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Shasha had just moved to a new highschool. She knew that most would not like her, since she was new. But the thing about Shasha is that she is very pretty and has a sweet personality. Which the most popular guy in school had noticed.

_____ Is the popular guy, girls fall for him, guys want to be him. But this guy had an atitude. It was like a stuborn, no more like a bad ass, kind of attitude. He was known for playing around with girls, and is usually seen with a least 3 different girls each week. But sometimes they repeat.

When ______ sees Shasha, he is determind to make her his. Which she actually agrees to go out with him, but she doesnt know if he really likes her, or is just using her for her body.

After some of the girls find out that he had chosen Shasha they become very jelous, and start to think of a way to pay her back. When she is walking home one day from her dance class. A group of girls, and one guy kidnapp her, and beat the Sh*t out of her. They end up dumping her on the side of the road in a little patch of trees on the edge of town.

When ______ goes and sees one of the girls for his usuall one night thing. It slips out that they had done that. Thats when he decides that he does love her, and tries to find her. But will he be able to get to her in time?

drama- yes
cybering- no
one liners- no
real pics- yes

Popular guy- open

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Shaun laughed and took his seat at the back beside her and set his books down, then let his bag drop casually to the floor, making a bang as it went down. Seeing the girls looking back at him, he made sure Shasha wasn't watching before he made a kiss with his lips and then they turned around, giggling. He shook his head and shrugged. "Don't know what that's all about," he lied.

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She chuckled as he stoped. SHe looked back at him smileing, then turning and giving the teacher a note from the office, picking up her books. She sighed as she headed to the back. "uh....sure, Sounds good." She chuckled as she waited for him to lead her to her seat. She saw that she was getting glares, and stares from the other girls. Wondering why, she made eye contact with each and every one of them raising her eyebrow.
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Shaun laughed. "yeah, it's highly likely that I am older than you," he said and then he kept walking until they were at the classroom and he stopped and he stared at her for a minute, faking that he didn't think he'd heard her correctly and then he grinned. "Wow. That's great," he told her and he winked at her. "I guess we'll be seeing each other later then, right? Hey...come sit by me in History. One of the guys can just move forward a seat. They won't mind."
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"you most likely are older then me." She rolled her eyes and walked with him. She watched the other girls. He wasnt just popular, it seemed like he was wanted by every girl in the school. Well she wasnt going to let this oppertunity slip away. She was going to show the other girls, that she is wanted her and that she could out run them anyday. She chuckled. "oh and to answer you question, I will say yes." She chuckled to herself to see if he could figure out what question she was talking about.

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Shaun frowned at her and then he laughed quietly. "Baby face? What are you on about?" he asked and he shrugged. "Or, we could say I'm older than you?" he suggested with a grin and he shook his head at her. "What class? I told you already. I have History just like you," he told her and he laughed as he led her toward the history classroom.
  Shaun Walker / juggalodan / 10y 236d 2h 37m 23s
She chuckled and looked him up and down. "im not surprised, with that cute baby face of yours, any girl would fall." She chuckled to her self and turned to walk towards her class room. "um....if your old then that makes me old which I dont want to be thank yu." She chuckled. "what is your first class?"
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Shaun laughed and shook his head. "Yeah, right. I forgot. My memory fails me sometimes," he joked. "I must be getting too old." He then raised an eyebrow as he saw all the looks she was getting and he shrugged. "Well, if you must know, most girls in this school have asked me out," he told her with a grin.
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"uh......huh, whatever you say cowbow." She rasied an eyebrow at him, when he asked her if he could carry her books. She shook her head. "Im fierce remember?" She asked then she notice other girls glareing and giveing her bad looks she was confused. "um.....are you really popular with the girls?" She asked kind of nervous.
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Shaun laughed. "No, my nickname., Tough guy," he joked and then he shrugged. "It's possible to like someone without knowing their name. You never done that? Never been walking down the street and thinking you liked someone? Then, if you get to talk to them, and they're still cool but you don#t know their name..." he explained and he laughed quietly and watched her lean against the wall. He leaned against the wall beside her and he held his hand out. "Want me to carry them?" he asked her with a grin.
  Shaun Walker / juggalodan / 10y 238d 3h 58m 45s
She chuckled at his response to her fierce. "which nickname, yours or mine? and how can you like me when you dont even know my name?" She fired her one shot at him, she chuckled and stoped when they turned the corner into a knew hall way, she leaned agianst the wall and smiled to him, holding her books to her chest.
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Shaun laughed and he nodded. "I know you are. Well, I think you're a bit fierce. You almost scared me off earlier, tiger," he joked with her and then he followed her and he shrugged, giving her the look that said Hey, well, you know. "Maybe it is the only way. Maybe it's not. I guess that's something you'll have to work out, just like you tried to work me out. But I'm liking the nickname. Let's keep that one," he said with a huge grin and he stepped into line beside her and he winked at her. "Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to...I don't know...go out with me tonight? It's really soon but I like you ," he told her, his Hey, well, ya know look replaced with one that said Pretty please?
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She chuckled and rolled her eyes as the girl went by. "Its not that tough, Im fierce, or at least I have been told that." She turned to head towards her class, chuckling. "is that the only way you know every girl in the school, because its not 'That' big?" She looked over her shoulder, grinned, and winked. "its not that hard to figure you out tough guy." She started in the direction of her class, and she knew that if he was smart, he would follow, but he was a guy so anything can happen.
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Shaun grinned as she looked over at him adn he nodded at her and put his books into his bag, then he sighed. "I've got history too. I don't know. I just wanted to chat to you. You know, new girl in school and all that. It's gotta be pretty tough, considering how everyone else has been here from teh start and already got into their groups," he said and then he seemed to think about something before he moved a little closer and he said, "Oh...nah. I'm never alone. It's kinda...dull on your own but then, got plenty of time to think. Maybe that's why I don't like it," he joked and then he shrugged and he winked at a girl who was going past and she smiled at him. "Hey, Luce," he called out after her and she called back to him and then disappeared around the corner. "You get to know everyone in this place. It's not that big."
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She chuckled, then heard someone calling out, she looked ovr and saw the same guy from earlier, she had to admit he was kind of cute, but did his personality match with his looks? She chuckled. "hi....uh what about....and I have history, what about you?>" She was being friendly, because by the looks of it this guy had potential. She chuckled and moved so she could face him just a bit. She was getting weird stares and bad looks from girls all around. "by the looks of it, your not a loner." She chuckled a little and riased an eyebrow at him.
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