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"Nobody was expecting it.It happened so fast..It was madess.One second,it wad all peaceful in our city,and then it was-.."

"That's not what we asked you.Have you been bitten?",the man in the soldier get-up pushes the barrel of the gun against the boy's head."Answer the question.."

"No sir...I would be eating you.",the boy said,smirking slightly."Could you please get the gun out of my face?"

The man lowers the gun,"Our appologies."

" you really wanna hear my...or should I say..our... story...?",The boy smirked,leaning over eagerly,his blood soaked hair falling in his face."It'll take a while..."

The man and his colleagues stare at the boy for a few seconds."We have time...,the man said.

Rule Number one.
No godmodding,ever.If I see that it someone should be to progress the story,I will godmod.Remember,this is a zombie roleplay,people are gonna die...
Note:Not all godmods will result in death of a character.

Rule Nuber two.
Don't get all butt-hurt if I decide to kill off your character,it will eventually happen to most of the people who join.

Rule Number three.
No cybering...Period...Not even in PMs.Romance is okay I guess.But NO cybering.

Rule Number four.
If you read this,put 'Survived.' under your skeleton.

Rule Number five.
I use Mobile Web so if I reply slow,sorry.:P

Rule Number six.
Be literate...please try for one thousand characters?

Rule Number seven.
This is going to be a mature Roleplay...Blood,horror,Etc.If you can't handle the heat,stay out of the kitchen

Rule Number eight.
What I say goes...If you try to deny a godmod,you will be kicked out...Sorry,rules are rules.

Rule Number nine.
be courteous of other Roleplayers.Be Fair,realistic,blah blah,you get the point.

Rule Number ten.
This is my idea.My roleplay,if it gets stolen,I will rip your balls/boobs off and shove them down your throat.-.-

Rule Number eleven.IMPORTANT.
If I see any of the above rules being broken,bent or ignored,you will be immediately kicked from the Roleplay.That is all.Oh,and have fun.

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Character Skeleton.
Personality traits:
Small Bio:
Note:One or two people need to be your common bully that is part of the group that Hotaru will eventually be a part of.

Name:Hotaru Rhyme
Personality Traits:When he used to go to school,before this happened,he was always the kid in the corner of the class.Always quiet.
Small Bio:Hotaru was that boy in class that everybody made fun of.For wearing tight jeans,straightening his hair,wearing bracelets,having a gay 'accent'...But when the 'Apocalypse,'as many people are calling it happened,there were very few people who still did that to him,he usually sticks with whoever he meets.

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Blaze Woke up o his alarm screaming rock music. Slamming his hand down he wondered how the radio was still working since half the world was engulfed with the virus and a lot of though's "Things" were walking the streets of his town he was stuck in. Sighing he got up. He managed to stay safe in his house. His parents made him leave their house, so he was stuck in this horrible excuse for a apartment. Sighing once more, Blaze got out of his bed and grabbed his dufle bag. He folded some extra clothes in it before he showered and changed. One his bag was half full with clothes, he closed it up. He saved the rest of the room for bullets or throwing knives. Keeping his bag in his room, Blaze went to his bathroom and stripped then showered. Turning the water on, he switched the tempatures from hot to cold then warm right again. After he showered he dried off and dressed his slender body with skinny jeans, a pink tang top, a pink-ish purple shirt, along with a pink plaid-ish like scarf. Once he was done with that he dried his hair then styled it. A lot for a guy right? well this guy isn't like all the others. He's kinda Bi. more gey then bi though. Once he was done with that he packed his glasses and extra contacts. Since he was about a year supply of them, he made sure he had in individual packs instead of the big boxes, it would just take up space. Turning off the light in the bathroom, Which he still didn't understand how he even had power, he walked back into his room. He slipped on some socks then slipped on his matching pink hipster like shoes on his feet. He thought he could just take any thing new he need, with that he took a lot of the stuff out of his bag and the bag was now half empty. In the bag was not his contacts and glasses case, one extra pair of clothes just in case he didn't have time to get some from the store, and a few extra bullets in a metal box he took from his dad before he left. He also had a 5 shot hand gun. Nodding at it he closed his bag and was ready to leave his house.

Snapping a finger he grabbed a sweater. Slipping into it he took a his wooden bat. He had nailed some nail's into the tip of the bat so it was a bit more effective. Taking a big deep breath, he grabbed his bike keys then his bike glasses so no bugs got in his eyes. Putting on his transition glasses, he walked out his apartment door then down to his bike. Gulping he was a bit scared. He saw some "Things", other wise known as Zombies, when he walked out of his door. Holding his breath he slipped passed them. Last night he experimented with them and noticed they had reacted only to sound. If he stayed quiet, he was okay to be by them. His bike wasn't loud. Last night he also silenced his bike the best he could. Now it just hummed. Starting it, he backed out of the parking spot and drove off to a gas station. He held his bat in his hands, ready to strike anyone in his way. He always bit his lip when he was about to scream so he wouldn't attract any other Zombies. He managed to get into the store with out being seen. Holding his breath once again he grabbed a flashlight and opened it. He placed batteries in it. He also opened a lazer pointer. He also thought it be fun to see if they could see at all. Checking to see they both worked, he searched the store part of the gas station to see if there was any sign of life of any kind. He didn't see anything. He hit the Cash register to get some money to pay for gas, since he thought it was pointless, the machine still thought it was normal around the world, so he couldn't just take the gas. Once he had that taken care of he put gas in his car. Starting it up again, he left the gas running. Taking a match, he let the place on fire. He big boom attracted a lot of Zombies with in the area, They burned to their second death. He managed to get out just in time. Driving to a bridge, he scanned the area to see if there were any other survivors. He figured he needed some help getting though this now living hell. With no luck so far, he stopped by a weapon shop and took a few guns and a lot of different bullets. In high school he was part of the JROTC group. So he had a lot of training with guns and was pretty strong and could carry a lot of equipment on his own with out help, this was nothing to him and he had his bike to help him carry somethings as well. He opened the seat of the bike and stuck a few bullets in there as well. He also put his dad's hand gun in the seat just in case. With three guns and a bat, and a hole butt load of bullets, he went to go find a Jeep or a 4 wheel drive car he could use in stead of his bike.
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Why do I bother going on..? The thoughts came from the back of Leonard's mind. He ran a cold hand through his hair and felt shivers run down his spine. Why on Earth did he choose to hide in an ice cream making factory, was a mystery to him. The zombies would never really make it in here, but Leo may freeze soon if he had to stay much longer. He ran in here on whim after being chased by the running type zombies. His heart was pounding, his lungs feeling like they were about to collapse. He never felt so annoyed in his life. How the heck could this have happened? Sure, people were stupid and tested things out, but they probably didn't deserve something like this to happen. Zombies were supposed to jokes, scary stories, things people made up in their stories to give people a humorous or scary sort of entertainment. He didn't understand how they could have become real. How humans could become so primal and hungry for human flesh so suddenly. He shuddered thinking back to two months ago when he saw so many people just growing the urges to bite people and watching his two siblings gain those urges as well. He wished that he wouldn't have run from them back then. At least then, he wouldn't be by himself or have to watch so many people that he met up with die or become a zombie right in front of his eyes.

