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As the title says, I'm looking for a yaoi partner~ But only a single one!

  • It's going to be anime pictures, and good one's please. Clear and creative would be great.
  • Semi-literate, meaning good grammar and spelling, able to post over 1000 characters.
  • I'm going to be an uke/seke, but I do need a seme. I'm tired of being dominant.
  • Be able to post often please? I understand if you have a life, but you have to tell me!
  • I don't mind if you drop, but tell me as well.
  • Cybering will be timeskipped, sorry.
  • Cussing is okay, but not every sentence.
  • PM me for permission to join then we can discuss it here.
Thank you for looking!


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"Yes I would." he said then he gave the other a smile kissing his forhead. "Well someone has to look out for you." he told him. Then he ran his hand through the others hair. He frowned when the other told him about how usually his bullies took it.

"Dont worry Nana I will get your stuff back. I just dont understand why they cant give you a break and actually get to know you. You are an amazing person." he stated with a smile.

"Well I am going to go look. I will be right back.. you can start working on stuff. Kay" He left the room after he told Nana this. He wondered where he should look first. Probably try to find other students out of class.


Lila saw someone come up to her. It was someone that she was begining to consider a friend. She smiled at first, "Hey!" she said. Then she saw him pull out the pictures. She looked at them and frowned. "Why are you taking picture of him that are like that? You should delete them.... and by the way even if your goal is to hurt Nana what about Mason, the other boy in the pic, who also happens to be my brother?" she asked.
  Mason Richards / SoulDreamer / 8y 142d 10h 33m 26s
"Yeah, its happened a lot before. The first time it happened, I didn't see my stuff for almost a month. The times after that were sometimes longer...and sometimes shorter...I never kniw how long it'll be before I see it again, but I do try and find it..." he whispered, sitting on the edge of the bed with a frown. "Would you really do that for me Mason?" he asked, looking at the other with a big grin. Nana was so glad that he had Mason as a...boyfriend? Could he be that way now? Nana wasn't quite sure...

"Oh, usually its taken by one of my bullies but sometimes really mean people take it just to make fun of me and mess with me..."

Nana had lost count of how many times his stuff had been stolen from him. Sometimes people would take the stuff while he was holding it and would run and ruin whatever they could before they were caught, which was rare. Usually Nana just had to wait it out until they felt their vandalism couldn't get any better.

He had to admit, the fag and gay jokes were getting more creative though...they used to be witty. Something he could laugh at. But they were getting good to the point that he cried when he read and looked at the stuff.
  {Masquerade} / DescoleMasquerade / 8y 143d 5h 28m 55s
Lila saw someone come up to her. It was someone that she was begining to consider a friend. She smiled at first, "Hey!" she said. Then she saw him pull out the pictures. She looked at them and frowned. "Why are you taking picture of him that are like that? You should delete them.... and by the way even if your goal is to hurt Nana what about Mason, the other boy in the pic, who also happens to be my brother?" she asked.


Mason smiled as the other wrapped his arms around him. He could feel his heart soaring and his grin just kept getting bigger. "Well even though I would love to just stay in this postion, we should probably get the other material." he said.

Once they were done they walked back and all he could think about was how they were still holding hands and how it meant more than him just wanting Mason to stay. Nana liked him!

However Masons ecstasy was soon crashed when they got back and saw that Nana stuff was stolen. Mason glared at the spot where his bag used to be. "I will get your bag back for you. Has this happened to you before?" he asked looking at Nana puzzled.
  Mason Richards / SoulDreamer / 8y 148d 11h 29m 26s
"Lila!" Nana's bully was wanting to show off his evidence to his friend. "Check these pictures I got of that gay kid, Nana," he snickered as he pulled out the camera and showed off the clear quality of it.


"Mason...of course I like you...everyone likes you," he whispered, wrapping his arms around the other with a smile. "I really do like you Mason.." he continued to speak at a hushed tone.

