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The ooc for SurviveTheNight...

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No pwoblem.^_^
  ~Hotaru Rhyme~ / Shadow / 8y 352d 19m 45s
Thanks. :D
  Leonard Dublin / JustLookinDown / 8y 352d 22m 10s
Well done.c:
  ~Hotaru Rhyme~ / Shadow / 8y 352d 30m 22s
Dank you.^_^
  ~Hotaru Rhyme~ / Shadow / 8y 352d 1h 33m 23s
  Leonard Dublin / JustLookinDown / 8y 352d 1h 39m 18s
If you would.<3 Try to make it at least 3,000 characters..and they won't be meeting yet where near Rhyme,mmkay?
  ~Hotaru Rhyme~ / Shadow / 8y 352d 1h 41m 3s
Oh, sorry. Thanks for explaining it to me.
Want me to post?
  Leonard Dublin / JustLookinDown / 8y 352d 1h 53m 13s
OH!Like..Some bully from school that happened to survive,that messes with Hotaru..
  ~Hotaru Rhyme~ / Shadow / 8y 352d 1h 54m 26s
{ I don't know. You have in parentheses something about bullies and such after you character joined. }
  Leonard Dublin / JustLookinDown / 8y 352d 1h 58m 19s
Claps happily.:D Accepted!~
  Takeshi Heroshin / Shadow / 8y 352d 2h 20m 28s
Character Skeleton.
Name: Leonard Dublin
Age(..Age.): 18
Personality traits: Leonard was always the goofy fun guy back in high school and right after he graduated, the 'Apocalypse' began and his friend and family were unsavable. He kept up his happiness to encourage others he found that there may be some hope this crap could end. He can get angered easily and becomes quiet when he thinks of his kid siblings, he watched them get bitten and chase after him.
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality(Black,white,yellow,purple?): Caucasian. American.
Small Bio: He lived with his mother and two younger siblings; their father died after doing too much crack. He lived a life of life of lies trying to be the happy guy all through high school, but in reality, he was angry at a lot of things. He was very protective over his family, but he saw them all die and now he feels weak, but tried to keep others' spirits high while trying to deal with his own problems.


By the way, could you explain that note a little better?
By the way, can I join?
  Leonard Dublin / JustLookinDown / 8y 352d 2h 28m 31s

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