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The nameless mans blood stained hands have never felt the warmth of love and in his eyes the world is nothing but gray. He wonders the dark land of Nightmares searching for a place he belonged. Never expecting to fine it in a deserted place like this one, but much to his suprise a white winged girl sat in the cold sand. She turned her head to look back at the man who had found her, a smile on her face she called out to him.

Land of Nightmares
This is the outcast land where nothing grows and nothing lives. There is no water and all around is a black shy and white sand. The only things in this land are the unknown mosters that only children could dream up. All that enter are in search of the White winged Princess and the power she brings with her.

The story of the Princess has been past done from father to son for 100's of years but no man had ever found the Princess or at leased lived to tell about it any way. The Princess is told to hold an amazing power inside of her that not even she understands it. But the man she chooses to be her knight will be given the power which is locked inside of her. There for the Princess will be unable to protect herself and will have to stay by the nights side for ever.

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Yato touched the child's cheek with the back of his hand, softly resting it there so he could feel the warmth of his new son. Glancing down at his wife he smiled with joy "The child is of your kind so I want you to name him." Yato stood and approached the other side of the bed. He rapped his firm arms around Puginn and held her tight. Tears poured from his eyes, running down his face and soaked Puginns shirt. The smile was still on his face "Thank you.....Thank you Puginn!" Yato did not let go nor did he stop crying. Knowing that if she wasn't present the birth would not of been as easy.

Finally he let go so he could leave the room "I'll be back soon. I'm going to get the Priests so we can prepare a celebration. I'll also send a massager to the news paper." Once the door was closed Yato sighed in relief. Happy he did not miss the baby's birth and tat both his loved ones were alright. He did not simply walk down the halls nor did he run, Yato sprinted with all his might. Staying away for longer then a hour was not an option for him, not anymore.
  Yato / catoriD / 4d 25m 2s
Nir smiled softly when Yato spoke, thankful for a distraction. She laughed at Yato's words,"We're already spoiling the child" she laughed but it was cut short when Nir took a sharp breath. She watched Puginn surprised at her change in appearance. She knew it had to do with her being a demon and the child half angel but she knew Yato didn't know. She didn't say anything as Puginn changed but she squeezed Yato's hand. She made sure to breath and a conscious effort to make sure her hands didn't glow blue from her powers knowing it would hurt Yato.

Nir was thankful Yato was there to comfort her but she was relieved at Puginn's words. "Get this baby out of me" she said with a soft laugh but it was cut short with a quiet cry of pain. Soon after the baby was in Puginn's hands. Nir smiled as she heared that it was a boy. She looked up at Yato with bright eyes,"A boy" she leaned up and kissed Yato softly before watching Puginn cleanse the baby. Nir finally let go of Yato's hand as Puginn handed her the child. A warm smile was on her face as she held the child, the majestic light around the baby grew faintly brighter as Nir ran her hands over his small wings,"What should we name him?" She asked Yato softly.
  CountryDiva20 / 178d 20h 12m 35s
Puginn felt Nirs contraction throw her stomach. Pulling a vial of black liquid from her pouch she drank it. It was like the stuff before only thicker. After doing so her skin lightened and her hair turned white. The powers she had before were no longer accessible for she was like a human.

Puginn felt that Yato was useless in this situation. She had to stop herself from saying it thow, for Nirs sake. Puginn could see the baby and she was ready to collect him. "The babies crowning." Her words were cold due to her looking at Yato that this moment. When the baby was in her hands she tied and cut the cord. Using the warm water to clean him and take anything out of his mouth and nose. Rapping him up she went to Nir. "You have a son" the baby was glowing in a majestic light and beautiful bird like wings were curled up on his back.
  Puginn / CatoriD / 178d 20h 38m 51s
Yato felt horrible for not being about to do anything about the pain. He kissed Nirs hand as she help onto him for dear life. Laughing slightly at her words "I sent a letter out to the best crafts men in the world. Told him everything it needed that you'd like." Yato watched Puginn with thankful eyes but she just looked at him with cold eyes.
  CatoriD / 178d 20h 42m 30s
Nir knew the baby was about to be born any second and she layed in the bed. She was breathing a little heavy as she looked at the paintings on the ceiling for a split second and she laughed softly wondering how Yato would feel about it. Though there were painting in the room Nir was experiencing some pain but she wouldn't complain, it was birth. It was supposed to be painful. Nir heard Puginn but her words didn't registered until she saw him enter the room.

