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"Let him stay with me?" Tatsuya really liked that, he wouldn't have to be alone and..."I would be happy to keep him with me, you know he's safe with me." That's actually an extremely ironic thing to say-He's safe, but he's also in extreme danger. But, Tatsuya knows that he won't hurt the kid. He likes him too much.

"But, do you have any clue what it wants or why?" He asked moments later, looking up towards Naku's room a little absentmindedly. Tatsuya yawned a little, suddenly feeling hungry and sleepy. Naku's brother really did care for him...He was starting to feel something too. He wanted to pat Naku's head again. Just to touch him. He was unsure as to why.
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Naku sat upstairs in his room, thinking. He was happy that Tatsuya was so worried for his brother but...why was he feeling so angry at the same time.

His heart, first of all, was constricting in a good way...and it sort of confused him. He remembered when he was little, he felt that way and he had told his brother. His brother had responded back that it was when you had strong feelings for another.

Well, at the time, Naku had some strong feelings for a guy, which was wrong. He wasn't sure who the guy was, but Naku had wanted to be with him. "I have strong feelings again?" he mumbled questioningly, staring at the ceiling.


Downstairs, Naku's brother had explained everything to Tatsuya. It had started a few weeks before Tatsuya arrived, but now it had gotten so much worse. His brother expected that after learning Tatsuya was going to be there as well, it lost control and started tormenting him.

Of course he looked at the other and begged for him to let Naku stay at his own apartment. "Please let my brother stay with you Tatsuya...I don't want him here if that presence is going to be staying," he looked down.
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The look Naku's brother gave was serious. Tatsuya for some reason hadn't expected to be the one that he wanted to talk to. He offered a wave as Naku went upstairs, and followed his brother to the couch.

He sat down and shook his head in understanding. "What makes you feel unsafe? What's going on? Tell me from the beginning when it started." Tatsuya would get down to it!

ooc: I'm sorry it's short! Something funny happened while typing- I was typing and i didn't realize caps lock was on so it was all like HE SAT DOWN AND SHOOK HIS HEAD IN UNDERSTANDING. "WHAT: lol anyway. Grrrllll when da yaoi gon come in? xD? Maybe my dude should start feeling something? He already kinda does but yeah...I'm not talking about kissing i mean like developing feelings.
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"No that's alright. I'm just going to go eat and come back. I might get more rest at night time instead of the day," he said softly, getting Naku to release his arm. "Could I talk with you later, Tatsuya?" he whispered in the others ear, a worried look on his face. "Now would be better though..."

Naku knew his brother needed to talk to someone, and didn't much mind that it was Tatsuya. He figured it was better to talk to a person who was close to his own age, which was why Naku spoke to his brother so often, it was odd. Maybe he just needed someone to talk to...

"I'm going up to my room to watch some television alright? You guys talk for a bit. Entertain yourself!"

Naku made his way upstairs, and his brother waited until he heard the door shut. He drew in a shaky breath before sitting upon the couch and speaking, "I don't feel safe in my own house, which means I worry about Naku not being safe..." he mumbled, starting at the other with a frown.
  Naku :NUMB: / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 148d 7h 11m 18s
Tatsuya watched the pair- They were a bit amusing in an odd sort of way. It made him smile. He was extremely absorbed into the show and only turned to look when his brother said he was going outside.

He wasn't in any condition to go outside, perhaps he just wanted to get out of the house? Tatsuya stood and walked over to Naku's brother and laid a hand gently on his shoulder in a friendly way. "You know, if you wanted, you could sleep at my house tonight. There are no ghosts there. Well-There's a little spirit but it's not actually a ghost. It's more like random energy." he waved his hands as if it were unimportant. "Anyway, you could if you wanted to."
  Tatsuya Hanamoto / Jilly / 8y 148d 7h 59m 35s
Naku took the random stuff and used it to help him with his math, and it helped him through about half of his homework. He decided to do the rest in school and put it away, turning his attention to his elder brother.

"Just homework? That's it?"

"Yeah, pretty much, and I just finished it," he explained.

"That's a bit hard to believe. Naku, my little brother, doing his homework," he snickered.

"Why is that so hard to believe?!"

