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I 'unno what to suggest; ES is starting to show its wear-and-tear, and Jimmy hasn't bothered to fix ANYTHING.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8d 20h 20m 34s
Hello! For some reason, whenever I access my messages, the server takes awhile to respond and even sometimes 504 error's me. I was wondering if anyone else has this issue and/or if there's something I can do on my end to fix it?

Please and thank you!

BTW, I have tried this on multiple places . Also on four different internet connections.
  Eris Reinhart / Miramaromartin / 9d 3h 19m 49s
If you look to the left hand side of your screen and right under make people, you will find the link to be able to block someone. Sorry that happened to you.
  Oliver / Falling_Leaf / 22d 4h 46m 46s
I've been talking to this person and then all of a sudden they became really mean and rude to me telling me to f*** off. Can I block someone?
  Malenica Vale / CalamityX / 22d 7h 10m 32s
Nah, all good. I haven't been assed to actually tack it on the FAQ, so until then, I'll be repeating it here 'til it hits the FAQ.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 38d 22h 6m 56s
Thank you! Sorry for asking a previously discussed problem.
  Töka / Loxi / 39d 2h 4m 8s
Same problem's been discussed; https is being used, which makes ES gurgle in agony. When linking, please use http:// rather than https:// - it works the same, for image purposes.
  Buren / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 39d 3h 5m 58s
So I have been having a problem for a few weeks, where if I edit one of my characters the picture stops working. The link to the image is still good and will work if I add it directly, but it stops working automatically for posts.

Anyone know what's up?
  Töka / Loxi / 41d 4h 21m 22s
Might wanna check with your ISP on that, other than that, that's not enough info for me to go off on. Sorry.
  Buren / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 170d 18h 39m 38s
-sigh- I've a bit of a problem. When I download pictures, only 1 of 10 can even attempt to be uploaded while the others don't even upload to many of the hosting sites. Aside from that, If they few that do get downloaded and uploaded to a hosting website, I cant use any of the links to show up on ES.

I don't know if this will help but im downloading the pictures mainly from pinterest and few from google.

Anyone have time to help out with that issue?
  ViciousProwess / 171d 11h 50m 40s
Anyone know how to add pictures to a description be it in a skelly or other wize
  Apala Sagewynne / LadyTargaryan23 / 258d 22h 18m 31s
It's not that important. Just curiosity mostly. Thanks anyway!
  ExistentialCrisis / 293d 9h 23m 42s
I legit have no idea. o___o;

You might have to ask Jimmy about it. ^^;
  ESV3 FAQ fragment 7 / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 293d 10h 6m 55s
Very random, and very odd question. It just occured to me that I've been around forever and then suddenly couldn't remember my username from the old roleplay site.

Is there any way for me to find that? Just kind of bummed me out that I couldn't remember.
  ExistentialCrisis / 293d 21h 19m 39s
I'm just trying to see if I can actually write now. I haven't been able to for about a year so I'm just going to give up if this doesn't work. No point in wasting my time.
  Doburesu / 307d 9h 28m 53s

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