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Naku laughed a bit and nodded. "I know where that is, but my friend, you are far from walking distance."

In fact, she was a couple miles away. "Maybe twelve blocks..." he mumbled, leading her down a street. "It's this way, you were going the exact opposite way you were supposed to," he laughed.

He wasn't exactly all excited about taking this girl back home...but she had just moved there. She shouldn't have many friends...and no one would exactly miss her. Right? Well...that would be cruel of him...

"Where did you move from?" he asked, looking at her, "and why, if I may ask..."

She must have been moved because they couldn't afford where they were living or...or maybe because her father changed jobs and was transferred down here. Maybe they just wanted to move to escape their old lives.

"Its good to know you don't drink, nor go into bars. It isn't safe in those, you know. One of the top ten places to get kidnapped is a bar because men could easily slip something into your drink and take you right on home with them. Most of the time you're not seen again," he explained. "Someone tried to kidnap me once a few years ago, but their plan backfired because I saw them spiking my drink. I switched them."

It was funny, because he planned on spiking the others drink anyways.
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She was almost startled when she actually saw his face. She expected some geezer. A perverted looking guy that she'd have to run from, but he didn't look like that at all. He looked normal, which she was happy with. It creeped her out a little, though. She kept trying to think of something that looked wrong about him. He couldn't just be normal. That would be abnormal for her to meet a normal guy, because her luck has always been terrible. She shook her head trying to get her mind off the subject. Something good could happen to her for a change, maybe it was fate trying to give her a fighting chance.

She snapped out of her thinking trance, as soon as he started to speak. "I live somewhere in walking distance," she said. "It was something Riverdale Lane. I just moved around here a few months ago so I don't know my way around," she said with an awkward laugh. She didn't know this guy, and probably wouldn't ever see him again. So why was she trying so hard not to act weird? She claimed it was just her trying to be nice to him, because he was helping her. Normal Yuki would've just turned away from any guy after giving him a dirty look.

Normal Yuki was quite scary. She seemed like a nice girl at first glance, but she would snap anyone's neck just for looking at her a weird way. One of the reason's she didn't like others, was because they judge their own kind. Humanity doesn't make sense to her, and it never did even as a child. To her, it's just Yuki vs. The World.

"Yeah, I was dragged out of my house, literally." she chimed, but she was completely serious. "Oh, I don't drink or go to bars," she said laughing a little. Trying to act different than usual was hard. She didn't know how some people did it. It's very annoying acting out of character, but soon enough she'd be at home relaxing. Without all of the irritating things around her.
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His gaze was...dead in a way. He wasn't wanting to put up with any girl that needed help getting home...but then again, he really wasn't in the killing mood. He was just hungry. He examined her body, eyes narrowed as if he was having trouble seeing - which he wasn't.

Vampires, unlike other lifeforms including humans and werewolves, had eyesight that could go for miles. Hearing was almost the same as a wolf itself. So why were his eyes narrowed? Well that was because it was his thinking face. This girl could easily go for a hundred hair, fair skin. She's quite beautiful, and even better, her blood must be rich. Untouched... he thought, walking towards her with a sigh.

He'd help, but he expected something in return. "Sure, where do you live?" he asked. "Do you know your street address?"

This was the way he was nice. Naku's nice side was probably the scariest side a person could get on...well a vampire. As for a human, his playful side was the most dangerous. When Naku got playful, the sudden missing persons cases went up high. They skyrocketed. Sometimes the murders popped up everywhere. Police could search for him, but they could never find, nor catch him.

"You dragged out of your house or something? You're dressed nice on a cold night. Maybe a bar to meet someone?" he mused. It was a joke, and he hoped she played along with it. But then again, even if she didn't, he would keep joking around. He would be as nice as possible, to gain her trust.
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Yuki frowned as she dangled the heels in her hand, and looked down to her feet. They were freezing. She started cussing under her breath. Then pulled out the phone they'd given her as a 'Get-out-of-the-house present'. She tried to give it back, but they said keep it and put all of their phone numbers in. She flipped it open and called her Mom.

"Yo, Mom..uh. Yeah. Uh-huh. I'm near this place called Cake's Cafe. Can you give me directions back home?" she asked with a hint of a laugh. She didn't even know where that was and couldn't tell her anything, "Yuki! Just ask someone nearby! Sheesh. Also, don't you happen to bring anyone home!" that sure made her blush. "J-Jeez! Mom! I'm not some hooker! I got it. I got it! I-I won't be calling anymore tonight! I'll probably come home late, so don't be afraid to eat! Eat! Okay, pig out! I'll eat later.." she yelled then slammed the phone shut and started walking.

