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Live life to the fullest, don't hold any regrets, and smile when your sad

Note: Notes that are in Red Are from me StrifeX. Notes that are in Blue Are Ikki's

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The two who own this OOC/Chat is StrifeX and ikkiminami

The Azure Death: Haseo[StrifeX]
The Azure Flames: Kite[ikkiminami]
The Azure Life: Atoli[suzaku1]
The Azure Sky:Balmung[SparoShadows]
The Azure Light:Shino[faith]
(y The Azure Sea:Orca[madaranagisa]

Azure Flames:Kite[ikkiminami]. The Azure Sky:Balmung[SparoShadows]. The Azure Earth:Orca

Azure Death:Haseo[StrifeX]. Azure Flames:Kite[ikkiminami]. Azure Life:Atoli/Shino[suzaku1]

Ikki Minami:ikkiminami. Kazu:StrifeX. Onigiri:

Let's be good friends alright? ^_^

[Notes: "I didn't want to be the blonde guy. T_T"]

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Ikki vs. StrifeX [Note: "I let him win this one. XD" "My ass you let me win that one"]

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Yoooo strife do you come on here anymore? Gotta start talking again bruh!
  Azure Kite / ikkiminami / 5y 88d 7h 56m 50s
*day 1* Alone in the OOC o-o Nothingness waiting to envelope me...
  Azure Kite / ikkiminami / 7y 17d 6h 41m 24s
Lalalala :O!
  Azure Kite / IkkiMinami / 7y 18d 7h 46m 11s
The silence is strong in this chat...
  Azure Kite / IkkiMinami / 7y 21d 3h 49m 59s
Sup everyone~!
  Azure Kite / IkkiMinami / 7y 22d 16h 11m 39s
Rawr~! OwO
  Azure Kite / IkkiMinami / 7y 28d 3h 38m 7s
  Azure Kite / IkkiMinami / 7y 49d 22h 36m 6s
*revives with the power of azure!*
  Azure Kite / ikkiminami / 7y 50d 20h 49m 10s
Sorry everyone...sorry for everything..
  Azure Kite / IkkiMinami / 7y 124d 21h 44m 58s
yeah, i hope it can lol
  Lord Balmung of the Azure Sky / SparoShadows / 7y 275d 21h 10m 56s
Mhm ^^ just make sure your computer can run the game
  Azure Kite / IkkiMinami / 7y 275d 21h 14m 46s
that could work
  Lord Balmung of the Azure Sky / SparoShadows / 7y 275d 21h 16m 11s
You can just get the rom on your computer if you want o-o
  Azure Kite / IkkiMinami / 7y 275d 21h 17m 21s
well i dont have a ps3 so i can't play it anyway
  Lord Balmung of the Azure Sky / SparoShadows / 7y 275d 21h 20m 0s
It is just so fun ^^ Kinda like the naruto games but it isn't naruto lol
  Azure Kite / IkkiMinami / 7y 275d 21h 26m 14s

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