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This is going to be the home of all OOC based posts. There will be NO MORE OOC POSTS IN THE MAIN THREAD- please. It takes away from the story. You have something needing to be said/stated/cleared up/discussed or just general banter about the RP or RL...post it here. :D Also, those wishing to join the rp -once it goes back to being locked- can post a sample here so that the rest of the members can see it and judge.

Have fun:D

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Well, heres to hoping that you are doing well and that you are eating right
  Alice De'Morte / NanaTheBanana / 1y 9d 7h 8m 41s
same old... trying to live free and not be caught up in the drab monotony of my countless indecisions
  Lareth / lareth / 1y 11d 1h 23m 26s
Eh.. you know. Life is improving as I begin to find my way around the adult world. I recently made some major changes to my life for the better and I am a happier person for it. I also just received a promotion at work, so I guess right there there is nowhere else to go but up....If i can pretend to be so optimistic that is. Anyways, what about yourself?
  Alice De'Morte / NanaTheBanana / 1y 11d 3h 27m 11s
Me too, at least, I think that's what I am... so how's life?
  Lareth / lareth / 1y 13d 16m 13s
Hey lareth, glad to see that you are still alive..
  NanaTheBanana / 1y 16d 6h 30m 53s
whoa whoa, im in 1970? i must be a time traveler :-P
  Lareth / lareth / 1y 35d 8h 37m 42s
once upon a dream a man wished to find a piece of writing worth his attention

hi everyone, its been a while, been crazy like and im trying to get a life...

so far, its not working.
  Lareth / lareth / 1y 35d 8h 39m 29s
I don't know if any of you log on and check this anymore, but I figured i would give a small life update. I may have mentioned this in the past, but I'm not quite sure so I will start at the beginning.

Three years ago, clumsy little me stepped off a curb at my university and sprained my ankle, tearing the Deltoid tendon along the inner ankle. I went to a sports medicine doctor when it took longer than normal to heal, he told me it was a tear and not a regular sprain, put me in a walking boot and gave me physical therapy excersizes to do so that I could strengthen those muscles back up.

The pain from the tear never dulled and so in january of this year I went to a foot specialist to seek further treatment, he requested an MRI be done. I was unable to get an MRI at the time because of school and my financial situation, so I went and got the MRI in may after i graduated.

The MRI showed that i had an extra bone on the inside of my ankle and that the muscles around the bone were inflamed. Unfortunately, the only way to lessen the pain I was in was to have the bone removed.

So thursday morning, I had surgery on my left ankle to remove the extra bone, move my heel to a more natural position and insert a screw to keep the heel in place. This is day 2 or day 3 after the surgery. Not sure if you count the day of surgery as day 1 or not T.T So today is either going to be the worst day after surgery, or it is going to be tomorrow.

For the next 6 weeks I will be confined to a bed and a wheelchair, and if I must get up then I am to be on crutches because I am non weight bearing. Ill be honest, it sucks to suck and the pain meds don't work. Honestly I am kind of surprised that my hands aren't shaking more today and that I can actually type.

Anyways that is my life update, miss you all and hope you pop in soon just to say hello. Ill be around for the next month and a half if you need me.
  Alice De'Morte / NanaTheBanana / 1y 163d 15h 23m 30s
Yes I agree there are definitely too many rules for ooc. I always wished they would install a chat, but it wants me to white list on adblock so i can see the exact adds that im blocking in the first place. If it means seeing adds then I dont need real time chat
  Alice De'Morte / NanaTheBanana / 3y 155d 14m 51s
It's OK. Understood . Where did everyone go? Hang there are too many rules for typing in ooc shit...
  My Baby :) / DarkAngel6667 / 3y 158d 9h 12m 14s
So I cant see the realtime chat because of ad blockers and im tired of taking them off to check. Sorry I'm not participating but this site has too many ads without them
  Alice De'Morte / NanaTheBanana / 3y 173d 1h 11m 27s
take your time. I am in no rush, part of me always liked the slow pace of this roleplay.
  Alice De'Morte / NanaTheBanana / 3y 189d 14h 16m 35s
uhm...should we wait for Valcan to post...I guess I kinda have to since we were interacting lol.. Ill give it maybe a day or so
  My Baby :) / DarkAngel6667 / 3y 190d 3h 44m 21s
Well now Alice is awake, and im sure she will be happy to see her old friend Lorkyn. And since vulcan is a part of the De'Morte she will not mind seeing him as well.
  Alice De'Morte / NanaTheBanana / 3y 192d 5h 9m 37s
Well lorkyn has been roaming the mansion and feasting on the town and talin has just woken, lorkyn discovered him and...That's where we are lol
  My Baby :) / DarkAngel6667 / 3y 192d 14h 4m 49s

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