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Soren isnt just your average teen. He is a secret agent at the underground organization. With his parents killed as a child, the organization took him in and trained him to be nothing but a lethal weapon. He is really close to the head boss of the group, who's only goal is to be on top, to kill opposing forces that stand in his way.

THe leader of the organization was tired of watching his subordinates fail at completing the missions assigned to them, so one day he took matters into his own hands. After killing one of the top politicians, he cleaned up the mess and hid the body, only to find a girl witnessing the murder. Every since Soren was ten, his boss has been trying to catch this mysterious girl ever since.

With only intel from an opposing organization, the boss decides that instead of wreaking havoc on the school where this girl was supposed to be going, he decides to send in a man of his own.

With Soren now at the age of 17, he is placed into this new school and is forced to lived a normal life, something he's never experienced before. What happens when he meets this girl? Will they become friends or will each one figure out the others secret mission?


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Officially ended 1/11/13 in the PM
  Soren / ellocalypse / 6y 11d 21h 16m 54s
Sore was still feeling like he could be a better man. Like he could get through this with Rain and the rest of the agency's help. He knew that this weird, empty feeling he had inside was going to be filled by the newly found peace and rest from all of the past that was now closed. THis entire mission to get rid of Cartwright had ended. Rain was safe and so was their spy family. It was all for the better.

Sore hugged each of the guys, smiling and then saving Stone for last as well. He hugged him tightly and just thanked him for what he's done after taking him in. Once everyone finished, they gathered the diseased and buried them, sending candled boats onto the ocean. Sore gripped Rain's hand and just kept beside her, feeling bad about losing family members, but it was also a start.

Once night came, everyone was in the safe house celebrating their lives. They lived to see the day when Cartwright was gone.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 6y 17d 18h 44m 13s
Rain hugged Sore close and smiled, "I love you so much baby," she whispered as Mike, John and Stone joined them. Rain finally detached from Sore and hugged the rest of the team, saving Stone for last. "We did it," she whispered as she wrapped her arms around Stone.

Rain knew she had to be very supportive of her husband at this time. Cartwright had killed Sore's parents and then took Sore under his wing, raising Sore as his own. Rain still had Stone, but she hoped that Sore knew that Stone loved him like he was his own son. Rain went back to Sore's side and gripped his hand, the arrangements for those lost in the battle would be made soon. A lot of the men didn't have family, the spies around them were their family and they were dedicated to the mission. It was a sad time but together the team would get through this and look on the brighter side of things. Cartwright was basically a terrorist and now he was gone, that was a very good thing
  Rain / FallenAngel16 / 6y 17d 18h 51m 55s
Soren was both happy and sad at the same time. He really felt like the part of him that raised him to be the man that he was was now gone. Cartwright was responsible for his features, his appearance and the initial look on life. He was still a part of him somehow, so killing him was like he wiped that part away. But at the same time, he was the murderer that killed his parents and had done terrible things to him. Putting the tracker in his brain, trying to kill his wife, and just causing havoc to his new agency family. He just had to be rid of his world and he was finally gone.

THey could now live how they wanted, be in peace. Holding Rain close, he kissed her cheek and then moved down to her lips softly. "A new start. We're free baby. We an do what we want" he looked over to see the guys rushing over. They were cheering and ganging into a group hug. They could finally rest and celebrate his defeat, but at the same time, they had to mourn for their losses.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 6y 17d 19h 5m 33s
Rain pulled back and looked into Sore's eyes, tears of joy filling her purple eyes, "I can't believe it either baby...It's over," she whispered at first. "I can't believe it's really over," she said happily. As long as she'd been working for Stone, Cartwright had been trying to kill her. Her husband had once been sent by him to kill her, basically all of Rain's life had been arranged around Cartwright.

She had been trying to stay alive for so long and survive, but she had also been seeking to avenge her parents death. Now it was done, it was like a breath of fresh air. A new life for Rain.

She looked forward to starting a new life with Sore, a family and getting past all of this now that Cartwright was gone.
  Rain / FallenAngel16 / 6y 17d 19h 32m 48s
Soren was watching his father's headless body being lifted up into the air. The air force was taking the monsters towards the science facilities to investigate their bodies and keep this from being spread across the country. It only took them a few minutes to have the island cleaned off as they headed back to base.

Soren then felt those familiar warm arms around him and he looked up to see Rain. He wrapped his arms around her and just let it sink in. The two werent going to be bothered by Cartwright any longer. THey could actually start a family if they wanted, or just do what they could as husband and wife. THeir specific lives werent in danger anymore. "I love you so much Rain! I cant believe what we did"
  Soren / ellocalypse / 6y 17d 19h 40m 13s
Rain didn't get out of her robot until she watched the men load both parts of Cartwright's body into a steel crate that was air lifted by the Air Force. Rain didn't even want to know what they were going to do with it, she didn't care. She finally dislodged herself from the robot and ran over to Sore, wrapping her arms around him.

It hadn't hit her yet that she was no longer being hunted, the one man that had wanted her dead since she was a child was gone. Rain just focused on Sore, holding him close to her and never wanting to let him go.
  Rain / FallenAngel16 / 6y 17d 19h 51m 54s
When Sore finally drilled through his body, he was in utter shock. He didnt think his anger and frustration could kill him like it did. It was shocking to think that the man he's lived for and chased down was finally dead before him. Or was he? WHen he heard the sound of Rain's voice in the background, he was still too stunned to move a finger.

