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Ikebukuro, Japan. A fight had broken out in an alley between an innocent bystander and another. By incident, Izaya Orihara had been passing by and idiotically got himself involved, only to be stared at and then attacked.

Shizuo was the one to find him.

Of course, having a heart somewhere deep down inside his cold outer shell, Shizuo decided to help him.

But what will happen once Shizuo takes him in?

That's for you to decide

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"I'm really happy that we're together Shizu-chan...I really am...I just don't want it to change us..." he whispered, burying his face into Shizuo's chest because of embarrassment. He was embarrassed, yes, enough to where he might cry. Everything he said sounded so fucking sappy.

"You would have made fun of me before for being like don't do it anymore Shizu-chan..." he murmured. His eyes closed slightly before he felt the tears finally let go. He reached up and wiped them away swiftly. "Lets go eat somewhere Shizu-chan okay? I don't want to be sad so lets go eat."

He got some clothes on before combing his hair to it's normal position, over his face and flat on his head. He then worked on Shizuo's hair after getting himself high enough to comb it down as well. "You would look cute with flat hair Shizu-chan. Why did you dye it and spike it?" he asked with innocence. "Too many memories?"

He pulled a shirt over Shizuo's head, laughing. "Relax alright? Wear some loose clothes today instead of your usual bartender outfit. It gets old sometimes Shizu-chan!"
  Izaya Orihara / KoreanFreak / 8y 77d 16h 2m 48s
Shizuo listened to Izaya as he kept saying the magic three worded phrase. His ears perked though when he heard his own name in the sentence though. It touched his heart and he help complete when his ears met the phrase "Shizuo...I love you..." It was weird to him and it struck a cord in his heart.

Though Shizuo heard the slight cracking in Izaya's voice and he shifted himself so that way he could see Izaya's face clearly now. Izaya's eyes were watery and the water threatened to stream down the others' face. Shizuo shifted his weight around so that now he could support himself with one hand as the other reached for Izaya's cheek once more stroking it tenderly.

"Izaya, why do you look so sad?" Shizuo said with a lump in his throat, his own voice starting to shake slightly. He was afraid that he had done something wrong to upset the other and he didn't want that. His heart ached at the very thought of making Izaya feel anything but happiness.

Shizuo bent down and kissed Izaya's forehead and let his lips linger at the spot for a good few minutes before lifting his head back to the position to view Izaya's face once more. Already at the beginning of the day they were having problems. He didn't want to even leave the room until it all was settled either. He was determined to know what Izaya was feeling, why Izaya was feeling it, and what he could do to make everything better.
  Shizuo Heiwajima / FearTheKitty / 8y 78d 13h 29m 37s
"N-No..." he whispered, letting the other kiss him once again. Finally he managed to get his lips free once again, smirking as he went to lay on the bed to let the fan dry him off. He wasn't much for drying off with a towel, but that didn't matter. Did he really think it was relevant in this situation?

"Shizu-chan...I love you..." he murmured, closing his eyes just slightly before realizing he was drifting off. He forcefully woke himself up because he had stuff to do today. With Shizuo.

I should call him by his name sometimes...but Shizu...Shizuo is such a hard name to say...but he calls me I can call him by his nickname!

"Shizuo...I love you..." and with that he felt his arms reaching out to the other and then pulling him down on top of him. The informant didn't care that he was being crushed, he was just happy that he could be this close to the other without the other trying to kill him. He nuzzled his face into Shizuo's neck with a sigh. "I love you so much..." his voice cracked, almost as if he were crying. But he wasn't. He wouldn't allow himself to cry so easily.
  Izaya Orihara / KoreanFreak / 8y 79d 13h 39m 31s
Shizuo looked at Izaya when he pulled away, thinking he had done something wrong. "Is something wrong?" He said in a husky low voice. Shizuo and Izaya were slowly starting to get overwhelmed by the moment and the heat that was starting to raise. He wrapped his strong arms around Izaya's small body and held him close to him. After some time had passed Shizuo kissed the top of Izaya's head and lifted his chin so that way they both were staring at each other.

Shizuo then bent down and kissed Izaya full on the lips. Shizuo had one hand around Izaya's waist and the other was gently holding Izaya's face. He wished he had a picture of this sight, he was sure that this was the most romantic thing he had ever done with anybody before. He had never been this intimate with another person before. Shizuo had girlfriends before, yes, but they only loved him for his strength and looks. Izaya was Shizuo's first boyfriend and he felt more complete with Izaya in his arms than he has ever felt. He'd be damned if he would let that go either.

