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Okay so i have no rps and im sick of looking for any romance rps when theyre either 500 days old or taken! any who. Anyone who would like to do a rp with me would be welcome to join. Any ideas but I dont do Yaoi/Yuri. No twilight, and no 1 liners! i want a simi-lit rp. maybe 800? thats not much. Please join! Romance around Christmas, perhaps? Im open to any new ideas, just as long as i can be the girl. PLEASE JOIN! :)

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Ryann blinked and watched him go then looked over at Katt. "Did I offend him or something?" she asked quietly and Katt shrugged. "I dont think so. Maybe he just feels out of his element. He's not used to things like this. Give him time." Katt said and smiled, then touched her friends hand. "Thanks, Kitty." she said, using her old nickname she gave her friend when they first became friends. Katt smiled and took another sip of her drink. "Okay, we can take those in the car. We need to make sure that your stuff got to my place." she said and stood up, walking out of the shop and waving to Nat. "Later, Nat!" she yelled at her and smiled, then went to her car. Katt climbed in and waited, fixing her shirt. "All set!" she said and smiled at her. "Lets go." Ryann replied, pulling on her seat belt and started the car, smiling over at Katt.
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Vilo glanced up to her and said " its ok, ...i was just going to say i cant pay you back for this ...its not that i dont like it its just ...i have rent due and............." he trailed off realizing he let slip another one of his secrets. He then stood up and said " im sorry " and quickly made his was out of the smoothie place and out to the street. He looked around for a moment before heading down the block trying to get away because he knew that she would try to help him and he could let her slip into the world he had to live in, He couldn't be in debt to someone. As he walked he tried every way to get it out of his head but the more he thought about it the more it worried him he didnt want them to see how he had to live. He hated the idea of how rude he just was to his friends but he couldnt deal with it.
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"Im sorry Vilo!" she said and huffed, brushing her hair out of her eyes. "This usually happ--" she began and then looked over at him. "Are you okay?" she asked and touched his hand. She smiled over at him and then moved her hand, looking over at Katt. "So, what are we up to this weekend?" she asked her best friend and they launched into a conversation about what was going to happen. She was excited to have her friend stay with her and her parents were gone! Can someone say party? She smiled to herself and then looked over at Vilo again. "Do you not like that one Vilo? I can get you another. Like I said, my treat." she said and smiled at him again. She took a sip from her straw and then placed her cup on the table, giving him her full attention. She folded her hands in her lap and waited quietly.
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Vilo sighed when she sat the smoothie in front of him and started to say "I can't pa-" and he was cut off by the group of girls that swarmed them. He watched as Ryann talked and how she was so friendly to the young girls. He also noticed that they knew her immediately and thought to himself "Wow how popular is she" then it hit him that she had been seen with him now. He didnt say a word and just stared at the smoothie beginning to wonder what he could do to keep them safe. He knew she could handle herself but he knew that even the best fighter can have a off day and something horrible could happen to her. He had gotten completely lost in his thoughts not realizing that the group of freshmen had left and it was now just them. He took a breath and just watched as the smoothie started to melt
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Ryann watched Vilo go sit down and then sighed. "Make another one of those, could you?" she said and smiled when the guy was practically tripping over himself to do it for her. She got the two smoothies and Katt grabbed hers. They went to Vilo and she sat with him, setting a cup in front of him. "You didnt pick anything, so I did." she said and smiled at him. She took a drink of her smoothie and then sighed. "Do you think that they'll come today?" she asked and Katt shrugged. " They could, you never know." she said and frowned. A group of freshman girls came through the door and froze in place, looking at Ryann. Before she could even smile, the girls swarmed them. "OMG! do you know who you are? You're Ryann!" one of them said and she smiled. "Hi, and you are?" she asked the girl, whose face lit up. "Im Natalie, but my friends call me Nat." she said and grinned at her. Ryann smiled at her and said "Its nice to meet you Nat." The girl looked like she was going to pass out, making Ryann smile. "Hey, Nat, why dont I give you my number and we can hang out sometime, im busy now." she said and the girs squeeled. "Sure!" Nat said, handing her her cell phone and Ryann smiled, typing her number and then handed it back, waving as they walked away.
