from the rubble. People were gawking at him and making weird faces, a mother even shielded her child's eyes as he walked by. "What?! Does the sight of me discuss you that much? Do you fear that I'll give your child nightmares or something? Why are you staring at me?" His screaming at the people seemed to make them more uncomfortable. He stopped screaming and stared daggers at the people gathered in front of him. After several moments of silence, one woman finally screamed out "You sick, perverted bastard! Put some God damned clothes on and stop exposing yourself to everyone! There are children here!"

Suddenly, it dawned on him that his clothes were still burned off from the entrance through the atmosphere of this planet. The woman's harsh words, however, upset him. "What's the matter? Don't like the way I decide to show myself? If I decide that I should continue to walk around the way that I came into this world, WITHOUT FUCKING CLOTHES, then I damn well shouldn't be criticized about it. And who gives a fuck? The kids are gonna see people naked at some point in there lives, so who cares how early they see it? Not like I'm sticking anything in your child, didn't even touch the lil fuck." In one last feat of being a complete asshole, Logan proceeded to gyrate his hips making his schlong rotate like a helicopter's blades.

He laughed as the humans' looks changed from irritated to horrified. He then walked away, deciding it would probably be best to put some clothes on anyways. He walked into a weird looking corner store and perused through the aisles until he came across the manikins. One manikin in particular looked pretty cool, so he stripped it of its clothes and put them on himself. He looked at the manikin next to it and took it's clothes too to give to his brother. As he walked out the store, a friendly man in blue put his hand on Logan's shoulder. "I'm sorry sir, but you can't take that out of here without paying." Logan cocked his head to the side and said "I'm sorry about that mate, but the thing is there's a lonely lady who's been dying to meet you and the only way she could was if I got your attention. The man in blue narrowed his eyes, trying to figure out what he was talking about. Logan decided to leave this one alive and quickly made his way away from the store.

Sadly, outside the store there was a battalion of men in blue, each holding guns and pointing them towards Logan. "What the hell man? All this for a couple pieces of clothing?" He lifted his hands above his head, not wanting to get riddled with bullets, when suddenly, all the men in blue exploded, their cars fueling the power of the explosion. "Ok... everyone saw that right? That time, it wasn't me." As the smoke cleared and the fires died down a little, the cause of the explosion was apparent. There was a figure, standing in the center of it all, his identity shrouded by the cloak he was wearing. It was pitch black, with a hood covering his face.

"Well look what we have here. It seems mother has finally noticed that her two precious little kiddies have snuck out of bed. So she sends someone out to retrieve us. How cute." The cloaked creature made no reply for a while. It simply stood there and stared towards Logan. It slowly lifted its arm and pointed at Logan, before saying, almost hissing, "Xarusirel..." Logan winced hearing his birth name. The voice was distorted, making it impossible for him to tell if it was a male or female. "Okay, so you know my birth name... that's not gonna do anything to help with whatever you're here to do."

The creature tilted its head to the side and began trying to form words. Seems almost like speaking was difficult for him. "You... are to cease your wrath on these humans... and you will... come with me... at once... to the almighty one... where you will face Her... judge..ment..." Logan grimaced and shook his head, realizing that this thing was an angel. "And if I refuse to go with you...?" A hissing sound escaped the angel's lips, resembling a sigh. "If you refuse to go... you will... face my wrath... and I WILL bring you to Her...Or I will send you to the lair of Mephistopheles myself." Logan winced again and hissed slightly upon hearing his fathers name. His face turned a light shade of blue and his jawline faded into a very demonic look, going as far as to recede into a smile carved deep in his face, filled with rows upon rows of fangs. In a demonic voice, Logan replied, "Bring it..." His features returned back to normal as he prepared himself.