After some time had passed Shizuo came up for air. After going so he stroked Izaya's cheek with his thumb slowly and tenderly. Shizuo just couldn't look away from his crimson eyes, not even for a second. It's almost as if they were calling him to drown himself in the orbs.
  Shizuo Heiwajima / FearTheKitty / 8y 79d 23h 41m 53s
Izaya, again surprised by Shizuo's playfulness, hadn't expected him to start shaking his head around to get his hair dry. After getting over the irritation, he couldn't help but giggle and wrap his arms around the other when he got close enough. They kissed again.

They had gone from complete hatred to love in just a couple days and Izaya couldn't help but be happy about it. But he was also a little sad. Their fun couldn't continue in this state and eventually over time it would be forgotten. He looked up at the other with slightly hazed over eyes, almost looking as if he were going to cry.

But he was being kissed, he couldn't say much to the other in this position, even though he enjoyed it very much. Shizuo was a...very good kisser. "Mmph...Shizu-chan..." he whispered as he pulled away for air. His eyes had glazed over for some reason, and he rubbed them to make the odd look in his eyes go away. He didn't understand how he was feeling, mainly because he didn't know what the feeling was.

He knew what love felt like...but this emotion he was feeling now was...foreign. Shizuo made him feel something he hadn't felt before. Maybe it was lust...maybe it was another side of love.
  Izaya Orihara / KoreanFreak / 8y 80d 17h 14m 42s
Shizuo had never kissed like that before in his life. This kiss was passionate and hot. It made his insides burn. He felt growls and groans go through his throat and some even passed through his lips.

"So sexy Shizu-chan~" Izaya had giggled.

This made Shizuo's already flushed face even redder it seemed. He had never been called sexy so this was a new thing for him. Then when Izaya had started to place love bites on his neck it had felt so good. Shizuo was thinking he was being a bit of a masochist at this point.

"Let's get dry, why don't we? The water is getting cold Shizu-chan" Izaya had said.

Shizuo somewhat didn't want to leave but he supposed he had to. After waiting for Izaya to finish drying off, giving the man his privacy as he looked away. He looked towards Izaya and grabbed the towel from Izaya's hand. Shizuo got out and wrapped the towel around the lower part of his abs. Nobody could ever deny that Shizuo didn't have an amazing body. He wasn't freakishly ripped but he was muscular in every sense of the word.

Shizuo shook his hair from side to side much like a dog does to dry himself and that's all that Shizuo did to dry his hair. It was still somewhat wet but he didn't really care at this point. Shizuo looked over to Izaya and saw he was slightly irritated. Shizuo chuckled a little bit at the sight. Shizuo walked over with large strides.

Shizuo was now in a very closer proximity of the smaller male. He looked down and Izaya and put his hand lightly under Izaya's chin and lifted Izaya's head up as his own lowered and their lips met once more in a tender kiss.
  Shizuo Heiwajima / FearTheKitty / 8y 93d 22h 32m 30s
Izaya's whole face brightened up a little when Shizuo agreed to his game of cat and mouse, and he honestly looked forward to it. His eyes narrowed slightly as he returned the glasses to the others face, and widened when the other decided to kiss him. He wasn't sure exactly how to feel, but he did feel for some reason...inexplicably hot. Everywhere. It wasn't a bad feeling...but he didn't find it good either.

Izaya closed his eyes, leaning forward into the kiss with a smirk forming awkwardly on his lips as he returned the kiss passionately, wrapping his arms around the others back, one trailing up and down Shizuo's spine, fingers tickling with hope of a good response. Finally they came to a rest in the bodyguard's hair, gripping it tightly as if he never planned to let go.

But sadly, for only a few seconds, he pulled away to get a breath of air, a smile on his face. "So sexy Shizu-chan~" he giggled, leaning down to place playful bites on the others neck. The water was starting to get slightly cold so he sighed. "Let's get dry, why don't we? The water is getting cold Shizu-chan," he suggested, and half ordered, kissing him once more on the lips before carefully, slowly standing and stepping out.

He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist after drying his hair and the rest of his body, then he got one ready for Shizuo, holding it out with a slight look of irritation.
  Izaya Orihara / KoreanFreak / 8y 99d 7h 47m 27s
Shizuo face grew very hot when Izaya was now straddling him while they were both naked. Even if it was a loving position he still didn't need a boner in the bathtub especially not with Izaya in his lap. He just tried his best to resist any kind of urges that he had.

