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Mutou sat waiting. For what exactly? He didn't quite know yet. Maybe a sign that he didn't belong in this big city of Tokyo. He was just another alien, another life form. One that didn't matter any more than the next.

The expression he wore was one of boredom. Lately, everything was boring. Even when his mother had died, it had been exciting. Now that he was in what he thought to be the most exciting city in the universe, he realized he had used his money for a complete waste of time. The food was good though, as he sat in his seat, slowly eating away at a very moist chocolate cake. Just like a cake should be.

But as he was mentioning before, he was bored. No longer could he experience the ever changing moods of other large cities in Japan, because now he lived in Tokyo. A run down apartment with no heat during this cold winter, no gas to light the stove to cook food, and no electricity because he couldn't afford to pay for it. He froze nearly every night with his comforter that he carried all over his apartment. That too he could barely afford. Mutou was positive he would have a better chance on the streets.

"I'm going to the movies today or tomorrow..." he mumbled to himself, glancing out the window as another piece of cake made its way into his mouth. "Maybe they have movies that aren't boring these days," he sighed, raising his finger and motioning for a check. Their ways were much like American ways, right?

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Summary for || Without Consent of Mind ||

It was just an accident. You hadn't meant for it to happen. But now that it has, you have a life to take care of. You killed his mother, and you killed the child inside.


Eight years later, you have gone your separate ways with the boy, who is now a grown teenager 19 years of age. He changed his name, and you no longer recognize him because of the makeover he has done on himself. His personality has changed to a much more happy and beautiful perspective.

You had grown a bit older, way older than the teen that you'd forgotten. Eight years apart, eight years of separation. Coincidence would not bring the two together for a while longer.

But when another accident that you didn't mean to cause at a movie theater forces you to save the teen, what happens when you find out its the boy you took care of when he was little?
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