He watched Rain just come in out of nowhere and separated Cartwright's head from his lower half. He bit down on his lip and he knew for a fact his father was dead. Watching in horror, he stepped out of the robot, the fighting all around was starting to die down because their leader was killed. His mini monsters were being captured by the air force and they were all taken in.

Sore stood before his former father and he just fell to his knees, rubbing his eyes. It was over. It really was finished. He never thought he'd see the day where he'd finally get his revenge.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 6y 17d 20h 24s
As John and Mike came closer, Rain ran to them. "GET OUT!" She screamed. John understood, jumping out of his robot. Rain replaced him, going over to where Sore was with Cartwright's body. Rain went to the other side of Cartwright, watching as Sore drilled into the man he had once known as father.

Rain took a deep breath and shook her head, "Time to end this once and for all!" She said, swallowing hard as she pressed her own drill button. The drill suspended from one of the arms and with one quick swing of the arm Cartwright's head was severed from his body. Rain sat in the robot just staring in shock. She really couldn't believe it.
  Rain / FallenAngel16 / 6y 17d 20h 6m 45s
The robot wasnt moving at all and all Soren did was sit there just staring at Cartwright in shock. He couldnt kill his own father could he? But then all of a sudden all of the flashbacks were going through his mind. THe day he killed his parents. The way he just shot his mother and father and simply took him into bootcamp. The way he kept all the food away and only fed them when needed. He kept all the information from him and if it werent for the agency, he would probably be dead like those other agents out there.

Then there was the time that he teamed up with Frank. They had managed to get to Rain and use her! They killed him so many times. He didnt care about Soren at all. He just wanted to use him. Soren just jammed his fist onto the button and the drill finally drilled down through him all the way. And then Soren just sat in his robot "Die you son of a bitch!" he yelled loudly.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 6y 19d 1h 12m 54s
He choked? Sore had the chance to kill him and he didn't take it. He choked. Rain wad on her feet quickly, she did not come this far to have Cartwright live. Sore move!" Rain yelled, pulling out a gun from her suit, she would finish what she started. It was kill or be killed, and Rain would be doing the killing today.
  Rain / FallenAngel16 / 6y 19d 5h 6m 55s
At this point, Sore believed that he could do the finishing blow. That he could kill Cartwright with ease. He always thought that when that moment came, he wouldnt hesitate. He didnt realize that it was finally here! Soren now controlled whether Cartwright would live, or if he would die.

As Sore slowly drilled into him, he had flashbacks of all the times Cartwright had treated him out to eat, given him a toy he wanted and just always pushing him to become a great spy. It was all forced, but a part of him still acknowledged him as that father he had. His drill was digging deeper through him and all of a sudden it stopped. Sore just looked down and rubbed his temples. "I cant to it" he said softly. "I cant kill him. Someone else do it!" he yelled out of his robot.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 6y 19d 19h 24m 52s
Rain heard a loud crash behind her, she leaped into the sand and turned on her back, seeing that Sore had tackled Cartwright to the ground. "Yes!" she smiled, crawling over, making sure to stay a few feet away, "JAM YOUR GUN INTO HIM!" She screamed up at Sore.

She had saw Sore place his drill into Cartwright but she wanted to be absolutely sure that the monster was did.

Meanwhile Stone, John and Mike ran across the beach to join their team.
  Rain / FallenAngel16 / 6y 19d 19h 38m 14s
Soren was struggling to get off of the floor. The robot was really heavy and he banged his head onto one of the metal boards. He gripped his head and then he looked up to see Cartwright chasing after Rain on foot. Crap! Get up you Robot. Rain's in trouble! he thought to himself as he gripped the handles and pushed himself off of the ground. This was it. He had to use this to their advantage and take him down.

The robot stood onto its legs and then Sore slowly ran towards Cartwright from behind. He had to get a good grip on him and lock it down so he couldnt move.

Cartwright was so close to getting the girl he's hunted since she was a child. He was running after her across the sand, his strides much larger than hers. He was catching up slowly and just as his hands reached down to grab, Soren tackled him onto the sand, his arms pinning him faced down to the ground. This was it. He had to do something. When he he had him pinned down, Soren slammed onto the robots weapons. It was a drill that came out of the chest area. The point slowly began poking out and when it reached it's max output, it began spinning as Sore held Cartwright down. "Die you monster!" he leaned forward, letting his drill slowly grind its way into Cartwright's back. It drilled deep within his skin, going through his body until it Cartwright lay limp.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 6y 19d 19h 47m 40s
Rain landed in a crouch, quickly looking around to see where Cartwright and Sore was. She saw Cartwright do the same thing he had done to her to Sore and started to run. When Rain was in the robot and Cartwright slammed her to the ground, the robot was strong enough to stand it. All Sore had to do was get up.

Rain knew Cartwright wanted her dead, Cartwright was wounded but he wasn't dead yet. Now that Rain was out of hr robot she was sure that she would be a target, and she would use this knowledge to help Sore get up. Now on foot, Rain started to run towards the far end of the beach, ducking and dodging Cartwright but this was all a trick for Sore to get up and attack Cartwright while he was focused on capturing Rain. "Come get me you son of a bitch!" Thankfully Cartwright was wounded and wasn't as powerful as usual in that form.
  Rain / FallenAngel16 / 6y 19d 20h 3m 46s

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