"I'm going to kill that hag.." she mumbled blushing heavily. She began walking sighing a little, then she heard some noise behind her. She looked over her shoulder, and there was a man. She blinked. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know what to do. She felt dumb standing there looking at him, but she couldn't just turn around and act like she didn't see him. She needed directions so that would be a valid excuse, right? He didn't look dangerous.

So, she turned all the way around and put on a smile. "E-Excuse me! Can you help me get back home?", she asked then shook her head and laughed awkardly. "I mean, I mean...Can you help me get back home, please? I'm lost and don't know my way back, so do you mind helping me, sir?" she asked again properly while bowing then lifted her head a little and smiled hopefully at him.
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The male had his cell phone out now, texting while walking. He wasn't worried about being hit or running into something because wouldn't affect him by much, but it would sure slow him down enough to give his friend the lead. "Alright...well I'm not much for killing children so I guess I'll go with some girls. They're worth a lot..." he murmured, glancing around from his phone as he entered the points in his diary.

The two friends would keep in contact via text. They would keep track of their points by taking pictures of the people they so mercilessly killed. Of course, they would have to dispose of the body which would further slow them down. The last thing the two needed were for the police to get involved.

"It'd be like a mass missing persons case," he laughed, flipping the screen shut and pocketing it once saving the journal he had so carefully typed up. Of course, if the game turned out to be more than it was supposed to, then it would be put on hold until the problem was cleared and they could continue.

"Ah, another rule," he murmured. He pulled the phone back out and quickly messaged his friend 'If police get involved, the game will be put on hold.'

No text back. But Naku knew his friend had read it, and would follow the rules like the good dog he was. Naku actually did have something to those loopholes he left. Manipulation was left out because the vampire was skilled at it, while his friend was not. Convincing a person was simple if you knew exactly what to say and when to say it.

His friend would use his simple glamor to convince a pretty girl. But Naku wasn't low like that...


A girl. He spotted one just ahead looking slightly...lost. Poor thing. She should know it's dangerous being alone out on the streets at night, he thought with a sigh. He couldn't help but feel sorry. But she was dressed up quite nice with no shoes on. She clearly hadn't wanted to wear them, as he spotted them in her hand. She must have been forced out against her will.
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Yuki wasn't your normal girl. She didn't surround herself with her friends. She didn't like people, because they were too boring for her. She found interest in things girls her age shouldn't. She didn't like male actors, and she has never been on a date. She certainly didn't like anything too flashy. It made her uncomfortable, but today she didn't have much of a choice.

Her so called "friends" asked her to go out with them for a night out in the town. She didn't want to and she tried to say no, but they dragged her out before she could even reply. These people didn't know her like she knew herself. They acted like her friends and she hated it. She wanted to be home by herself in her room reading. Doing something she actually wanted to do but these freaks just decided to drag her around, like she was a rag doll. They put her in fancy clothes, and she was really cold.

"Guys, I just wanna go back home! Can I have my clothes back?" she asked really hard and even got on her knees. "Haha, no! You need to get out, Yuki! You're going to get fat and everything!", they were so damn annoying to her. They just went on and on and on, about stuff she didn't find interest in. Just before they entered the movies, she slipped away. "Um, I gotta go...uh. Smoke, yeah. That." her excuse work out for her out and she started to run away. Sadly, she didn't even know where she was.

"Damn it! Those girls! Those girls are gonna get a piece of my mind!" she mumbled and started walking. She looked around for streets she could remember, but she was too busy trying to get away that she didn't even look at the street name. They probably wanted that so they had an excuse to walk her home. No time to whine about it now. She couldn't go back and ask. She wasn't going to go into any nearby joints, what if someone tried to hit on her? She didn't have any excuse to get out of it. So she just started walking, after taking off those annoying heels though.

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Naku was different than most vampires. He made everything a game. Just as he was doing right now with his friend. Really he wasn't listening, only to the rules. He needed to get this over with so he could go ahead and get his next meal. He practically starved himself today just to catch up on a few naps he needed.

"Okay, so here's how it goes. I'll make the rules, and you make the points. Rules are no overriding the time limit, one second more and you're disqualified. We are allowed to attack each other when we're competing over the same person, and we are allowed to wound each other to slow each other down. We can use our powers as necessary. No other rules."

"You left so many loopholes, my friend. Hell, you even threw some in there. You planning something?"

"Not at all."

"Hm, well fine. Here, I wrote down the points so we can remember," the other said as he handed a note that had scrawled writing on this. "You write horribly," he teased, folding the paper and placing it in his pocket. "You understand the rules?"

"Yeah, now shoo. Get out of my house."

"How rude, even after you invited me here to make up this horrible game of killing," Naku teased as he made his way to the window he had entered.

Why had he entered through the window, you ask? Well that was because his friend's mother lived downstairs and had a ghastly attitude. "Let the games begin~" and with that, he jumped out and went off to find some good prey, and possible points.
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