The angel's arm shot out to the side and its palm filled with an unnatural neon blue light. The light etched its way across the angel's arm, over its cloak. At first, it seemed to just be randomly choosing directions, but soon it was clear that the light etched alchemical symbols and designs all across the angel's cloak. The angel squeezed its palm, electricity flowing over its arms, super charging him with energy. The electricity flowed into the sky, forming an alchemical circle. "You will now feel the power of the angels... with this battle, you will learn your place in this world, you abomination. I will put an end to you, and your brother once I'm finished with you... Now behold! The power of Abdiel!"

When its speech was over, nine spears formed at each of the nine focal points of the alchemical circle. Each spear fell to Abdiel's side, every one of them black with a silver blade, and every one of them had a different archaic design on it. Electricity flowed between each of the spears as they stood levitating in mid air, trained on Logan, who could only stand there smiling. "Well big brother, I may or may not die here, but if you're anywhere near here, I don't want you to do a mother fucking thing. This battle is mine, and I intend to put everything I've got in this fight."

Abdiel laughed. "Are you ready, abomination? Come at me with everything you've got. The angels will tell of this battle with much delight for eons and eons to come. They will chant my name for slaughtering the Triggers who sparked the war between angels and demons. This battle will. Be. Celebrated!" "Shut up!" Logan screamed as he dashed towards the Abdiel, picking up a scrap of metal along the way.

Shling! Logan's eyes went wide as he heard it, but it was too late to dodge it. He quickly brought his right hand up, just barely in time for the scrap of metal to stop the incoming spear's death blow. He jumped, his feet barely leaving the ground before another spear slashed where his feet just were, and he slashed in an arc with the metal to counter yet another spear, expertly aimed at his stomach. He landed lightly on the last spear and jumped backwards, putting some distance between himself and Abdiel.

The angel made the spears circle him in arrogance. "You see Xarusirel...You have no chance of winning here... Just come quietly, no need to spill blood here.. yet.." Logan chuckled in amusement. This guy's insane if he thinks I'm just gonna go with him without a fight. he thought while at the same time running various plans through his head. Just charging in wasn't gonna work this time, Logan was dealing with an actual threat.

His thoughts were interrupted by a slight whistle in the air. He jumped back a little as a spear stabbed into the ground in front of him. "You're gonna have to do better than tha- HNNG!" He held in a shriek of pain as his back filled with a burning sensation. His vision became cloudy, but sure enough he was able to count the number of spears floating in the air. Including the one stuck in the ground in front of him, there were eight. "Which means the ninth on is... heh, clever little bastard." he commented, noting the hole in the ground a few feet to the right of Abdiel. He must have used the spear like a drill to get it behind me.

The spear in the ground started jerking up, as if it was trying to dislodge from the ground. But the ground had a strong hold on it and would not let go. Logan's eyes widened as he made a crucial realization: Abdiel could only control the spears when there wasn't enough resistance to hold the spears steady against its own pull.

Shaking, Logan placed his hand on the spear head sticking out from the front of his body. With a mighty pull a loud gasp, he pulled it out of his body. "Y'know... you're the first person aside from my brother to put up a big fight. For that I have to commend you, I assumed getting our revenge would be easy as fuck." As he spoke his head slowly tilted to the side. "For your efforts here, I'm going to eat your heart." Abdiel only stared in response. Suddenly, he barked into laughter, which quickly turned into hysterics. The angel could not stop laughing. After a few minutes of this, Abdiel's laughter died down. He coughed before finally speaking.

"I'm sorry for that, I just found it so amusing. Taking your revenge? You can barely handle me, what makes you think you ca-" The angel stopped, realizing what Logan and his brother planned on doing. "I see... so you're going to hunt down the guardians who's hearts hold the keys to your power? Well I've news for you, boy. None of them are going to hand them over willingly. You'll have to fight them. And they will kill you. Oh, who am I kidding. They won't ever even see you. I'll make sure of that today... Do you want to know a secret, you abomination? I'm one of the guardians."

