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Well we know the original story, but lets twist things up a bit.

What if Bella had chosen to be with Jacob instead of Edward? And Edward had accepted that fact and left?

Now Edward is back in Forks and comes across the great, great granddaughter of Isabella Swan and Jacob Black. She is basically like both grandparents. The young woman is a bit on the clumsy side as Bella had been, also a wolf like Jake.

What happens when the two meet?

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[#f90120 "Thanks, I really do appreciate that.. Though getting past the Cullens should be fun."] She muttered, her tone slightly bitter as she thought of Riley and Anthony.
  Breezy / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 264d 17h 42m 19s
"[b So come to the Cullen house tomorrow morning and I will start working with you.]" Tasha smiles.
  Tasha / Immortal_Dreamer / 3y 273d 1h 16m 20s
[#f90120 "You can start as soon as you want. But rest would be the best thing for all of you."] She said, offering a small smile to the girl.
  Breezy / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 327d 19h 42m 5s
Tasha nodded."[b I can start on it tomorrow. Tonight I need to rest with these little ones.]"She touched her stomach.
  Tasha / Immortal_Dreamer / 3y 328d 1h 3m 44s
Brown eyes went to the girl and she tilted her head a little. She had never heard of doing such a thing, but it sounded nice. [#f90120 "Actually.. I think I would like your help with that.. I mean if you would be willing."] She said, blushing some and giving a weak smile.
  Breezy / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 328d 1h 39m 54s
"[b Its not hard to separate your mind from the others. I can do a spell for you where you can let them in when you are on a hunt, but other times you can make your mind private.]" Tasha smiled."[b Only if you want me to do that.]"
  Tasha / Immortal_Dreamer / 3y 331d 1m 44s
[#f90120 "I do envy you that, little wolf."] She said, softly and gave a weak smile.
  Breezy / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 341d 53m 31s
"[b I don't have a mind link with any wolves so I'm protected.]"Tasha sighed.
  Tasha / Immortal_Dreamer / 3y 341d 1h 5m 41s
[#f90120 "A lot of times.. But have to make sure the others aren't phased too. Don't want them in your head always."] She explained with a blush.
  Breezy / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 341d 1h 9m 44s
Tasha giggled."[b That's cool. Have you ever just shifted and sleep under a pine? Its a great tree to wake up too.]"
  Tasha / Immortal_Dreamer / 3y 341d 1h 18m 40s
A light smile graced her lips and she nodded slowly. [#f90120 "I have always loved the pine as well. That is mostly all there is here."]
  Breezy / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 341d 1h 26m 7s
Tasha smiled."[b Pine. Their smell is spectacular.]"She sighed. "[b Yours?]"
  Tasha / Immortal_Dreamer / 3y 341d 1h 31m 5s
[#f90120 "Which kind are your favourite?"] She couldn't help but ask as she was interested.
  Breezy / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 341d 1h 35m 45s
Tasha nodded and smiled."[b I'm sure it is. I love trees.]" She blushed more.
  Tasha / Immortal_Dreamer / 3y 341d 1h 50m 46s
[#f90120 "It is rather a nice place when you have the time to take it in."] She said, thoughtfully.
  Breezy / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 341d 1h 54m 27s

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