He wondered where his mother could be. Why she would just abandon her children in their time of need. He frowned and shook his head wanting to relieve his mind of such scarring thoughts. He looked around before standing up and looking for something to eat, like chocolate chips or some ice cream that may still be good. Before he could take a step to one of the small freezers in the giant freezer he'd slept in the night before he heard a loud growl leave his stomach. He would have to find something to eat and pretty soon or he'd just want to give up like his thoughts wanted him to. He started walking and opened the freezer to find frozen gummy bears, peanut butter cups and chocolate chips. He quickly ripped his back pack off his shoulder and filled it with the large sized bags of candy he'd just found. He would need to leave soon, so stacking up with the frozen food would help him a lot.

He thought about his hunger now but knew the food he had would take a while to thaw, so he would wait for a little while before eating. He was lucky that the zombies that were chasing him the night before had moved on after he'd locked the door and barricaded it. He slung the bag over his shoulder once more and moved to remove the stuff in front of his way out. When he managed to get everything out of the way, he made his way quietly out the door and walked in the opposite direction the creatures had followed him in. He was searching for someone or something that could help him get through this. If he could act happy in front of others it would make him feel a little better than he normally did.

He kept to the shadows knowing so well that their were soldiers out their ready to shoot if they spotted him. He wondered why they were told to kill the still living. That was just cruel. A horrible thing that anyone could do to people. The military was stupid in his eyes. He ignored any further thoughts of them and kept alert of the real threat, the zombie like creatures ready to eat anyone they could get their hands and teeth on.

{Hope that was OK.}
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The small boy's eyes blinked as the first rays of sunlight were shining through the window of the abandoned house the two boys had made their crude,makeshift home.Hotaru sat up,rubbing his eyes.He had been having a great dream,in his dream,he was at school,and the day was going just like a normal day for him would.He was being called faggot,girly boy...Looking back,it wasn't so bad,compared to what it was like now.You were constantly in fear of being eaten alive or being shot by other survivors.What he wouldn't give to go back...

After sitting there for a few minutes,he stood up,grunting.They had made it through the night without being eaten.That was an accomplishment to him,he would live to see another sunrise in this desolate city.After the first signs of the disease started showing,their city had been closed off from the rest of the world.The electricity,airports,trains,everything was shut down.What little survivors were left were forced to fend for themselves.You eventually ran into another small group,but they either killed you or you just kept away from eachother as best as you could.It wasn't always so easy though.Some of them had guns,others had baseball bats and whatever else they could use,they were all just as dangerous as...the 'zombies?'They still hadn't decided what to call them,they had every aspect of a zombie though,pale skin,slow,lumbering movement,and they...ate people,it was horrid.You change after seeing something like that.It's not normal.But it was a part of every day life in this city of theirs.

Covering his eyes,he pulled back the tattered curtains to let the sunlight travel in,illuminating the dark room with light.They would have to get up soon to gather supplies,like canned foods,since they were non-parishable.Hearing his stomach growl reminded him of how hungry they were.He groaned and gripped the front of his shirt.He was a lot thinner than he had started out,that first day.It had only been two months,and the world seemed quiet...The only people he knew for sure were still alive was the military,and they were ordered to shoot and Terrestial being on site,infected or not...That's how he lost his mother...

Biting his bottom lip hard,he shook his head,ridding his mind of those thoughts.His family was gone,there was nothing he could do...Hotaru looked over at the other boy,almost forgetting he was there.Sighing,he walked over and knealt down,shaking the boy lightly,(font "papyrys" "Hey,wake up.It's morning.",sitting back,he waited for the boy to wake up so they could get ready to leave their temporary home.
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From now on,all character skeletons and other OOC stuff should be on the OOC.That is all.
Edit:You can find the OOC in my profile.
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Character Skeleton.
Name: Jennifer Lovell
Age(..Age.): 17
Personality traits: Quaint Blunt but polite. She seems to take a sick pleasure out of killing at times but there at time when she will lock up and become useless.
Gender: Female
Race/Nationality(Black,white,yellow,purple?): Caucasian
Small Bio: She got bullied because she just didn't 'fit in' she was too odd, too different and she really didn't mind. She lost everything close to her to these 'Zombies'

  Jeniffer / paranormal / 8y 354d 10h 10m 47s

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