She tried to keep her breathing regular but she looked up seeing Yato's reaction. She was glad he had made it back before the child was born but she knew he had been close to missing it. She winced feeling a major contraction knowing it wouldn't be long but she looked up when Yato came over to the bed. She looked up into his eyes glad for a distraction and something to focus on. She smiled softly feeling his fingers in her hair but she took his other hand wanting something to squeeze. She squeezed his hand as the contraction got stronger but she let out a deep breath,"The cradle is beautiful" she smiled as she looked up at Yato.
  CountryDiva20 / 178d 4h 27m 42s
Yato carried the big cradle down the hall and into the room. He smiled cheerfully as he put the cradle down the "I'm back my love. You would not believe the crowds...." Yato got the first look at Nir and looked her down all the way to Puginn. He jumped back and spread his arms out as he hit the wall "wh..what the hells going on?" After a moment everything clicked and he sat on the bed next to Nir. He put her head on his lap and ran his fingers throw her hair
  Yato / CatoriD / 179d 5h 46m 44s
Puginn was nfront of Nir as the baby was about to be born. She heard footsteps approach the door "he's back" she sounded a little worried but waved her hand so the door would unlock. Yato came in with a cradle.
  Puginn / CatoriD / 179d 5h 53m 4s
Nir tried to take steady deep breathes as she layed on the bed. She noticed the way the maids eyes looked and she tensed slightly but she didn't protest knowing Puginn knew best in this situation. She tried to stay calm as the maids moved around the room, she watched them as they lit candles and painted the walls. She watched the puzzled but she focused on keeping her breathing steady as she felt another contraction. She took in a sharp breath but hesitated before slowly letting it out. "Yato picked a good time to go to port" she said with a soft smile. Nir looked up hearing Puginn and she laughed softly,"Wow way to be comforting" she said with a soft laugh.
  CountryDiva20 / 185d 1h 15m 57s
Puginn placed her hand on Nirs shoulder and another under her legs. Lifting Nir she made her was to the room. Placing Nir on the bed before forming into one of the maids. "I'll get you water and more towels." She left the room and locked it behind her. Levitated to the kitchen and collecting the needed supplies. Puginn returned to the room with three other servants. All dressed in white with completely black eyes. The door unlocked from the outside and all four women were in the room.

One placed white candles all over the room and lit them. The room was now as bright as day and no shadow was found. Another stripped Nir and layed blankets over her body and under her. The last drow circles upon the walls, sealing and floor while chanting. The marks started to glow a heavenly blue and white. Puginn ran her hand over Nirs forehead and over her hair. Smiling "We must have a completely heaven like state or it'll be dangers and painful for you and the child." After the servants were done they all left and their eyes were made normal. For they were no longer under Puginn's control, they left without remembering a thing.
  Puginn / CatoriD / 186d 20h 43m 46s
Nir saw Puginn's burned hand and she knew that her unborn child must be very powerful. When Puginn moved close to her she took her hand, it glowed faintly blue and Puginn's hand was heal. Nir removed her hand without saying anything and she sighed softly hearing her question. "I'm scared of how he'll react when he realizes the power I have. I want to keep my powers as unnoticeable as possible, and if not hardly using them makes them not noticable then I won't use them." Stood and moved to the window sighing softly"I just fear that many will come to take my unborn child's powers once the baby is born."

Once it was time for dinner, Nir and Puginn made their way to the dinning room. They were about to go into the dinning room when Nir gasped in pain. Her hand went to her stomach and she took in a deep shaky breath," me to my room please" she said tryin to stay calm.
  CountryDiva20 / 186d 23h 27m 47s
Puginn decided not to tell Nir why her hand was burned. Thinking it to scary for Nir to handle. After all the child wasn't even breathing on its own yet and it still was able to absorb and destroy a small amount of Puginn's power. Due to this she knew that the baby had a much stronger power then Nir. This child could wipe out, kill and banish any demons who touched him. Maybe even if he just willed it he could kill them all with just a thought. Crossing her legs Puginn floated over the dest "Why don't you just show that weak human your powers? If he really loves you then you have nothing to hide." Puginn could not comprehend why not chose to hide. Nir didn't even use her powers in from of Puginn anymore. The demon even doubted if Nir used them in private.
  Puginn / CatoriD / 187d 15h 45m 18s
Nir smiled seeing Yato,"Hey, she's around here somewhere" she smiled as she spoke. She relaxed when Yato felt the baby and she smiled taking the rose. She breathed in the flowers scent and she looked at Yato when he spoke,"Ok, be careful though" she said as he left smiling when he spoke of a cradle.

Nir looked up at Puginn and she laughed softly,"What does it matter to you? You know
I can take care of myself so you shouldn't worry. He doesn't even know of my trainin I had when I was a child, he has no idea that I can fight." She laugh softly. She watched Puginn as she touched her stomach but she gasped seeing her hand burn. She stood,"Are you ok?" She relaxed though when Puginn spoke and she rested her hand on her stomach.
  CountryDiva20 / 198d 2h 15m 43s
Puginn watched Yato as he could not see her. When he had left she looked at Nir and started to levitate again. "What do you see in that human?" She asked before leaning back as if there was something supporting her. She touched Nirs stomach and closed her eyes. Her hand glow purple and a white light swirled out. Destroying the energy Puginn was releasing and morning her hand. She pulled away and feel to the floor. Looking up at Nir she smiled "he'll bring life to the dead lands and join together the countries he visits." She began to to float again and her hand was healed.
  Puginn / CatoriD / 198d 4h 2m 20s
Yato peaked in the door and smiled at Nir. Looking around the room as he walked in "Did Puginn leave?" He kissed Nirs cheek and rubbed her stomach. Giving her a rose he headed out of the room "I just came by to say I'm leaving for the port. I'll be back a little before dawn. I'll bring back a cradle for the baby." He smiled as he left and made his way out of the casual. His men were already awaiting himand he led them out of the kingdom.
  Yato / CatoriD / 198d 4h 9m 59s
Nir listened to Puginn's reply desperate for answers. She leaned her elbows on her desk and ran her fingers through her hair as she rested her head in her hands,"I can't believe this..." She said softly. She glanced up hearing footsteps, she sighed softy knowing a human wouldn't have been able to hear the footsteps so clearly. She sighed softly as Puginn came beside her and she sat up as if nothing had happened as the doors opened.
  CountryDiva20 / 198d 7h 53m 34s

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