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It's been a few months after the day the Gehenna Gate threatened to swallow up Assiah. The students at cram school are preparing for some final exams to allow them to move into the rank of 2nd lower class and finally be within exorcist ranks.
Of course, studying isn't the only think troublesome on their plates. There has been a strange rise in demon activity that Yukio has been helping investigate. To make matters worse, Yukio and Rin can feel something different within themselves. First, a strange feeling, then random moments of anger, slips of blue flame... Things grow steadily worse as time passes. What if Satan manages to pass through to Assiah without a Gate somehow and open himself? Maybe even through one of his own brood... tests, demons, and complications: How will everyone hold up?

This one is based off of the anime.

Rin Okumura- lavired
Yukio Okumura- aidochild
Shiemi Moriyama- OicheMhaith
Ryuji Suguro-
Izumo Kamiki-
Renzo Shima-
Konekomaru Miwa-
Miphisto Pheles-
Shura Kirigakure-
Arthur Auguste Angel-

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Shiemi sat amongst a garden of flowers, her blonde hair shining in the sunlight. After a moment she raised a colorful sleeve to wipe her forehead. "Alright, Nii-chan! I'm ready!" She called out in her sweet, little voice. Hearing his cue, Nii-chan, an infant greenman, floated his way towards the girl, carrying a plant. "The Gocha-kun goes here... There we go..." She mused, then patted the soil where the lavender was planted. With a soft smile she stood to oversee her work. The vast array of different flora blended and contrasted like a prized painting, arrayed in a way that she could find whatever she needed with a single glance. Vines dripped from small gates and buildings she had placed, all radiating life and seemed as if they sang with happiness. It was obvious that the girl had spent most of her life in the place, nursing each plant to perfection. "Yay! All done..." She clapped quietly, then turned towards her home and smiled as Nii-chan sat on her shoulder.

Shiemi wore a colorful kimono that ended at her ankles, giving her room to walk. Her eyes were as green as the plants she adored, her hair platinum blonde, and she walked with a carefree, joyous aura, despite earlier events. Oh... I wonder how the others are doing... She thought with a frown. Her heart sunk as she thought of her friends. Especially Rin and Yuki-chan... She stopped and put a hand over her eyes for a moment, but then clenched it into a fist and got a determined sparkle in her eyes. No! They're fine! Stop depressing yourself. She told herself harshly, then continued to her room, where she dressed into a new, fresher kimono. She had a meeting with the other cram students today, and she should be dressed in an outfit that wasn't covered in dirt and manure. I wonder if Yuki-chan would like this one... She thought with a school-girl grin, then chuckled and spun in a circle. Now slightly happier, Shiemi pranced out of her room and mused about what she should bring. Should I bring snacks? No, Rin should be taking care of that... What is someone supposed to bring to exorcist meetings? Should I wear my school uniform? She stopped abruptly, but shook her head of the thought. No... I should be fine in my kimono... She decided, then walked up to her place at her store's counter, watching the clock like a bird watching its prey.
  Shiemi Moriyama / OicheMhaith / 8y 117d 23h 35m 12s
Even if it was the weekend, there was no time to relax for Yukio. He didn't think there would be time to relax for his students either, with exams coming up, but somehow they always found a way... especially his twin brother Rin. Yuki would have loved to have a care-free spirit like Rin, but he was more uptight than the older twin. He couldn't help it, since that was who he was.
Today was more stressful than most days because of how stressed the Exorcists were these days. For the first time since the day Satan tried to take over Assiah, demons had been more active than they should have been. Yukio had just returned to the dorm building he and his brother alone shared after doing an early investigation on the near areas.
He was exhausted and was ready to fall into his bed and take a nap... but he was drawn to the smell of Ukobach's cooking from the dorm kitchen. That was right... the cram students were getting together today and Ukobach was probably making some snacks. He let out a sigh; nap time would have to wait then.
Yukio walked into the kitchen and smiled at the familiar.
"What are you serving up today, Ukobach?" he asked as he pulled over a stool that was sitting in a corner and took a seat.
Ukobach started rattling off a series of squeaked happily, which Yukio could now understand after the incident. Just like Rin, he could understand most of the familiars that were around because... He lifted his hand and touched one of his small pointed ears carefully, as if it would bite him at a moment's notice. Having his demon side finally emerge was a lot to get used to. He really thought it affected him more than it did Rin, because he suddenly felt so unstable. He felt... so foreign to himself. He frowned lightly and dropped his hand. He knew people looked at him differently. Even if they took care not to show it, he just knew. He could see it in their eyes, and he silently hated it. Sometimes, he wished he could turn back the clock... go back to when he was just a human... but he had to live with it now. Besides, with these new powers, he had a better chance of helping Rin. There had to be one upside to this unfavorable situation.
  Yukio Okumura / AidoChild / 8y 118d 5h 5m 48s

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