His brother could only laugh at his reaction and stood. "I'm going to go feed, I'll return later alright?"

"But it's still light out!" he interjected, grabbing his brother's arm to keep him from going out into it. "So? I wont be out long, I'll return before I start burning," he promised.

Naku stared at the other, knowing that was a lie. "Brother..."
  Naku :NUMB: / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 148d 7h 54m 35s
"Oh?-" Tatsuya started before he sensed Naku's brother coming. He glanced at him. Goodness! He sure looked worn out, poor man. Tatsuya couldn't help but smile a little bit, they loved each other that was obvious. They worry and get angry and play at each other.

"I was trying to help Naku with homework," he offered a friendly smile and hoped it would ease his brother's curiosity. He stared at the TV show and blinked curling up, getting an odd sensation. It was sort of like being one of the family. He liked it. Naku looked a little worried so he got up and patted his head, and walked over to the shelf. He pulled out a notebook and a pen and went back to the couch sketching random things and writing equations he hoped would help Naku.
  Tatsuya Hanamoto / Jilly / 8y 148d 8h 24m 31s
"Y-You're going to...have trouble, I hope you know..." he whispered, starting to do his homework while multitasking with his phone. He looked up when he saw his brother stumble out of his room and smiled.

"How was your nap?" he laughed.

His brother stared at him first like he was crazy then smiled just softly before placing himself beside the other. "You know me well enough to know that I haven't gotten any sleep all day," he smirked.

"Yeah...I guess..." he mumbled, looking at Tatsuya.

("What were you two talking about?"

"Nothing!" he quickly said, turning his attention to the television. He didn't want to repeat the entire, sad conversation.

What if I lose control...I know Tatsuya has to do that to me...but can't I run? Can't I run away from him? Then I'd be a criminal with hunters and vampires looking everywhere for me...

He laid his head back, trying to think clearly, but there was no way he could do that in this current situation. "It was nothing..." he whispered.
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He was staring at the floor when he heard Naku's voice- It sounded a bit like an echo. His eyes widened when he felt a hug, a real hug. How long had it been since someone hugged him? He looked up at Naku, listening to him now, completely alert. He wouldn't dwell on it. He'd spent generations contemplating it. His cheeks became a bit pink from the small gesture of a simple hug. It made him happy.

"I know the feeling," Tatsuya murmured to Naku's comment. He was silent as Naku talked, and sat, talking some more. He leaned back and looked at Naku with seriousness. "Naku, I don't want to kill you. I will do everything in my power to avoid it." He wanted to say 'you couldn't stop me if I needed to' but he didn't. He realized his story really unsettled the boy, he probably thinks he's a monster. But only if he knew the circumstances. He dismissed it standing up quickly and appearing in front of the television. He felt a little on edge for some reason. He was trying not to think about "it."

Tatsuya turned on the TV to ghost hunting show. It was called Ghost Adventures. He really enjoyed this show for some reason, it was amusing. "Naku, don't dwell on it. Thank you for your understanding, but just make it more incentive to do better. I'll tell you the tricks if you want me to." He grabbed a pillow and tucked his legs under himself getting comfy while putting the pillow in his lap for a hand rest.

The TV show's host, Zak Bagans was freaking out over an EVP...Wow the stuff they catch is real. Tatsuya could tell. He grinned a little, letting himself be absorbed. He wanted nothing more than to focus on Tatsuya now.

"Oh, to answer your earlier question..." He said, in a tone of 'I-almost-forgot.' "I took it to redo it, I took it because I want to try again...To make it a job well done, where I don't have to destroy the person I'm supposed to be guarding."
  Tatsuya Hanamoto / Jilly / 8y 148d 9h 59m 11s
His eyes widened in disbelief. " killed your own brother?" he whispered. Shaking his head, he looked down. "You took my case because you wanted to do it again...what do you mean by that?" he asked softly, walking over to the other to hug him.

It must have been hard...killing his own brother. He couldn't even imagine what it would be like...drinking the blood of a sibling...of his own brother. He wouldn't be able to do that. He would die before that happened.

"I-I'm not suicidal! I just...want to kill. All the time..." he whispered, looking down. He was just setting himself up to a death trial. Wasn't that pretty close to suicide?

