Hei and Yins safehouse.

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I had too. I don't know why I never made one before.
  Shiroe, The Devil in Glasses. / Artanis / 3y 119d 1h 15m 28s
-Watches the rolling Holo for a moment before shrugging and pouncing on it. -

Don't worry, i'll make ours red as often as I can <3
  Artanis D. Grimoire / Artanis / 3y 119d 1h 37m 5s
-rolls around just wanting all of the roleplays to be green- T-T
  Alice Willis / Holo / 3y 119d 1h 59m 0s
I haven't seen a pirate roleplays! I'm jealous you found one even for a short while . I'd love to do pirate theme. Maybe one day..
  Artanis E. Grimoire / Artanis / 3y 120d 8h 20s
I really wanted to do a pirate roleplay, and I joined one at one time with her but it died quickly
  Asteri / Holo / 3y 120d 8h 42m 15s
Hmm? What were you going.to use her for? I like the art choice .
  Asmodeus, Shadow of Evantius / Artanis / 3y 120d 9h 8m 18s
Aww I never really got to use Asteri, I remember her though lol
  Asteri / Holo / 3y 120d 10h 8m 8s
I can understand that. I actually went through my profiles a little while back and took out alot of the silly, or bs profiles I'd made. But I kept alot that I don't really remember, like this one. Something about it made me love it. Haha. That one right there though is really neat looking though, it's pretty .
  The Wandering Mind. / Artanis / 3y 120d 10h 40m 17s
Her and this one but I never deleted them which means I was fond of them for some reason
  AseĆ©me / Holo / 3y 120d 11h 4m 57s
Yes , yes I do. Quite a lot of them actually... is that one? Hehe
  De' Carte, Vassal of Evantius / Artanis / 3y 120d 17h 26m 47s
Do you ever have characters and you just don't remember what they are from?
  Callia / Holo / 3y 121d 6h 36m 18s
Hmm? What kind of mood is it dearest? If I may ask .
  Art and Holo~ / Artanis / 3y 163d 9h 47m 10s
I"m in such an interesting mood. My tummy feels odd.
  Kleio / Holo / 3y 163d 12h 38m 34s
I must say I do Harley dear, I do indeed . Showing off for me, darling?
  Art and Holo~ / Artanis / 3y 298d 16h 58m 15s
[+red Mistah J, I got a new make over, do ya like it?]
  Harley Quinn / Holo / 3y 302d 1h 9m 34s

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