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Abby moves to a new town and was always very shy, She starts attending The town Highschool, There she meets evlen A Semi popular Scene Girl, Who happens to be friend with a boy name Rector, an Eccentric Underground indie punk singer and his best Friend _____, who is the guitar player for his band: Forever Wherever, After awhile her and rectors relationships build, As well as ____and Evlen's, But it doesnt play out very smoothly, But only a Crazy forest party, An Indie rock show, an ex - boyfriend, and A Rent-a-cop, Stand in the way in this Exploration of the mindset, of Boys & girls.

Okay just try to react like you think your character would in a situation like this one lol, if it plays out well, it should be extremely fun! Real pics wanted, I will be Rector the lead male anywho here is the example Skelly

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Night feel better.
  Chase Daniels. / MaxyBear / 10y 119d 1h 20m 27s
{{*sighs* well, Im sick(literally) so Im gonna get off for the night...hopefully by tomorrow he'll have shown up >.> goodnight!}}
  Evlen V / forevrenchanted / 10y 119d 1h 21m 12s
Indeed it does.
  Chase Daniels. / MaxyBear / 10y 119d 1h 25m 26s
{{well this sucks then..hmm...}}
  Evlen V / forevrenchanted / 10y 119d 1h 26m 12s
  Chase Daniels. / MaxyBear / 10y 119d 1h 27m 22s
{{I'll be on for real in a couple of hours...where is Rector???}}
  Evlen V / forevrenchanted / 10y 119d 3h 49m 25s
I'm on right now. Idk about anyone else.
  Chase Daniels. / MaxyBear / 10y 119d 8h 30m 19s
[[I am at the moment.]]
  Wisteria Langley / Sly / 10y 120d 2h 42m 36s
{{Anybody on right now?}}
  Evlen V / forevrenchanted / 10y 120d 2h 45m 9s
Hey is this pic better?
  Chase Daniels. / MaxyBear / 10y 120d 20h 58m 36s

Let's get this baby started.
  Wisteria Langley / Sly / 10y 121d 5h 7m 58s
sorry we already have everyone i forgot to fix it lol
  Rector Davis / arrekusu / 10y 121d 8h 9m 55s
**Question....who is playing abby??**
  Wynter Mae / lovelust / 10y 121d 8h 15m 39s
yeah you can join as the guy but would u mind getting a different pic
  Rector Davis / arrekusu / 10y 121d 8h 19m 3s
{{Hey, I won't be on until later tonight because of some yeah, see ya later! Oh and yes!! We got a guy! :D}}
  Evlen V / forevrenchanted / 10y 122d 17h 43m 35s

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