Moving away from the other, he continued to hold his hand and make his way around to the rest of his classes. It didn't take long for the two to return to the nurses office and for Nana to discover his stuff missing. "Not again..." he whispered, checking everywhere for the bag. Nowhere to be found...

"No..." he whispered, sitting on the edge of the cot. It would eventually have to turn up...so he didn't worry much about it. But that was the problem...he didn't know when it would turn back up. At least he still had his cell phone. He needed that.
  Nana {Cuteness} / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 148d 11h 43m 41s
"I like you no joke. I am not messing with you I am being serious." he said. He bit his lip though. He wanted to be with Nana but he didnt want his sexuality becoming the new popular topic at school. He bit his lip and then leaned in to kiss the others cheek.

He grinned a little "So does this mean you like me too then?" he asked. He looked at Nana hopefully. He put his hands on the others shoulder. "Your are adorable do you know that?" he stated since it wasnt really a question at all.

Lila was back in her class but she was thinking about her brother. She wondered if he and Nana had hooked up yet. She was glad that if mason was gay that Nana was who he would like since she thought that Nana wouldnt only be good for him but that he was nice too.

Also Mason had previously been friends with his brother so she was sure that Nana's brother would help him if he needed help with anything.
  Mason Richards / SoulDreamer / 8y 149d 5h 19m 16s
Nana's eyes could only widen when he realized the other was gay. He had never known. "Y-You're a closet?" he whispered, looking down. "I didn't know...I'm sorry..."

Lips were pressed up against his, and his eyes widened, face now just completely fire red. His body heated up and he tried really hard not to pass out. He was being kissed. By his crush. By Mason. "Y-Y..." he couldn't get much more than that out though. "You like me?" he whispered, disbelief filling his body. "Y-You're not messing with me?" he asked.


A kid, Nana's most famed bully, was currently taking photos. He had gotten some good, clear quality photos of the two kissing. Not only would it ruin Nana's current stand point in the school but it would also ruin the others. But he was more concerned about Nana. Once people saw these photos, they would think Nana admitted his feelings for the most popular kid in school and attacked him, causing his status to only further drop him to practically nothing. No one would talk to him, but would only talk of him in the wrong way. No one would see him as Nana, but 'that gay kid'.

This was perfect. With those pictures saved, he quickly left the area, going back to class.
  Nana {Cuteness} / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 149d 5h 28m 54s
When Mason felt Nana Grip his hand too he grinned. "Yeah she is my sister....um... I-I-I dont know." he stuttered and blushed. He was starting to get really embarrased. He looked up at Nana biting his lip nervously. His gig wa sup he knew that nana had most likely figured out by now. Then he said that words that made Mason know that he knew.

"Yes I left the note..." he said looking at the ground bright red now. Great going Lila, now his little secret was found out and he was embarrased.

"Actually... I am not...." he said chewing his bottom lip. Then he realized that Lila helping Nana to clue in evenmore might actually be good to. Now he would now what the other thought of him.

"I really like you Nana." he said. Then he blushed before gently pressing his lips to Nanas giving him a short sweet kiss. "I hope you really like me. And that note.." he said. Please oh please let this end well he thought to himself.
  Mason Richards / SoulDreamer / 8y 149d 5h 41m 54s
"Yes sir," he promised before turning and leaving the classroom. He gripped Mason's hand tightly, not wanting the other to seem like he was coming onto him, which he was...but that wasn't the point! He wanted Mason to like him also, as a friend...and possibly more. But he wasn't sure that Mason liked him the way Nana liked Mason.

"Huh?" he mused softly as Mason's sister spoke to him. She talked to me? That's... he thought, looking down slightly. That's weird...

"Wait! What do you me-" he tried to get her to listen but she was gone within a few seconds. "Was that your sister, Mason?" he asked, looking at the other with a smile. "She seems nice, but what did she mean that she'd be seeing me more often?"

He was starting to get it a little more...