He let out a deranged laugh as all seven of the spears rose into the air. The eighth one that was lodged into the ground spun, loosening up the earth it was lodged in enough for it to become free and join the others in the air. The one Logan held onto began to pull, but he kept a tight grip on it. The force it was pulling with was amazing, but Logan would not let go. "No matter... it won't be enough to save you." The spears all trained onto Logan's position and began rotating maliciously. "Say goodbye... This is the end!"

The spears launched toward Logan. He got to his feet and slashed the first spear away. He moved to the side and sidestepped the second, spun the spear around to block the third and the fourth, then swung in a lifting arc to launch the fifth high into the air, bringing it back down with enough force to drive the sixth spear into the ground. The seventh and eighth spears came at him almost simultaneously. Knowing there was no way to dodge or counter both and seeking to minimize damage, he bashed down one of the spears and took the other the shoulder.

"DAMN IT ALL THAT HURTS LIKE A HOOKER WITH TEETH!" he screamed out in agony. He dropped down on one knee as Abdiel approached, chuckling out loud. "This is how it should be, cur. Bowing down to your superiors, knowing when you are defeated." The angel toyed with the hilt of the spear that was through Logan's shoulder as he spoke, then suddenly yanked on it, making it dislodge from his body with a sickening Shluck! sound.

Logan's eyes flared with pain as Abdiel let out another laugh. "It all ends here, Xarusirel. I'll be sure to tell your mother of this moment fondly as she rewards me for my heroics here." Abdiel raised the spear above his head, preparing to deliver the finishing blow as he mumbled, "Ta ta." Just before he could bring the spear down, Logan delivered a full forced punch to the Angels groin, a bit surprised at how thin the material was.

Abdiel doubled over in pain and dropped the spear. "Thanks... for letting me know... you were a male... ass hole..." He mumbled between breaths. Logan stood up slowly and lifted his foot. With a small grunt, he kicked the angel as hard as he could. Abdiel launched towards a building on the other side of the street and struck its wall. "Why don't you tell me how much YOU fucking like being impaled!" He screamed out in annoyance as swung the spear. Just as he did, the spear he launched into the air earlier came down and was hit by the spear he was swinging, launching it towards Abdiel, who cried out in pain as the spear impaled itself into his left arm, holding it there in place.

"Oh you like that? Here, have some more!" Logan bent over and picked up the spear that he had almost been killed with moments ago and launched it into Abdiel's other arm. Finally, he launched the last spear in his position into the angel's groin. All out of ammo, aside from the other six spears lining the street around him, Logan approached the quivering angel who was begging to be spared. "Y'know.... the thing about you angels that pisses me off the most is how easily you go from 'Being above every other life form' to begging for your life. Noticed how I stayed myself, even though I thought I was going to die? You're fucking pathetic, at least die with some god damn dignity." As he spoke, he tore off Abdiel's cloak and traced the angel's chest with his finger. "Your heart should be right about... here." He stated, smiling at the angel's reaction. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to tell mommy about this while I'm raping her maids with her skull on one of these spears mounted nearby. And with that, he ripped the angel's heart out.

It was still throbbing in his hand. It has been doing so for the past half an hour. Everytime he brought it closer to his body, the heart throbbed more frantically and a familiar aura seeped out of the heart and towards himself. "Alright, let's see what this baby'll do for me..." he said. He closed his eyes and placed the entire thing in his mouth, chewed for a few moments, then swallowed it. "Huh... I don't feel to di- HOLY SHIT!" he exclaimed as all of his insides filled with a rush of power.

He doubled over and fell down to all fours, coughing and cringing as whatever was in the heart probed through his body. His grip on the ground tightened as the sensation turned to pain. His thoughts were not his own, there were memories there of Abdiel, of demons he had killed, of the angel's he had slaughtered to secure his position as a Guardian and prove his worth. Of the souls he had stolen from those who he killed, merging them with his own in order to make himself more powerful. Logan screamed as loudly as he could, then blacked out, it all proving to be too much for him.

