Secretly Loved

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Lenna is your ordinary girl, if you count an art loving bitch as normal. Someone loves her, but she doesn't know who or why. Can she find out here or not?

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I sigh. Yah, lame. I say and smile So where's the gig?
  Lenna / liz / 8y 82d 16h 49m 39s
He grinned "Awesome, that's so cool don't you think its lame our school starts so much more earlier then the other schools?" he asked.
  Anime Salem / pinkbabygirl / 8y 82d 16h 56m 9s
Sure! I'd love to go! I say and walk beside him.
  Lenna / liz / 8y 82d 17h 14m 27s
"Nothing, just wondering if you wanted to go to a gig on friday?" he asked nervously.
  Anime Salem / pinkbabygirl / 8y 87d 10h 36m 5s
I look up and say Oh hey! What's up?
  Lenna / liz / 8y 87d 16h 45m 46s
Salem heads to school and looks over and waves "hey Lenna" he greets.
  Anime Salem / pinkbabygirl / 8y 87d 16h 47m 12s

I wakeup in in the morning and gets dressed, black and blood red clothing. I eat breakfest and start to walk to school.
  Lenna / liz / 8y 87d 23h 47m 23s
  Anime Salem / pinkbabygirl / 8y 88d 16h 4m 10s
Please join!
  Lenna / liz / 8y 88d 18h 14m 25s

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