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Lyus: One of the strongest members in the Akatsuki. His sensei's were Kakuzu and Hidan. He loves sweets.

Envy: One of the strongest members in the Alatsuki. She wields a very large sword and can be stubborn sometimes.

This is their story.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Scarlett blushed and slid down him, hugging herself and pouting. "I still won," She grumbled.

Envy knocked on Lyus' door, leaving a crystal rose with a note reading; "If the rose wilts I am dying. Otherwise, it stays healthy. To remember me by, as i rarely leave my room."
  Scarlett (Envy's student) / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 272d 11h 23m 45s
Sylux lightly touched her stomach "pay back"

Lyus sighed then slowly moved back into his room.
  Akatsuki Sylux / Lyus / 7y 344d 12h 42m 36s
She grumbled and kissed the back of his neck. "Bwahaha!"

Envy nodded. "Agreed..."
  Scarlett (Envy's student) / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 346d 15h 25m 18s
Sylux looked at her for a moment then had a thought. He kissed her back "What now demon girl?"

Lyus looked at them from his door "That's wrong,"
  Akatsuki Sylux / Lyus / 7y 346d 15h 27m 1s
Scarlett looked at him and kissed him gently. "What now stitch boy??"

Envy grumbled. "This is so messed up."
"Oh get over it Scar," He said
  Akatsuki Sylux / Lyus / 7y 348d 20h 22m 44s
"I lost to you. You!" she giggled, hugging him gently.
"What's wrong with you Scar?" Sylux asked, looking back at her.

Lyus now sat in his room, tinkering with something he has been building for a while.
  Akatsuki Sylux / Lyus / 7y 350d 15h 21m 41s
"Ehh, it doesn't matter to me." Scarlett sighed.

Envy sighed and polished the blue crystals.
  Scarlett (Envy's student) / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 350d 15h 37m 49s
"Do itashimashite" He said. He opened the door, walked out, and closed the door behind him.

"So what do you want to do?" Sylux asked Scarlet.
  Akatsuki Sylux / Lyus / 7y 350d 15h 39m 59s
She climbed back onto his back.

Envy woke to Lyus' voice. "Hm..." Thanks." She said softly, taking the blue crystals.
  Scarlett (Envy's student) / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 350d 18h 20m 13s
"oh? I see" Sylux said.

Envy's shadow began to move. A piece of it separated from the full shadow and moved next to the door of her room. A figure rose from the shadow. Lyus walked from the shadow and to Envy "Here," He said handing the blue crystals to her.
  Akatsuki Sylux / Lyus / 7y 350d 18h 21m 42s
"Surprisingly good." she blushed. "But that's only because it was supposed to." she turned her head to glance at him.
  Scarlett (Envy's student) / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 350d 18h 25m 30s
"I already got it, you admitting loss," He said laughing. He walked behind her and hugged her "So? How did it feel to lose?"
  Akatsuki Sylux / Lyus / 7y 350d 18h 28m 1s
She grumbled. "Okay, what do you want as your prize...?" she grumbled, crossing her arms.

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