Logan shifted a bit in his sleep, then shot up suddenly. He looked about to see his brother sitting on the edge of a window. He kept looking around and figured he was inside of an abandoned house, although not abandoned too long ago as there were furniture and such in the room he was in. Everything was quiet for a moment, then there were voices mumbling. Logan looked around to find the source of these voices, but could not. The mumbling started getting louder and giving him a headache, so he grabbed his head, trying to shut the voices out. They wouldn't stop. They just kept talking and talking and talking, too many conversations for him to keep up with. They were excited about something, being in a new host he heard one say. Struggling, he went around the room until he came across a mirror.

Looking into it, he noticed that his appearance had changed drastically. His eyes went from black to a startling red color and his hair had gotten slightly longer and took on a more teal color. The voices began shouting now, and Logan slammed his head into the mirror, startling his brother in the process. "Heh...heheh...heheheheheh..heeheeho ho...Ahahahahahha! The voices! Th-the voices Ike! The fucking voices are telling me things! They're telling me what to do! HAHAHAHAHA-AHAHAHAHAHAAA!" In one final attempt to shut the voices up, he slammed his head into the wall and screamed, "SHUT UP!" It worked for a moment, then he blacked out again.
  Logan Shadowstalker / zuraga / 8y 19d 5h 11m 17s
The suction was immense and quick. It left no time for any second thoughts, which was why Ike did it in the first place. However, he realized, then, that perhaps it wasn't the best idea ever, seeing as how they didn't know how long it would take to reach the place where their powers lie, or even how to speed up in a vacuum of space. Maybe next time Ike would learn his lesson.
Ike's Log
Day: Uno
Hour: Departure

Understanding my brother is probably doing this, I'm going to do it as well just to spite him. The plan could have gone smoother, but I wanted out of that blazing prison ASAP so we could quickly get our shit back together and tear momma's eyes out her sockets. However, as quickly as we're going now, I have a bad feeling it's not nearly fast enough. Only time will tell.
Ike's Log
Day: 5
Hour: Peeved

It's been a few days, and the only thing keeping me even the slightest bit sane is watching my brother squirm under boredom. I can see it in his eyes, the way they shift back and forth, looking for something to do. I don't know how long it will be before he finally snaps... Again.
Ike's Log
Hour: Entertainment

It seems my brother has finally broken. He attempted to attack me, so I grabbed his face and repeatedly beat the fecal matter out of him. I also broke his arm in 3 spots to discourage him from doing it again, though I took a serious bruising to the gut. Fighting in a vacuum is not the best way to have fun. All will heal however.
Ike's Log
Day: 16
Hour: Healed

My wounds have healed quite nicely, and my brother's bones have gone back in place. That is all.
Ike's Log
Day: 24
Hour: Food

I hunger. What for, I don't know of yet, but my stomach will begin to ache in a few days.
Ike's Log
Day: 24
Hour: 10 minutes later

As it turns out, my previous statement was wrong.
Ike's Log
Day: 69
Hour: The Fall

Heheheh, 69, it's a sex thing. Anyway, yesterday, my brother took an angel's life. That, coupled with the fact that this big, blue, rock has gotten enormously bigger, shows that we are about to descend into it, and most likely blow something up on impact. With that said- HOLY FUCK ANOTHER ONE!!! This one's mine!

Chapter 1

The Fall is nigh, and Ike felt exuberant. He knew Logan was trying to say something, but for the life of him, Ike could not hear what it was. He did see his brother crash right into a building full of children. Perhaps it was for the best. Few immortals could handle the stress of that many young.

Inside a Research Lab

"Gentlemen, we've done it!" The scientist held up a vial containing what could possibly be the cure for most of the viruses and disease on the planet. They would be able to wipe out everything that had plagued Earth since the dawn of time itself!

