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The nameless mans blood stained hands have never felt the warmth of love and in his eyes the world is nothing but gray. He wonders the dark land of Nightmares searching for a place he belonged. Never expecting to fine it in a deserted place like this one, but much to his suprise a white winged girl sat in the cold sand. She turned her head to look back at the man who had found her, a smile on her face she called out to him.

Land of Nightmares
This is the outcast land where nothing grows and nothing lives. There is no water and all around is a black shy and white sand. The only things in this land are the unknown mosters that only children could dream up. All that enter are in search of the White winged Princess and the power she brings with her.

The story of the Princess has been past done from father to son for 100's of years but no man had ever found the Princess or at leased lived to tell about it any way. The Princess is told to hold an amazing power inside of her that not even she understands it. But the man she chooses to be her knight will be given the power which is locked inside of her. There for the Princess will be unable to protect herself and will have to stay by the nights side for ever.

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As the day continued, Nir spent the day taking care of Seraphim. She fed him,burped him, and smiled when he fell asleep as she held him. She let out a soft sigh as she sat in a chair near the window as she held him. He was so innocent, so fragile. She ran her fingers over his delicate wings wondering how long it would be until he would begin to use his powers. Though it usually took almost a year for them to be able to use powers, she knew he was different. The powers Seraphim had were much stronger than Nir's, which she knew would cause more issues in the future about his saftey. Nir stood and carefully placed Seraphim in his crib and looked up hearing a maid enter the room with food. It didn't worry Nir that the maid saw Seraphim even though she hadnt spoke to Yato about when he wanted to reveal the baby to the kingdom.
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Blue cloth drags a crossed red carpet, behind Yato's feet as he entered the meeting hall. Knights stood in silent respect to him, even the council stood to this man. Yato made his way up the carpet and to the throne. But he did not sit or even look at the chair of the king. Glancing around the room ,at all the faces he has come to know, he removed his helmet. "My friends you all have received your orders. I'd just like to say thank you and I put my families safety in your capable hands." Yato walked back the way he come and a small group of knights followed. The others remained for the briefing by the council.

Yato went with his men to the court yard. The men with him were the highest ranking knights in the hole kingdom. All with their own skills and abilities. Feeling it was best to brush up on fighting, Yato took them all at a time. At first they all beat him easily but Yato was slowly getting better with each fight.
  Yato / catoriD / 3y 203d 18h 12m 37s
Nir smiled feeling Yato's arm around her waist as he pulled her closer to kiss her cheek. She took the fragile child in her arms when Yato handed him to her and she smiled softly laughing a little,"Ok." Nir smiled warming though the baby was crying,"Oh, you're ok" she said softly. Her eyes went to Yato as she noticed a new set of armor but she didn't say anything. Nir comforted the small child as Yato spoke before she fed the child, though as Yato opened the door she say the number of gaurds that were placed to protect her and their new child. A small smile formed on her lips at the thought of Yato being so worried about their saftey, knowing how much he loved her and little Seraphim.

She nodded as he spoke and she glanced out the window to the garden bellow. She smile softly at Yato,"Don't worry, we won't to anywhere without a gaurd," she said hoping to make Yato less nervous about leaving them both. Yato's last request brought out a small laugh from Nir and she smiled as she walked to him and kissed his lips softly. "Fine just one though, our baby is hungry" she smiled as she spoke once she pulled away again.
  CountryDiva20 / 3y 232d 1h 48m 59s
Yato rested his free hand on Nir's hip and kissed he cheek, just before the ear. He gave the child to his mother as he stated to screamed [b "He hasn't eaten yet this morning. I'll leave you to it."] He put his armor on while watching his wife with their child. Warmth filling him at the sight of the two loves of his life getting along. The armor of his father Yato ware today, he had picked it up last night on his way back to the room. He felt it was the right time to pull the beautiful hunk of metal out of storage. Yato was to wear it proudly for his father’s memory and his own honor as a dad. White hair draped across his back piece and shoulder guards, sapphire blue eyes emerged from the slits in his helmet. [b “My love, I’m off to train with the boys in the yard. If you need me just let one of the guards, outside the door, know.”] Yato opened the door to find two guards on either side of the door. Three facing the door with their backs to the wall, others walked up and down the halls on patrol. Yato turned almost completely around so he could talk to Nir face to face. He removed his helmet and put his hand out to her. [b “One last thing”] Looking a little worried he stared at the child in Nir’s arms, his eyes shaking slightly as he looked back up at her [b “Don’t go anywhere without a solder at your side and if at any time there are no guards outside the door please hide.”] Yato nodded slightly at the bed, knowing there was a trapped door under it. With stairs that would lead straight to the secret tunnels throughout and underneath the castle. With a smile upon his lips once more [b “A kiss before I go?”]
  Yato / CatoriD / 3y 232d 4h 1m 17s
Nir looked up at Puginn and smiled, though her lips were cold against her skin, Puginn was the only mother she had ever known. Nir smiled with a hint of sadness as Puginn left,"Don't wait to long before returning this time." She smiled softly as Puginn left the room.