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He took a breath and followed behind them he stayed back a bit letting them have their privacy. He looked around the room not really knowing what to say or do he didnt have any money and he was ok with that because he just wanted to spend time with them more than anything. He then realized his arms were still showing and quickly covered them. He looked over at Ryann and then back to the floor thinking over and over why she wanted to do this for him and why she wanted to be his friend. He took a breath and decided that sense he couldnt pay for whatever this smoothie thing was he could at least get them a seat, so he turned around and saw an empty corner booth and walked over to it and sat down and waited for his friends to come over. This may not have seemed like much to anyone else but to him it was something amazing for the only friend he ever had was his master so saving a seat was a whole new experience to him
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Ryann let him rant for a second and blinked, her vision turning red from looking at his arms. She blinked a few more times and looked over at Katt. "Vilo..." she began and walked over to him, wraping her arms around him. "Im sorry that happened to you." she said quietly. She stepped back and walked to Katt. "Andrew deserved it. I knew he was an ass but... Look what he did to you..." she finished and breathed out. "Lets just go get these and then we can talk." she said and walked inside to the counter, ordering her smoothie and Katts as well, then waited for Vilo. She began talking then. "I dont know how many times you say it, Vilo; You are my friend and I can do what I want. I dont care if people decide to give me shit for it, ill kick their insecure asses if I have to. Its awful when people bully others, you just have to find out why and hit them where it hurts. And I dont mean their bodies, either. You did the right thing, sticking up for yourself, but when it comes down to it people should try to talk it out. Then again, Andrew is a spoiled meat head so..." she ended and then smiled over at Katt who sat there listening the whole time. She knew where Ryann came from.
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Vilo waited until she found her wallet before getting out himself. He didnt really know what to say at first and then after a moment he glanced up at her and said " thank you for earlier ...."He looked at where they were and he had never been to this part of town before he took a breath and looked at Ryann and Katt and said " There is something you two should know " then rolled up both his sleeves reviling his heavily scared but very toned arms and said " My entire body is like this a walking callus I took beatings to basically make my body more resistant....but when you stepped in you could have very well saved their lives Andrews wrist is fractured in 4 places because i held back....just one more pound of pressure and his hand would have been useless for the rest of his life.....but i really hoped you two wouldn't have seen that .......I am really sorry but I made a promise that I wouldn't let anything happen to either of you but now that you have been seen with me I am really worried that you will have a big target on your backs"
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Ryann parked in the closest spot to the store and looked at Vilo. "Are you okay? You havent said a word since we got in the car." she added and glanced at Katt, who shrugged. "Well... C'mon. I have a large strawberry bananna smoothie with my name on it in there." she said and smiled, Katt climbing out. "Ohh! that sounds good!" she said and stood next to Ryann, waiting for Vilo. "Do you think I embarrased him?" she whispered to her friend. "I mean, a girl stood up for him. That has to of hurt his confidence or something." She said quietly and remembered something. She began digging around in her purse for her wallet and sighed. "I left it in there, hold on." she said and went to her side, then started searching for it under her seat. "Found it!" she yelled and hit her head on the steering wheel. "Oww! god im a clutz" she said and began laughing, Katt laughing also on the other side of the car.
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Vilo didnt resist when she pulled him away he made his point and Ryann's assist and he was impressed with how skilled she was but he had a feeling it wasnt over. He got into her car and put on his seat belt and waited for them to leave. As he sat there he began to think he would have to show them what he was and what he could really do. He was grateful that she helped end the scuffle quickly if it had gone on much longer he would have ended up nearly killing them. He watched as they got in and Ryann started up the car and pulled out began to worry about her reputation and how she may become a target now. He soon got lost in his thoughts and watched the houses and buildings go by not really paying attention to where they were going he had forgotten that they were going to get smoothies. He finally snapped out of his day dream when he felt the car come to a stop
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Ryann and Katt changed slowly, still laughing at the look on Andrews face. They we're talking about another move she knew when she exited the gym, and saw all hell breaking loose. She saw Andrew holding his arm and Troy heading towards a pissed looking Vilo. Before anything worse could happen Ryann stepped in front of Troy and gave him a sweet smile. "Whats up?" she said casually and glanced over at Andrew, who looked shocked. Troy made to grab her wrist and she sighed. Before Andrew could warm him, Ryann had his arm pinned behind his back and whispered into his ear "You go after my friends, you go after me. Mess with him, ill mess with you and I think I can cause more damage than you think." She ended and shoved him away, shaking her head. "Vilo, lets go." she said and before he could say anything more grabbed his wrist and Katts hand, pulling them towards her mustang. "Get in." she said and opened the drivers door, waiting for them to get in so they could go. She really needed that smoothie now.