But then, it all crumbled to nothingness. Out of no where, a strange man crashed through the rooftop and landed on the scientist holding the vial, effectively killing the man. The vial itself was flung out of his hand, and shattered across the floor. Noting the substance, automated drones quickly cleaned up the mess and disposed of the hazardous waste. While that happened, The felled man skidded across the floor, hitting various tables and electronics. Sparks fell, igniting everything in a blazing fire. The drones were helpless and their systems were fried in the inferno. The other scientists tried to flee, but the security system had locked them in from the falling man's intrusion. All data was lost, and too, were the lives of the only men who had the knowledge to make a replica. Before the last man was lit ablaze, he looked up into the face of a man, bow slung across his back, and looking at him. The man held up his hand, holding a disk, and asked "Do you know what this is?" After that, all the scientist heard were his own screams as he burned into oblivion.
  Gimpy0 / 8y 90d 5h 42m 11s
Logan ignored his brothers question, since before he could answer anyways, Ike decided to send them into the black void.~
Captains Log
Day: 1
Hour: Fuck if I know

The hour is of the sun blazing not nearly as hot as before. It would seem that we are accelerating through this vast emptiness at an alarming rate. We will reach land very soon.

Captains Log
Day: 4
Hour: Light

I'm growing irritated. I've been falling... floating? Yes, floating towards one of the giant floating massive rocks for ever and it seems we haven't made any progress towards arriving at any of them. I'm so bored floating through this black span of emptiness with nothing to do.

Captains Log
Day: 7
Hour: Damn it!

There's nothing to fucking do! I swear if I don't find anything to do in the next five fucking minutes, I'm going to start beating the shit out of Ike! I'll rip off his fucking testicles and see how long it takes him to find them without any eyes! I'll bash his fucking head in with an asteroid and watch it regrow and do it again!

Captains Log
Hour: Five minutes later

My face hurts... And dammit! My arm is broken!

Captains Log
Day: 13


Captains log
Day: 23
Hour: 4:00

I am sorry for my previous outbursts of anger, it was very childish of me. I've calmed down and have learned my lesson. I will now become a productive member of society.

Captains log
Day: 68
Hour: 5

It has been two months since we made the tragic decision to fly out into this deep, dark, never ending abyss. We haven't made much progress towards arriving any of the rock masses, and we haven't had any food throughout the duration of this trip. My only source of entertainment has been watching the sun for as long as I can without my eyes falling out. If anyone examines my brain and listen to these recordings, let my mother and father know.... HOLY FUCKING SHIT AN ANGEL! IT'S MINE IKE!

Captains Log
Day 69
Hour: Who cares!

I'm so satisfied now. I've heard the cries of anguish from an angel and I can feel my fucking sanity coming back. GOOD SHOW! JOLLY GOOD SHOW!

Chapter 1: Crashing into Planets

It has been a hundred days since the pair had broken out of the sun and began hurdling through space at hundreds of miles a second and the little blue planet is finally coming close. It's a shame, Logan thought, I actually liked the brown planet Logan braced himself as they approached the blue planet's atmosphere.

As they breached it, both beings clothes burst into flames. "We're coming in so fast! I feel like a fucking comet bro!" He laughed and put a torque spin in his fall. The ground rushed towards him faster than he would imagine. Before he could pull out of the spin, he crashed into building. The building crumbled and the screams of hundreds of kids could be heard as their poor short lived lives came to a tragic end. "Fuuuuuuck..."
  Logan Shadowstalker / zuraga / 8y 90d 19h 51m 32s
"Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!!" Ike screamed behind the door. They started hitting at it so hard that it actually started to chip away. Not only was his little shield going, but Ike could feel that temporary power start to eb away as well. I guess they promote out of desperation these days, He thought to himself. He heard laughing. One of the people who was shooting at him was laughing! The gall! "We are far more advanced than you remember! Our speed, our power! We were trained to destroy you and your brother! Compared to you, we are demi-gods!" Ike thought for a moment. "Really? Really?" "Really!" "REALLY?!"