Shizuo listened and he actually liked the idea of playing a game of cat and mouse today. Shizuo smirked. "Alright, we can play a little chasing game. But I might forget to go easy on you. You know how I get caught up in the moment in situations." He said a little seductively. He didn't mean to spout out something seductive but he couldn't help it with their current situation.

Shizuo finally couldn't take it anymore and he leaned forward and kissed Izaya passionately on the lips. Shizuo wrapped one arm around Izaya's neck and the other was in his hair, tossing it around as Shizuo continued a barrage of kisses on Izaya's lips, neck, and ear. The heat of the whole situation was enough to make anybody blush extremely and all Shizuo was doing was giving in to his desires.
  Shizuo Heiwajima / FearTheKitty / 8y 100d 12h 37m 27s
"Good, I'm glad you forgive me...I don't like when you're mad at me."

Izaya shut his eyes, rubbing his nose up against Shizuo's neck with a smile. "I love you Shizu-chan..." he murmured.

He opened his eyes again, glancing down to see Shizuo's arm around his waist, and he put his hand over the others, a smile returning to his face. "I'm fine Shizu-chan. I just woke up know, I look sick," he laughed, looking at the other with his trademark smirk.

"Shizu-chan...this is really nice, relaxing in this water," he sighed, looking into the others eyes, frowning when he noticed the others glasses were back on. "I don't like these Shizu-chan..." he murmured as he pulled said offending glasses off the others face before climbing into his lap with a smirk. He straddled the other, relaxing, loving this position.

"We should chase each other today. I want to have some fun!"

His idea would probably be the death of him, but then again, he couldn't know. Shizuo would probably go easy on him anyways. Just because they were in a relationship and all...

"What do you think Shizu-chan? Are you up for it?"
  Izaya Orihara / KoreanFreak / 8y 100d 13h 40m 9s
Shizuo chuckled a little bit and kissed the top of Izaya's head. "Alright I guess I forgive you." Shizuo said as he leaned the back of his head on the wall. Shizuo closed his eyes and just enjoyed the moment. The water felt wonderful against his skin and having Izaya beside him, oddly enough, didn't make him feel as uncomfortable as he thought it would feel. After awhile he snaked an arm around Izaya and rested behind him at his lower back as his hand rested on Izaya's abdomen.

Shizuo's eyes were still closed and he just drifted in his own thoughts. He opened them after awhile and looked towards Izaya. He didn't seem to look too well. "Hey, are you ok? You don't look too well. Are you sick?" Shizuo said in a worried tone. He didn't want Izaya to be sick especially not at a moment like this. Then again, the situation that they were in right now didn't mean a thing unless both of them were enjoying themselves. If Izaya was sick then that would mean he wasn't at all enjoying the moment but dreading it.
  Shizuo Heiwajima / FearTheKitty / 8y 100d 14h 25m 42s
Izaya watched, waited, got to the point where he was getting impatient, but then let out another shuttering sigh in which he used as an excuse to calm himself down. He pulled his knees to his chest and watched Shizuo climb into the bubbles, and the whole time he had his eyes closed, afraid Shizuo would get mad that he was staring. He slowly moved his body to the other side and took position beside the other male, leaning up against him with a frown.

"I'm sorry I got up this morning without telling you Shizu-chan...don't do that again alright? I tried telling you wouldn't wake up. I was scared and I didn't want to leave but..." he stopped talking once he trailed off, and he leaned his head up against Shizuo's shoulder, still blushing as the heat in his face spread over his whole body, and clearly he wasn't doing all that well in the bath. He thought it would make him feel better, but the tempting water lied to him.

If anything, he felt worse, but didn't say anything to avoid Shizuo getting worried. It was as if the air held a virus he couldn't overcome. Damn him and his weak frame. I can handle getting hit in the head by vending machines but I can't handle a little fever?'s probably nothing Izaya! he thought, encouraging himself to stop worrying about it. He was going to be taking Shizuo to his surprise today anyways!
  Izaya Orihara / KoreanFreak / 8y 100d 14h 40m 40s
Shizuo must have been 10 different shades of red when he heard Izaya's request. Never before has Shizuo ever done something like that. Besides that, Shizuo was body conscious. In his head was definitely a power struggle on what in the world he should do. He turned around slightly to somewhat face Izaya.