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Vilo sat anxiously watching the clock, each second seemed to take forever but at last the bell rang. He quickly stood up and almost running out of the room and into the hall way,but it was all in vain as his way quickly became blocked with the other students flooding out of the rooms to go home for the day. He tried as best he could without being forceful to make it to the back side of the gym before his friends got changed and saw him. At last he made it and there stood some of the guys that took pleasure in attacking him. Vilo took a breath because this act was going to be different he was going to end this because not only was he feed up with it he didnt want to risk his friends getting involved. He walked over to the group and noticed their leader wasnt there yet. At that moment one of the bigger guys who went by the name of Troy walked up to him and said smuggly as he slammed his hand over Vilo's shoulder "Vee Vee Vee ....your so pathetic but until boss gets here you are just going to have to wait for your daily "treatment"" no sooner had he finished speaking vilo looked down the hall and say what he feared he saw what he thought was his friends coming out of the gym along with the leader Andrew. Vilo clintched his fists as Andrew came over and said " Well now is our punching bag set up T" Troy nodded and at that moment Vilo said " This ends today tired of this petty game to make you feel superior Ive held back long enough and if I dont stop you here you will choose another and you will not harm my friends ....Your act may fool most Andrew but not me " Andrew clinched his fist and reached back to attack and as his fist drew closer and closer Vilo reached out and caught his arm at the wrist and sharply twisted and pulled up causing the bones in Andrews wrist to begin to crack and followed up with a powerful push kick to knock him into his friends. Vilo then spat on the ground and feel back into a fighting stance and said " Come with it then!" what was odd though was he wasn't scared he was no stranger to fighting and it was his escape when he fought he was free
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Ryann and Katt got dressed quickly and tried to look interested. Honestly, she could kick anyones ass in this room and they wouldnt know it was coming. "Ryann, can you come up here and demonstrate some things with... Andrew, come help her." Ryann grinned at the luck of being paired with him. "I would be happy to." she said and walking to the front. Katt rolled her lips back to keep from laughing about what was going to happen. The coach set Andrew into the attack position and she prepared for an attack from behind. She heard him behind her and as fast as she could, which was really fast, grabbed his arm and flipped him, then pinned him to the mat on his stomach, arm bent painfully. She smiled at the applause and leaned down to his ear, saying "You're lucky I went easy, Sweetie." she said and got up, slapping his butt and went back to her spot. Everyone laughed and Andrew glared at her. She shrugged and looked over at Katt. "What a chump." she said and burst out laughing.
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Vilo smiled as she reassured him. It was nice that someone claimed him as a friend and when they left the class and had walked down the hall and out of sight he stepped out of the class himself and headed for his last class Drama. He walked into the class relieved he was there because it was the one class he had that no one really paid him any mind because many of his tormentors stayed away. He sat in the back of the class as usual as the bell rang. The teacher came in and began the class by telling them they had to preform soon. He sighed as he listened to what his teacher was saying but his mind was on his new friends. Thoughts began to drift and then he remembered something and it snapped him out of his daydream and brought a fear into him because he remembered that at the end of each day he was cornered and beaten by a group of the schools socalled model students. He wasnt worried for himself but for his friends because if they were to see they might jump in and be hurt he looked up at the clock and counted each second that went by wanting to try to get ahead of his bullies and keep his friends from seeing it
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Ryann smiled at Vilo and grinned at Katt. "Thats really cool, Vilo. Im fine with it, and im sure Katt is too." she said and smiled wider. She closed her bag and frowned over at Vilo. "Why would we ask you to do that?" she asked and looked over at Katt, who shrugged. "Vilo, look at me." she said and then sighed. "I want you to come with us because you're my friend, and that means i want to be seen with you no matter what other people think or say. Okay?" she asked and then touched his shoulder, stepping around him while saying "Ill see you after this bell. Meet us by the gym, okay? we can go to my car from there." she said and walked out the door. "Bye, Vilo." Katt said, following closely behind her and said with a grin "Off to kick Andrews ass." and laughed at the thought, making Katt grin.
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