"D-D-Did you leave that note in my locker?" he quickly asked, eyes widening and face feeling hot as it turned red with embarrassment. How could he have not figured it out earlier?! He was such an idiot.

Had he linked Mason's words with the note, he would have known this a lot earlier, but...why would Mason leave that?

"A-Aren't you straight?" he whispered with shock taking over his body.
  Nana {Cuteness} / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 149d 5h 54m 37s
The teacher became speechless at what Nana said. He just nodded letting Mason stay with him. Mason smiled triumphantly. Then he felt the other grab his hand as they followed the teacher to his classroom. He blushed and squeezed the others hand smiling. "Don't worry I am staying." he said. Right now since no one was around he had no problem trying to hint in that he gave the note by these small gestures but if someone else was around again he would be worried about bulling and football.

"Here is what we will be working on in class... I made a copy for both of you. I want it done. Okay Mr. Richards?" he said eyesing him. "Will do!" he said with his foolish grin on his face. He lead Nana out of the room, "So where to now? Another classroom? Back to the nurses office?" he asked. Thats when Lila who was exiting the girls bathroom came out into the hall. "Hello Brother. Hey Nana." she said adressing them both. "Well See you later. Maybe I will see you around sometime to Nana." she said giving him a smile and a wave then she smirked at her brother.

He blushed a little at her smirk. Lila now knew all about his little crush he was sure. He knew that she wouldnt judge him for it or tell anyone if he didnt want anyone to know but she also knew that now she would just tease him when he was around Nana. Not in a mean way but in a brother sister way.
  Mason Richards / SoulDreamer / 8y 149d 6h 5m 11s
Nana nodded slightly at him when he confirmed their being friends. He was glad. His first friend in a long time...it was a little odd.

The teacher they came upon first seemed confused that the two were together. "H-He's just talking with me! Please don't make him go back to class!" Nana pleaded, hoping the teacher wouldn't write the other up or make him return to his own class. "Please?"

Nana couldn't help but have the tears return to his eyes, and he quickly blinked them away, but felt them returning a few minutes later. He was surprised on how many times he had cried that day. Twice in the morning when his brother accidentally yelled at him, once in the nurses office, and now he was crying again because he was scared Mason would be sent back to class and he would be alone again. There was no way his first friend would be sent back when he was just now talking with him!

"I came for m-my work," he said quickly. "I wont be in class today...could you give me my notes too?"

The teacher nodded just slightly before returning into the classroom to print off the day's assignments. Nana followed, grabbing onto Mason's hand to ensure that he would be with him as well.

As soon as he walked in, he realized the teacher didn't have a class that period. How weird.
  Nana {Cuteness} / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 152d 14h 8m 56s
Mason saw the tears in the others eyes it made him want to cry too. His eyes widened, "Please dont cry!" He didnt mean to get angry at the other he just wanted him to know that he didnt care about being popular that he cared about talking to him more.

he sighed slightly upset that the other hadnt made the connection with the love note. He sighed and then smiled. "yes talking is nice... and sure we could be friends." he said with a grin.

When the other talked about how he was going to hang out and skip classes Mason smirked and thought about it.He didnt have the same excuses as Nana so he was going to mist likely get introuble but for some reason he didnt really care. "Sure I will come with you." he said. He followed the other out of the classroom. Then he saw a teacher, "Hello Nana, but Mr. Richards why are you out of class?" the teacher asked. He gave Mason a look. The teacher knew that it was good for nana though that someone was talking to him so he wasnt sure if he should just let Mason off the hook for now.
  Mason Richards / SoulDreamer / 8y 153d 4h 40m 59s
Nana's eyes narrowed just as the other kept speaking. A sigh escaped his lips. "I see. I guess you're right...I don't have many friends so I really don't know what it's like to...you know...talk to someone," he murmured, looking at the other with slight tears in his eyes.