As Yato took care of the last errands around the castle, Nir bathed and changed into a comfortable gown so she could relax as long as she wanted with Seraphim and Yato. She layed in the bed and ran her fingers over Seraphim's delicate wings with extreme care, knowing that wings at this age were very sensitive. Nir smiled softly as she layed next to Yato as he held their new child. This is what she had always dreamed of, having a family of her own. As Yato held child she smiled knowing that Seraphim would one day grow up and be just like his father.

When morning came Nir layed curled up in the bed as the morning sun shown across the bed. She stretched and let out a small sigh enjoying the warm from the suns rays. Her eyes soon went to Yato as she heard his voice and she stood, walking over to Yato she smiled and ran her fingers over little Seraphim's cheek. As she looked up at Yato a warm smile was on her lips and her eyes shined brightly.
  CountryDiva20 / 3y 232d 5h 7m 10s
Puginn nodded at Nir and kissed her forehead ever so slightly. Puginn's lips where cold like winter and the back of her ice hand ran over the child's cheek. [b "I'm going to pose as a human midwife. That way we don't have the priest trying to exercise me."] Puginn put on her cloche once more as she spoke. She want to the door and opened it, looking back at the two on the bed. Puginn still saw Nir as a baby but knew it was no longer so. Holding back the look of pain she left [b "I'll be back soon"] closing the door behind her. Puginn felt time for the first time and knew she would most likely never feel it again. It was painful for her to connect with another because for her there is no time. She will never age nor live a normal life with those she loves from afar. Someday Seraphim will have children of his own, when Nir is no longer such a young girl.

Pain ripped throw Puginn's chest. Enough to make her fall to her knees in the hall. She cried but as the tears left her eyes they evaporated into nothingness, vanishing before ever touching her cheeks. What she would do to finally age again or even to feel her own tears run down her face. It's not that Puginn was unhappy about the baby or Nir growing. She was just reminded that she has no place amongst the humans or the family she held so dear. Collecting herself she continued down the hall and out of the castle.
  Puginn / CatoriD / 3y 232d 5h 14m 16s
Yato ran about the castle like a mad man. Making sure everything was prepared properly for his new son. He even put extra guards on duty so that his family would be safe. Even though the hole kingdom was on high alert only five people really knew why. Yato didn't want everyone to know until his wife was with him to tell the news. After running his errands he made it back to Nir and little Seraphim. Changing to his nightgown and laying next to them. He kissed Seraphim's forehead and his wife's lips ever so gently. Seraphim was so breath taking that Yato couldn't take his eyes off him.

When the morning came Yato was already awake with the new baby. He held the child close to his chest and kept him rapped up tight in a blanket. Looking out the closed window Yato pointed to buildings, telling the child what they where and who lived their. The joy in his heart growing with every breath and noise the child made. Yato raised the child to his heck and rested his head lightly on the child. The matching platinum hair merging as Yato held his baby boy, as if he was scared to let go.
  Yato / CatoriD / 3y 232d 5h 25m 17s
Nir held the small child in her arms. As Nir held him she couldn't help but think about how small and delicate he was. As she ran her fingers over his small wings she knew how fragile the child's wings were at this age. She looked up at Yato and smiled, "Ok. How about Seraphim?" She said as she looked at the child's small, innocent, perfect face. She knew when the news was heard the kingdom would rejoice, she also knew that the maids were probably eager to see the small child.

She looked up hearing Yato and she nodded,"Ok" she said with a small smile before looking at their son. Her eyes quickly went to Puginn and she smiled,"Thank you" she said softly.
  CountryDiva20 / 3y 238d 20h 8m 56s
Yato touched the child's cheek with the back of his hand, softly resting it there so he could feel the warmth of his new son. Glancing down at his wife he smiled with joy "The child is of your kind so I want you to name him." Yato stood and approached the other side of the bed. He rapped his firm arms around Puginn and held her tight. Tears poured from his eyes, running down his face and soaked Puginns shirt. The smile was still on his face "Thank you.....Thank you Puginn!" Yato did not let go nor did he stop crying. Knowing that if she wasn't present the birth would not of been as easy.