Before Ike could say another word, he heard a familiar voice. "TAKE THIS YA FYLING BASTARDS!" Something came crashing down, and Ike took a look. He watched his brother take care of teh little angels and toss him a couple weapons. "You're disgusting, you know that?" Ike looked at the weapons. Both him and his brother were still naked, which meant that their gear either was either here, or being collectred down on the planet. "Ok, enough fun, let's get out of here." Ike went the way he thought was right, and he and his brother came across a kind of... Window. Before he broke it, Ike asked " Did you ever find out what this thing is?" He help up the disk as the smashed the glass. The vacume of space sucked them out, and they sped towards Earth to get their shit back. Armaggedon had begun.
  Nate / Gimpy0 / 8y 190d 12h 51s
"Oh this is just soo.... erotic!" Logan was in an odd sense of ecstacy. He'd killed all the angels in the room in the most grotesque ways possible, then arranged their bodies in the shape of a throne and was now sitting on them. He had of course gotten the information about the... what was sit? CD? Yes, CD, before he killed everyone. "EPIC MEAL TIME IS OVER! GET YOUR CANDY ASS OVER HERE AND LET'S GET THE FUCK OUT!" he heard the words, and even though they were distasteful, Logan was just so excited to see the new world to pay his sibling any mind. Besides, you can't choose your family.

Logan took the stroll at a leisurely pace, basking in the wonderful shades of red all over the wall. It was a delightful color really. Then he heard a door be forcibly removed from its hinges and hit something with the unmistakable sound of a sturdy object slamming into flesh. Ike had to be doing something, because he now heard gunfire. Shit, we're still too weak to handle bullet wounds.. Think, Logan, think! He was banging on his head, trying to get some thoughts going, when he happened to look up and see a vent shaft. "Ohh this is gonna be good."

Logan wiggled his way through the pipes, navigating his way only by means of the sounds of confliction. Finally, Logan came to the epicenter of the action. From the open slits of the vents, he could see his brother dodging bullets and trying to take down as many angels as he could, but both brothers knew it would only be a matter of time before Ike would weaken and be taken down by one of those smug little birdies. "I'll be damned if I let that happen... TAKE THIS YA FLYING BASTARDS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Logan came crashing down through the roof, crushing the angel directly below him and scaring the shit out of the others. He kicked the nearest angel in the face and sent him flying, taking care to relieve him of his shotgun style gun, then swung the gun at another angel's chin in a baseball fashion. He pointed the gun point blank at a guards face, pulled the trigger, then smiled. "Oh yeah. That's hot yo." The angels were beginning to recover from their shock, so Logan quickly relieved two angel's of their pistols and threw the shotgun like gun to Ike. "C'mon bro, we're gonna have fun with this thang!"
  Logan Shadowstalker / Zuraga / 8y 190d 21h 20m 0s
Ike walked through the halls of death and gore, spinning the disk on his finger. He wasn't nearly as messy as his brother, but still had teh same blood lust.it was strange really, he had no idea what Logan got out in covering himself with blood, but Ike knew the feeling he got after ripping something apart that shouldn't have been.

As he walked, he came across a few survivors, huddling up and trying to get as close to the wall as possible to let him pass. Some even played dead. Go figure. Those Ike killed on the spot. If they wanted to play, he'd fucking play. He picked up one of the bluber Your fun time is overing idiots and asked "How the fuck do I and my brother get out of here?" The guard just pointed. "Thank you. Your death will be swift." Ike made the guard's head implode. "Brother! Epic Meal Time is over! Get your candy ass over here and let's get the fuck out!" Ike walked calmly away through the hall.

Getting Started

Ike walked through, naked, looking for his gear. Many guards knew he would be weak, so they tried to gang up on him. Ike started to name off various itme as he evicerate them. "Spine! Brain! Eyes! Testicle! Sphincter! Micilaneous! Fetus?" That last one confused him, but thats wasn't the point.