"We could be easy friends if you came up to me like that and just wanted to talk. It's good, talking..." he said, now just saying things. Just to keep the conversation going maybe? Well mainly because Nana didn't want Mason to leave.

"I'm hanging out here for a while. Possibly until school is over. I need to go get my work from my other teachers...wanna come with?" he asked with a smile, hoping the other would say yes. He had a lot to talk about, even if the other didn't want to listen.

If the other didn't want to listen then...well he would talk to himself. He knew it would look weird but it was basically the only way that he could communicate without feeling weird.

Standing, he left his bag under the small cot with everything in it, and he left the room to get all his work from his other classes.
  Nana {Cuteness} / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 154d 4h 58m 0s
Mason eyes were wide when the other said that he was sorry. "You dont have to appoligize for not hurting me." he said his shocked expression changing into a laugh. He put his shirt back over his arm. "I wouldnt care if you did though... I would have understood.. I think." he said with a smile.

He took the note from him even if he didnt need it to know what was written. Then he looked at the other at first surprised then he expression turned almost a little cold. "Because I am not like them! Because I know that you are a human no matter who you like." He raised his voice a little bit. Then he took a deep breath not wanting to scare Nana. "Sorry about yelling. And being popular isnt always what it is cracked out to be. You make a lot of enemies too." he said with a sigh. It wasnt like being popular made you instantly liked and able to have no problems. If only Nana knew about his internal conflict... of course then they might be dating if he knew. The idea made Mason flush a little.

"I dont really care... If I want to talk to you then I should be able to. And it others have a problem with it then screw them."
  Mason Richards / SoulDreamer / 8y 154d 5h 17m 44s
Nana looked up at the other, eyes slightly widening when Mason offered his arm. "I can't punch you!"

Nana was not a fighter. He wasn't good at it, but he could throw a few punches. If the other wasn't fighting back much. It terrified him that he could get hurt as well. "No no no, I'm sorry but I can't punch you," he said quickly, turning his face away from the other. His fists gripped the sheets of the bed tightly, balling them up into his fists. He would deal with hurting his own palms before hurting someone else. He had to control his outbursts...

"People are mean because they want to look cool around their friends. That's the way it works in this school," he whispered, laying back on the bed as he handed the note to Mason. "Hey Mason, why don't you make fun of me too?" he asked with a frown. "Do you not want to look cool? People will make fun of you if you even so much as talk to me..."

The last thing a bigshot like Mason needed was a drop in his reputation. Being at the top of the school chain in the student body was the best position a person could have. "You don't want to ruin that do you?" he asked softly, eyes glancing down at the other as he took the words in. He really analyzed them and got them stuck in his head.
  Nana {Cuteness} / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 154d 5h 32m 25s
Mason nodded when they got there he leaned on the wall across from where Nana sat. He smiled and listened to the other. "Yeah he must be busy we havent hung out in awhile. We will be seniors next year if you think about it it's not that far off..." he said with a sigh. Soon they would be seniors. And after that year Mason would probably never see Nana again and yet he didnt have the courage to just say that he liked him. The truth was he was too worried about being bullied and losing his place on the football team.

"Man people are such... jerks... I mean everyone is a person so why if someone is different do they have to pick on someone. Its really just there own insecurites maybe even at this school a coverup." he said running his hand through his brown hair.

"Nah its okay no need to appoligize." he said then he smiled at him with a slightly chuckle. To tell the truth Mason almost wanted to just punch that guy. He stood up and put the sleeve of his shirt up his arm a little and postioned himself so he was facing Nana with his shoulder. "Here do your worst... I dont mind if you take some anger out by punching me." he said with a grin.

After that he heard the other talk about what his brother said. Then he mentioned the note and Mason saw the blush form on Nanas face. Mason looked at the note before his face flushed a little himself. "well whoever wrote that note must really like you... And they are right." he said pointing to the last sentence giving Nana a grin.
  Mason Richards / SoulDreamer / 8y 154d 5h 51m 39s

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