Gundam SEED Destiny: The Second Bloody Valentine war Invasion of the Black Knights

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Year 73 of the cosmic era, after the first Bloody Valentine war, the world is split into three main factions. The Earth alliance, ZAFT and The holy Empire of Britannia. Within the factions there are many rebel groups, one of these groups is the Black Knights, a rebel group against the Britannian Empire, led by a man named Zero, whose identity is only known by certain members of the Black Knights. The Earth alliance and ZAFT are on the brink on a second war, with ZAFT now having the war ship, Minerva and in the last war, the Earth Alliance lost the Arch Angel as it became a rebel ship. Britannia has claimed itself as neutral in the war. At the start of the war, the Arch Angel decides it is time to relaunch and stop the fighting, due to the fact the nation they were staying in, Orb, has joined the Earth alliance to take down ZAFT.

This roleplay starts at the beginning of Gundam SEED Destiny, Britannia are not going to be very involved in this roleplay, I just needed to explain where the Black Knights came from. In this roleplay you will be on one of the three ships; The Ikaruga, owned by the Black Knights who are trying to stop the war, no matter what it takes, this includes killing people in battle, Captained by Zero. The Arch-Angel which refuse to kill people, but will do anything to stop the fighting, as long as lives are not lost, Captained by Murrue Ramius. Or The Minerva, a ZAFT forces ship which are fighting the Earth Alliance so they can win the war, Captained by Taila Gladys.

The Ikaruga

Zero/Lelouch - Taken

C.C. - Taken

Kallen Kozuki - Open

Suzaku Kururugi - Open

Harley Castor Siegfried Pilot - Taken

Shadow Knightroad - Taken

The Arch-Angel

Murrue Ramius - Open

Kira Yamato - Open

Lacus Clyne - Open

Cagalli Yula Athha - Open

OC 3 - Open

OC 4 - Open

The Minerva

Taila Gladys - Open

Shinn Asuka - Open

Lunamaria Hawke - Open

Athrun Zala - Open

Meyrin Hawke - Open

OC 5 - Open

OC 6 - Open


#1: Do not quit without good reason, if you do I will not be happy.
#2: Post within three days or I will either boot you or skip your post from the Order. Also be Semi-Literate, at the least and use correct grammar.
#3; No Cybering, romance is fine, but not immediate unless it was established in SEED, such as KiraxLacus and CagallixAthrun
#4: All Earth forces are NPC’s except Mu La Flaga, but only when he is on the Arch-Angel, whoever plays Shinn shall also be Steler. The only Ocs I will be allowing are the ones I have placed in the above lists, no more. I also only want one pilot for each force when it comes to Ocs, others must work on the ship.
#5: Violence is obviously allowed, but no killing.
#6: No OP Mobile Suits/Knightmare Frames, if it is customs, I will make sure it is fine, Knightmares may be slightly more powerful as they are slightly less Powerful.
#7: If you ask to join PM me, I don’t want this thread full of OOC posts.
#8: When you ask to join in PM I want it to be titled “For those we lost” Or I will ignore your PM.

Skeleton for Ocs

Allied with: The Ikaruga, Arch-Angel or Minerva.
Operator or Pilot:
Mobile Suit/Knightmare Frame: If any
Mobile Suit/Knightmare Frame Weapons: If any
Love Interest: If any, you may have a crush
Short Bio:

Name: Shadow Knightroad
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Allied with: The Ikaruga
Operator or Pilot: Operator.
Mobile Suit/Knightmare Frame: None
Mobile Suit/Knightmare Frame Weapons: None
Love Interest: None for now.
Short Bio: Shadow has no memory of her life before three years ago. She awoke on a bloodied battlefield burried beneath a pile of corpses. She supposes someone thought her dead or not far from it and just lumped her in with the rest. After awaking she was taken in by a man she thought was kind. He on the other hand simply wanted to use her life as a replacement for his to some men that he had foolishly tried to rip off some goods from. Afterwards she trusted no one but machines. For machines couldn't lie or betray and for some reason she had a strong affinity to them. Over the three years that she has been awake she has had to learn how to fight and steal whatever she needed in order to survive. That all stopped six months ago when she was offered a job working for The Ikaruga as a Mechanical Technician.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Shadow was like her namesake when it came to other living human beings. To others she was a silent specter that came and went without ever being seen by anyone she didn't want to see her. She was working on several different broken Knightmare Frames and conducting a systems check on Kallen's Mobile Suit as Harley walked in to the Knightmare Bay. He was of a peculiar interest to her for he seemed to be the only pilot who worked on his his machines. Out of eyesight she watched him as she worked. He held the same fascination to her as her recruiter had. Her recruiter is a rather odd person to say the least. He was much different then other humans, it had been his strangeness that had compelled her to accept his job offer. She wanted to find out more about him and his strangeness, that and he seemed to know her from before. She wanted to learn more about the before. Those and many other thoughts ran through her mind as Harley passed her by without notice just as she liked it. He was one of the few who actually knew of her existence at all.
  Shadow Nightroad / RaevynRaiyne / 8y 274d 10h 24m 59s
C.C gave a soft nod lifting her head off of her stuffed animal. She watched him seeing as how he looked so tensed and stressed lately. She blinked slightly and bit her bottom lip with a soft sigh she put the animal to the side and stood up. Walking over to him she rested a hand on his shoulder. "As long as you have known him you know it has always been shoot first ask questions later, I do not expect that to be changing over night. Everyone is on edge and ready to lash out. But that is to be expected, no?" She tilted her head looking up at him before looking down at his mask with a frown she had never been good at confronting him about his health and the lack of rest he had been getting was worrying her. "You really should rest... you look so worn these days and well your not really much company to be around when you get grumpy." She said softly as she bit her bottom lip her green eyes on the floor before she looked back up at him. "How about we order some pizza and you lay down and relax. We can order a movie or something." She was hoping for a date with him but was sure he would shoot her suggestion down once more. With a hopeful look she turned away from him and sat back down on his bed. She had a habit of wearing his button up shirts but that was all and today was one of those days.
  C.C / Druecilla / 8y 275d 20h 18m 31s
Lelouch Lamperouge, better known as Zero. He had once been known as Lelouch Vi Britannia, but that time was long gone, Lelouch was the son of the Emperor of Britannia. He had a power could Geass, his geass allowed him to his absolute control over anyone as they would do what he told them, only once though and he had to have direct eye contact for it to be effective. He had started off small with a torrorist group, which then became a full fledged army for a new nation. He had supporters, weapons, resources and best of all, he had done it without having to reveal his true identity to the world, only a few people knew Zeros true identity.

Harley Castor Seigfried was one of these people. He had gone to school with Lelouch and joined the cause as a Knightmare Pilot and Mechanic, building his own Knightmare frames and even a single Mobile Suit, all personalised by himself, depending on where he was fighting and what the situation was. The Umenosuke Skyfire, originally piloted by his brother, who was a Knight of the round, before Harley killed him and took his Knightmare frame. The Gurren D.E.S.T.I.N.Y. 10 Elements, a custom job made by the ships engineer especially for Harleys use, he also had the Gurren MKIII a frame he built around the same time the war started. Finally he had the TSX 08 AA S.T.A.R. his mobile suit.

At that moment, Lelouch was on the bridge with Harley and the Ikarugas pilots. The Ikaruga was a war ship he had constructed to take down Britannia and stop the war between the Earth Forces and ZAFT forces so they can help him destroy Britannia. Harley looked at Lelouch as he saw the Minerva.

“Zero, it’s the Minerva, shall I laugh in the Skyfire and attack?”

“No Harley, that isn’t necessary, unless of course the Minerva makes the decision to attack us first. If it happens, you and Kallen are to launch.”

Harley sighed as he turned and headed for the Knightmare bay, he decided to do some work on the Skyfire, he wanted to win this war on Britannia, but he was unsure if Lelouch really wanted. Lelouch sighed and walked out of the room, into his room, looking at C.C. and taking off his mask.

"I don't think Harley understands that the Minerva may be a ZAFT ship, but he doesn't need to attack unless it strikes first."
  Zero / Harluxia / 8y 277d 8m 33s

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