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Alright, i'm using the instructions for the editing. I followed the directions and the images are still not showing up. Any suggestions?
  Katataka / 15d 5h 4m 13s
That is an issue that occurs rather often with new users. Same happened for me at least for a while...but it eventually started working after I had been on this site long enough and some PMs were cycling through.
  Lola Liz / AskTheStaff / 22d 13h 49m 53s
Hi, I am not able to click the PMs / Sent PMs links. When I do the site crashes. I even sent a PM to myself to see if when I clicked it, it would take me to my private messages. It only crashed again.
  ludicrous / 22d 13h 52m 17s
The guidelines of the Community Help Thread here have changed, to lax the notion of chatting in the upper part.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 50d 22h 11m 51s
I agree, blocking should only been used when necessary. What if the number of complete blocks are restricted to a reasonable number so people think twice before abusing it?? The current partial block system can remain & people could only use the new one if they truly need it.

[size7 [sub I only have one person blocked and would only have one person blocked too. If someone needed to block a whole rp of people, I'd think they should look in the mirror first...]]
  Yoruneko / 138d 6h 47m 38s
Also, in case anyone's wondering:
[jcode [size7 [sub This is the code I used for super-tiny text - perfect for spoiler stuff.]]]
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 138d 7h 7m 55s
It's difficult, on a programming aspect, to try to filter for that; beyond concealing posts/chat, it's hard for a multi-person RP to carry on, when the members of the RP have each other blocked, and trying to implement a "user on blocklist has already joined so you can't" lock would prove restrictive in the worse fashions .

That being said, there are possibilities open; maybe the change in dynamic is perceived to be worse than it actually is. Perhaps there was a paradigm shift in an awkward direction. Perhaps a lesson in intellectual integrity can be showed. Waving something off as just "we don't really mesh" isn't [i quite] worthy of a block; heck, there's a buttload of people on ES I don't mesh with properly.

My block function will be limited to users who I KNOW will end up raising an argument with me that has no purpose, goal, motive, or message, or will otherwise go out of their way to give everyone a hard time simply because I'm present.

In short, block with moderation and prudence, not "just because you disagree".

[size7 [sub There's only one person that I would block, but since I rarely RP here, and since I run the help sections, I'd rather not block, and at least extend a hand of "here, lemme help." I might be weird for that, though.]]
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 138d 7h 10m 41s
Ah, I did not know that. I am terribly sorry, but I understand how you feel. I must agree with you, and say that dynamic and people matter which way it goes.

I also see what you mean there as well, as I have worried about that happening for a long time now. I fear that I will get into a roleplay, and the incomplete blocking of this site would cause deep confusion. I'm sorry you can't enjoy your roleplay like you used to...

I must completely agree with you there, the blocking system could still be improved. However, I do not know what the future of this site holds.
  Kaedin Myst / AskTheStaff / 138d 10h 8m 47s
If this person wasn’t a problem IRL too and just was another person on the internet, it wouldn’t be as big of an issue for me. I’m usually good with ignoring internet trash. Some people aren’t and some run into the worst of the worst, but I just happen to be able to deal with my usual encounters. But like anything, if people enjoy something, they tell their friends about it & word spreads. I’m sure that’s how a lot of us started on here. But dynamics and people change & not always in a good way.

I’ve been enjoying this site for years, but after all that drama that person brought into my life, I can’t enjoy the rp the same Bc the characters still have to interact. Plus, by not being able to read the their comments in the chat, it disrupts the communication of the rp. Just like how people can block people on Facebook, it’s sad we can’t complete block here.

The site rules help ban people who do the stuff that can’t just be ignored. Even though the person can just make new accounts, all of those account can keep getting banned. But for stuff that just makes users stressed or uncomfortable for other reasons, I hope they make a real blocking option. i
It could be helpful if there’s just someone that’s just too obnoxious or something in an rp and the user doesn’t want to deal with that in future rps.
  Yoruneko / 138d 10h 15m 32s
I have felt the same way before, as I joined this site to have goodness come out of it. Although it has, a lot of stress and anxiety has come forth from here as well...usually due to certain people. I've only ever blocked one, not that others haven't been pretty rude to me. I have pushed through the stress, however, to see the positive side of staying on here. I am developing my skills of storytelling, and talking to new people. I had to understand the possible consequences...and overcome them. I'm sure, with given time, you can feel the same way about this site. I promise that once you see the positive side of this, the experience is much more enjoyable. You shouldn't leave this site, unless you truly feel the need to.
  Kaedin Myst / AskTheStaff / 138d 10h 45m 14s
I agree, though in this case, I was really looking forward to this rp & now I can’t bring myself to go through with it bc of all the stress and trouble this person has caused me. Maybe the site needs to make their current settings a ‘hide’ & have a complete block for their new block settings. Bc what’s to stop this person from joining the same rps in the future? I’m questioning if I should even bother staying on the site... I don’t come on here to bring more stress into my life.
  Hayami Edwards / Yoruneko / 138d 10h 48m 59s
I also wish it was a complete block, to be honest. However, I am glad to know that the no messages and comments are implemented into it. And no problem, always happy to help however much I can.
  Kaedin Myst / AskTheStaff / 138d 11h 1m 4s
Well the no comments and messages is a plus.... That’s really good to know bc it’s not clear on the block person page. I was hoping for a complete block but that’s not bad. Thank you.
  Hayami Edwards / Yoruneko / 138d 11h 3m 12s
So basically, people you've blocked can still join a thread you are on. You just won't see any of their comments or messages.
  Kaedin Myst / AskTheStaff / 138d 11h 6m 47s
If you're asking that in terms of "If I join a thread that belongs to someone else, can the person I blocked join it too?" then I have an unfortunate answer for you. I have been on threads with people I've blocked, and vice versa for people who've blocked me. In threads where you have someone blocked, you will be unable to see their messages and/or comments.
  Kaedin Myst / AskTheStaff / 138d 11h 7m 29s

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