Eventually, Ike made it to the armory. He opened the doors and was met with a surprise. "Well that's just not fair at all." He said to the many gaurds who help up weapons and started fireing. Ike closed the door, which absorbed the bullets that hit it. "Inspiration!" He cried out, kicking the door as hard as he could into the ranks of gunmen.
  Nate / Gimpy0 / 8y 191d 5h 9m 56s
A sickening squishing sound filled the hallways followed by a silence piercing scream by a very bloody very eviscerated angel. "Haha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Y'know, there's nothing quite like seeing someone's pancreas come flying out of their tearduct. Its just so satisfying!" Logan let out a Mad Hatter cackle and put on a Cheshire Cat smile, relishing in the ability to kill and bathe in pigeon blood. More guards suddenly appeared before the "demented" young man.

"C'mere pigeons, let me pluck those pretty white feathers of yours and make my own glorious set of wings so I can get the hell out of this shit hole!" A collective silence filled the room and murmers of doubt and Is he serious? came from more thhan one worried angel's lips. The burliest of the angels stepped forward. "So you took down a couple of recruits big deal" Logan cocked his head to side and grinned. "Well ain't you just the textbook definition of an angel? A fat, pampered little bastard with an udeserved egotistical self appointed sense of superiority. Well, I got a lil secret for you. Come closer.

The burly angel took a few steps forward, more out of a will to defend his damaged ego than just listening to the insulting male. Logan motioned for the angel to come closer, and he did until he was face to face with Logan. Logan leaned forward until his lips were centimeters away from the angels ears. "The safety word is banana..." he whispered. The angel immediately replied "What???" and he was met by a laugh and Logan saying "Ohhhh bad choice."

Logan's arms shot out like lightnening and grabbed hold of the angel's hand. He gave a swift pull and out popped the angel's arms, followed by a collective "Holy hell!" and "Ohhhh shit!" The angels took a few steps back, some were wimpering and other's were even crying in fear or throwing up in shock. "Now...Where the fuck is my brother, huh?" The angel was too busy grieving over his lost arms to answer. He was in hysterics, so to calm him down Logan slapped the angel across the face with his own arm. "Where the fucks my shit?" No answer. He slapped him again. "Where the fuck am I?" Still no answer. He double slapped him. "How the fuck do I get out of here? The angel stayed on his knees crying, so Logan slapped him with his severed limbs once more, but he apparently put too much force in the swing because the angel's head just flew off.

"....Oops.." The angels stopped cowering and stared at their commander's head rolling across the ground. Their eyes went back up to where Logan had been, but he wasn't there anymore. "Where is he? Where did he go??? They looked around but could not find him. Suddenly, an angels head exploaded from a dynamic knee to the face. Another one's voice went high pitched as his testicles were ripped off, but his cries were cut short when his balls were shoved down his throat. A falcon punch here, thunder kick there, head smashing ball crunching and limb ripping everywhere. It was a delicious blood bath, ohh the sweet beautiful red blood! So sexy!

As he finished, he proceeded down the hallway in a daze feeling like he had just finished having the mother of all orgasms. He heard the words "Before my brother gets here." and he put on his Chesire Cat smile again. He walked toward the source of the voice and got there just in time to see Ike putting a door back in place. His brother gave him a round thingy and asked him what the fuck it was. "Fuck if I know. I'll get some answers one way or another." With that, we walked toward the door, slammed his head into the door shattering it completely, then yelled "Here comes butter dickjohn and his heavenly ass machine!"