"A-a-alright." Shizuo stuttered out. He had made up his mind and he decided he wanted to be bold. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he walked more into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Shizuo reached down and effortlessly started to take off his shirt. Though a smirk came to his face. 'Why not make Izaya slightly suffer for leaving my side once again during the night even when I said not to...' That's when he started to take his shirt off painfully slow making sure to flex every new muscle that was being revealed.

Once his shirt was fully off his body he reached down once again and started to slowly drag off his pajama pants. Then in a blink of an eye he was down to nothing. He tried his hardest to look confident as he walked over to where Izaya was laying in the tub. He stepped in around the male and sat on the opposite side of the tub, facing Izaya, while still holding that famous smirk of his.
  Shizuo Heiwajima / FearTheKitty / 8y 100d 14h 54m 19s
Izaya jumped slightly when he saw the door open quietly and instantly his eyes just about bulged out of his head, and maybe his face heated up more than it should have and he ducked, covering himself even though the bubbles from the soap he had carelessly used for such a moment did that already.

"S-Shizu-chan..." he whispered. "D-Don't leave..." he murmured, reaching out to grab the others arm but realizing his wasn't long enough to quite do that. "Take a bath with me..." he whispered, glancing away for a moment with a slight blush creeping all over his face.

What a weird question... I can't believe I just said that... he thought weakly before sinking further down into the water with a shuddering sigh. He didn't want to give Shizuo what he had but he did want to spend some more time with the other. "I mean...we are in a relationship after shouldn't matter..."

Shut up now Izaya. He probably thinks I'm trying to get him into bed for some...time together... he thought with a frown, glancing down. "If you feel uncomfortable or something, you can leave..." he whispered sadly. He didn't want Shizuo to feel uncomfortable.
  Izaya Orihara / KoreanFreak / 8y 100d 15h 38m 33s
Shizuo slowly opened his eyes up a little bit. He could no longer feel a body that was next to his own anymore once again. Slowly he rose out of bed and turned his head towards the digital clock. It read '6:47'. This made Shizuo groan slightly. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and rubbed his face with his hands to become fully awake.

Shizuo's sensitive ears picked up on the sound of running water in the direction of Izaya's bathroom. He stood up slowly still groggy from just waking up. He reached for the door knob and touched it gently. He twisted it silently making sure it didn't make a noise. For all Shizuo knew this person was an intruder. He cracked the door very slightly before opening it up all the door.

Shizuo's eyes got wide as he saw a sight he didn't mean to see. He saw Izaya in a bathtub fully naked. Shizuo had a blush redder than the brightest tomato in the world at that point. "Shit! I am so sorry!" He said as he turned around no longer able to look at his boyfriend. He grabbed the door knob and stood that the door frame. "I-I didn't mean to. I'll leave."
  Shizuo Heiwajima / FearTheKitty / 8y 100d 21h 13m 11s
- The Next Morning -

"Shizu-chan, Shizu-chan wake up."

Izaya was whispering, shaking the other under him with a slight frown on his face. He was worried, having heard something that had scared the hell out of him. Even though it didn't sound like it, Izaya felt like someone other than them was inside the house. He didn't want to go check it out without Shizuo there.

Then again, he was probably wrong. He might as well just go back to sleep, and if someone were there coming to kill him, then well...Shizuo would most likely wake up and beat the crap out of them until they were dead. Above everything else, Izaya felt sick.

He needed to go to the bathroom because he felt like throwing up but didn't want to leave the bed because he was afraid someone would attack him.

"Shizu-chan, I think someone's in the house," he murmured, still trying to wake the bodyguard up, but finally just sighed and got out of the bed, grabbing his switchblade before going out into the hallway and cautiously looking around. He quickly ran down the hall to the bathroom and quietly shut the door. A nice shower would probably make him feel better...

He started up the shower, but at the last second decided he wanted a bath. He put down the stopper and let the bath start to fill up, before stripping down and sitting in the almost scalding hot water. He ignored it though as he just laid back with a sigh.

He felt sick. Fucking sick. Why did he feel so fucking sick? A groan escaped his lips as he got some cold water from the faucet into his hands and splashed it onto his face. It didn't help much other than cooling his face down. least he could sort of breathe now.
  Izaya Orihara / KoreanFreak / 8y 101d 11h 5m 20s

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