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I've given up on Jimmy actually productively helping players when He "laughed" at me for asking him to intervene at people stealing, not just creative content , but also ART I created/was using on the site, and they continued to use it without my permission or consent after they "kicked" me out of the roleplay. "We don't want you, but your ideas are great, their ours now!"

Block function has been dodged twice, if not three times, and now I'm getting multiple messages fromt his person's "friends".

I'm just going to drop ES and try to find another site. Thanks anyways.
  Sapherno11 / 101d 6h 12m 33s
Nah, that concept was thrown out after a moderator-at-the-time attacked the ad revenue.

Use the block list, and don't reply, and keep pestering Jimmy.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 101d 23h 16m 46s
Any chance we have a list of side moderators or something similar on here?
  Sapherno11 / 102d 6h 55m 5s
The reason why is because ES doesn't use endpoint security, and because of that, the image fails to load. Yes, in theory, someone could intercept anything going in/out of ES. This is normal, however. ES doesn't hold any non-voluntary information about you, so there's no need to https.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 276d 16h 42m 28s
No problem, I'm here to help however I can. I wish you luck.
  Monu Zhing / AskTheStaff / 276d 17h 29m 26s
it DID work, thank you so much! yay :) now i can get this show on da road
  occultist / 276d 17h 32m 15s
Take out the "s" from "https" and see if that works. Images don't work with https in the url for some reason.
  Monu Zhing / AskTheStaff / 276d 19h 33m 33s
i'm having trouble uploading images to my character profiles.

im back on this site after about a year and a half long hiatus so maybe i just forgot how it works. i pasted the link ( into the picture URL spot, but it keeps showing that little icon that lets you know that the site wasnt able to display the image.

Can you help ?
  occultist / 276d 19h 35m 11s
Send him more emails? Won't he get annoyed by the constant emails. I mean I will if it helps tbh
  Sina / 324d 15h 7m 35s
Shoot him more Emails at different times, and see if that does the trick.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 324d 15h 14m 59s
Um hi! I emailed jimmyruska about my original account which I can't seem to log in anymore, and im sure i remember my password. I even did the email thing on the profile but have no way of resetting it since I can't seem to find anyway I can use my email. I'm just notifying and if my problem can be solved quicker here that would be great :)
  Sina / 324d 15h 17m 16s
Alright, i'm using the instructions for the editing. I followed the directions and the images are still not showing up. Any suggestions?
  Katataka / 1y 38d 14h 9m 59s
That is an issue that occurs rather often with new users. Same happened for me at least for a while...but it eventually started working after I had been on this site long enough and some PMs were cycling through.
  Lola Liz / AskTheStaff / 1y 45d 22h 55m 39s
Hi, I am not able to click the PMs / Sent PMs links. When I do the site crashes. I even sent a PM to myself to see if when I clicked it, it would take me to my private messages. It only crashed again.
  ludicrous / 1y 45d 22h 58m 3s
The guidelines of the Community Help Thread here have changed, to lax the notion of chatting in the upper part.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 1y 74d 7h 17m 37s

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