Returning to his position on the couch, he said nothing to the other. What could he say? "I-I'm sorry that had to happen to you...but you can't say that...everyone gets scared right before they die. They regret it right then and there..." he whispered.

I don't want to die...I wont die, I refuse to...I'll run from it if I have to...

"Tatsuya I can't die..." he whispered. "I'm not going to let you kill me..."
  Naku :NUMB: / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 148d 13h 16m 0s
Tatsuya saw him actually pulling out his homework- Huh. He shrugged,"If I didn't take the job they would have killed you. But, I'm sorry to admit I didn't take it because of that. Now I would've, because I know you." He said it nonchalantly, but he meant it.

"I've been doing this for quite a while, being a vampire for crime and punishment. But my second real job, was guarding someone and keeping them in line, like you. He wasn't exactly crazy, he was just tired of living. He would get into all these different situations, attacking a populated place in the day light, staying in the sun til he had blisters, even trying to attack men marching in an army through town. He lost it, eventually. I tried my hardest to stop him from doing it to himself- He wouldn't listen. I restrained him, I hurt him...But he wanted it. He wanted to die more than anything in the world, but we wouldn't let him. Suicide isn't permitted...It is now, because so many others have done what he did," Tatsuya said softly. "I took this job because I wanted to do it over again..."

He had an incredibly sad look on his face, and was looking off as if not really seeing anything in particular. "Finally, I had to kill him. I drank him dry, and left him in the sun because that's what you have to do during executions." He looked down like he didn't want to say anymore. But, anyone with something on their chest needs to get it out. "I watched his skin burn away and smelt the smoke that came from his body, realizing something. At least he was happy now, and who would have been better to do it than his own brother?"
  Tatsuya Hanamoto / Jilly / 8y 148d 23h 25m 45s
Naku blinked, looking at the other with a slight frown. "Alright, humor me, why did you take my case?" he asked. Surely there couldn't be that much of a reason...but it sounded important to the other so he would listen.

He started pulling the several papers he had received that day and set them on the table in front of him. He opened a text book and started working, listening closely to the other. "I sort of wonder the exact same thing, you know? Why didn't they just send for my capture and murder?" he asked softly. Shaking his head, he just shut up and decided not to question the authorities.
  Naku :NUMB: / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 149d 7h 13m 33s
"Oh, Naku, school isn't that far away from here. I'd be happy to look over him." He walked over to the living room and sat on the couch next to Naku.

"Alright, it's your house," Tatsuya muttered as he stared at the wall. "Your brother is probably just worn out, would be my guess." He leaned back getting comfortable, and thinking about his own brother.

There was an awkward silence before he muttered a quiet,"Do you want to know why I accepted this? I mean, watching after you? I could have refused you know."
  Tatsuya Hanamoto / Jilly / 8y 149d 7h 30m 31s
"I'm not sure if that okay with you. Don't you have to stay within like...ten miles of me or something?" he asked.

Sitting on the couch, he thought about it. "I'm going to stay here with you, I have to do homework anyways. I'll go shopping after school tomorrow alright?" he asked. He really wanted to stay and figure out what exactly was tormenting his brother. He planned on figuring out this with Tatsuya, since it was his brother and his home after all. "I'm staying for the night," he said.

Walking back down the hall, he checked on his brother again, a slight frown on his face. "I don't want him terrified during the day nor night, I'm surprised he's still sleeping..." he mumbled.
  Naku :NUMB: / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 149d 7h 39m 47s
Tatsuya walked into the house, hearing Naku yell and was suddenly near him. "No, not really," he smiled a little deviously and looked around. "Yes, I can sense ghosts." He paused looking around. The house did have an uneasy way about it. He got an idea suddenly as he suddenly looked intrigued. "I have an idea Naku. How about I stay here in the house all night and tomorrow with your brother? If I see anything I'll tell you. You go shop and be at ease. Nothing will hurt him while I am here."

He walked to the stairs and looked up, this house did feel strange! It definitely felt like something was here. "You have to go to school tomorrow but I don't."
  Tatsuya Hanamoto / Jilly / 8y 149d 8h 10m 18s

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