Finally he let go so he could leave the room "I'll be back soon. I'm going to get the Priests so we can prepare a celebration. I'll also send a massager to the news paper." Once the door was closed Yato sighed in relief. Happy he did not miss the baby's birth and tat both his loved ones were alright. He did not simply walk down the halls nor did he run, Yato sprinted with all his might. Staying away for longer then a hour was not an option for him, not anymore.
  Yato / catoriD / 3y 243d 8h 34m 53s
Nir smiled softly when Yato spoke, thankful for a distraction. She laughed at Yato's words,"We're already spoiling the child" she laughed but it was cut short when Nir took a sharp breath. She watched Puginn surprised at her change in appearance. She knew it had to do with her being a demon and the child half angel but she knew Yato didn't know. She didn't say anything as Puginn changed but she squeezed Yato's hand. She made sure to breath and a conscious effort to make sure her hands didn't glow blue from her powers knowing it would hurt Yato.

Nir was thankful Yato was there to comfort her but she was relieved at Puginn's words. "Get this baby out of me" she said with a soft laugh but it was cut short with a quiet cry of pain. Soon after the baby was in Puginn's hands. Nir smiled as she heared that it was a boy. She looked up at Yato with bright eyes,"A boy" she leaned up and kissed Yato softly before watching Puginn cleanse the baby. Nir finally let go of Yato's hand as Puginn handed her the child. A warm smile was on her face as she held the child, the majestic light around the baby grew faintly brighter as Nir ran her hands over his small wings,"What should we name him?" She asked Yato softly.
  CountryDiva20 / 4y 53d 4h 22m 26s
Puginn felt Nirs contraction throw her stomach. Pulling a vial of black liquid from her pouch she drank it. It was like the stuff before only thicker. After doing so her skin lightened and her hair turned white. The powers she had before were no longer accessible for she was like a human.

Puginn felt that Yato was useless in this situation. She had to stop herself from saying it thow, for Nirs sake. Puginn could see the baby and she was ready to collect him. "The babies crowning." Her words were cold due to her looking at Yato that this moment. When the baby was in her hands she tied and cut the cord. Using the warm water to clean him and take anything out of his mouth and nose. Rapping him up she went to Nir. "You have a son" the baby was glowing in a majestic light and beautiful bird like wings were curled up on his back.
  Puginn / CatoriD / 4y 53d 4h 48m 42s
Yato felt horrible for not being about to do anything about the pain. He kissed Nirs hand as she help onto him for dear life. Laughing slightly at her words "I sent a letter out to the best crafts men in the world. Told him everything it needed that you'd like." Yato watched Puginn with thankful eyes but she just looked at him with cold eyes.
  CatoriD / 4y 53d 4h 52m 21s
Nir knew the baby was about to be born any second and she layed in the bed. She was breathing a little heavy as she looked at the paintings on the ceiling for a split second and she laughed softly wondering how Yato would feel about it. Though there were painting in the room Nir was experiencing some pain but she wouldn't complain, it was birth. It was supposed to be painful. Nir heard Puginn but her words didn't registered until she saw him enter the room.

She tried to keep her breathing regular but she looked up seeing Yato's reaction. She was glad he had made it back before the child was born but she knew he had been close to missing it. She winced feeling a major contraction knowing it wouldn't be long but she looked up when Yato came over to the bed. She looked up into his eyes glad for a distraction and something to focus on. She smiled softly feeling his fingers in her hair but she took his other hand wanting something to squeeze. She squeezed his hand as the contraction got stronger but she let out a deep breath,"The cradle is beautiful" she smiled as she looked up at Yato.
  CountryDiva20 / 4y 52d 12h 37m 33s
Yato carried the big cradle down the hall and into the room. He smiled cheerfully as he put the cradle down the "I'm back my love. You would not believe the crowds...." Yato got the first look at Nir and looked her down all the way to Puginn. He jumped back and spread his arms out as he hit the wall "wh..what the hells going on?" After a moment everything clicked and he sat on the bed next to Nir. He put her head on his lap and ran his fingers throw her hair
  Yato / CatoriD / 4y 53d 13h 56m 35s
Puginn was nfront of Nir as the baby was about to be born. She heard footsteps approach the door "he's back" she sounded a little worried but waved her hand so the door would unlock. Yato came in with a cradle.
  Puginn / CatoriD / 4y 53d 14h 2m 55s

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