First Awoken

Logan woke up from his everlasting sleep and let out an Eartshaking yawn. He couldn't move his arms or his legs, and that pissed him off. where the fuck am I? He wondered. He thrashed around trying to free himself, but only succeded in getting his foot free. A guard came over and gave him a stern look. "Hey! Behave and stay still while I chain you back up." "...I got a better idea" Logan grinned and delivered a bone shattering kick to the mans groin. He let out a scream as all his organs spewed out from his mouth and flew into the air. Logan watched for it and sure enough, the angels heart flew towards his mouth. He devoured it whole and immediately felt his strength flowing through him. "Oh I'm about to have a shit load of fun here" he stated merrily as he broke free of his bondage.

He heard whimpering off to his right and he noticed that there was another angel over there watching hkim. "Stay away from me!" He yelled as Logan moved closer. Logan cocked his head to the side and had a hurt expression on his face. "Aww, you don't love me? You don't wanna hug me?" He moved closer until he was face to face with the angel. The angel was shaking in fear and just slapped Logan out of fear. "Get away from me... you freak! Logan's head slowly turned back towards the angel. He raised his right hand and yelled "BITCH I EAT PEOPLE!" Then he shoved his hand through the angel's chest, ripped out his heart then ate it. With that, he proceeded through the hallways to find out what the fuck wasgoing on.
  Logan Shadowstalker / zuraga / 8y 20d 23h 18m 18s
"GET THE FUCK OUT MY WAY!!!" The general of the prison hollard as he made his way to the control room. "What in Her name is going on?" The little angel at the moniter looked up at his comander, fear stricken across his face. The man new instaly. "They're out aren't they?" Then the door came down. "The fuck do you think?" Ike asked, strolling in. Everyone outside the door was either dead, or too busy shitting their pants to know they were dying.

Ike took the General by the scruff of his too perfect uniform. Fucking angelic perfectionists. "Where are they?" Ike asked calmly. The General was too shocked to say anything, so Ike ripped off his testicle. The General screamed out in pain and the guys at the monitors could only watch in horror. "Where. Are. They?" ike asked again. "Th-th-th-th-" "Tell me, or I rip out the other testicle!" He yelled. Everyone in the room shrunk back. "And you better hurry before my brother gets here." That wasn't even a threat or warning, it was a promise.

Because the general couldn't really speak, he handed Ike a little disk. He proceeded to consume the heart, feeling the angel's strength. It wouldn't last long, probably just enough to survive space and make it to the little blue planet.

"As for the rest of you, I bid you, farewell." And like that, he left the room, picking the door back up and putting it back in place. As he walked, he turned to his brohter and held up the disk. "The fuck is this?" he asked, though he knew his brother wouldn't know either. Ike shook his head. "Deal with them please." He said, rubbing his neck and heading through the halls of the torn, bloody, dismembered angels. Wings and feathers were everywhere, the white turned red with blood. These two brothers were upset, nay, they were beyond upset, they were really fucking upset!

Waking up

Ike awoke from his deep slumber, letting out a yawn. He looked around, wondering where his brother was. Then he wondered why he felt so weak. The he wondered why he couldn't move. Then he got pissed. Looking around, Ike saw he was chained and locked down. He remembered what his mother had done to him. "Biiiiiiiitch." he hissed the word out. Struggling to get out of his drowsieness, Ike was able to break only one of the chains on his wrist.

Someone saw him, aparently, because Ike started hearing warnings and noises, and feet moving, and he was to tired to deal with this shit this early in the morning. Was it morning? Did it matter? No. What mattered was getting out. So, with slow progress, Ike ripped free his other hand. The feet were a tad harder. He had waisted all his strength getting his hands free, so what luck he had when what looked like ssome form of assinine guard strolled up to him and told him to stop moving. Fat chance. Instead, Ike reached up, stared into the visor the angel wore, and snapped his neck. He dug into his chest and tore out his heart. It was a small one, which meant this was a low ranking douche bag. Whatever, it was enough. Ike ate the grape sized heart and tore off the chains that bound him. "Now where the Hell is my stuff?" he asked aloud, the sirens and sounds of movement still going on.
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