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Despair had to chip back at Vengeance. "D'aww, no dance? C'mon, not even before we get hauled off?"
Jiv soon answered Despair. "Fuck's sake, Despair. Let's MOVE already!" And he briefly muted outgoing comms. "I plan on putting you through a lot of paces, so don't be surprised if I start pulling some stunts that are really weird-seeming. They're actually useful."
Despair, for a change, was serious. "You're in my cockpit, so you'd better be good - or else." Despair re-enabled outward comms.
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 362d 17h 17m 6s

  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 362d 17h 17m 14s
Nick heard his commander snape at him for leaving his mech and felt embressed for leaving Vengeance. He was queck to get back in and was about to reopened his com line, only to find it open already.

"We are hear to fight, Despair, not frolick about like idiots." Vengance replied to Despair.

"Sorry ma'am, I was about to have a first-hand look at Vengances's build, to try and gage what she can do without doing a test flight, and take a look at her weapons. Woun't happen again ma'am." He appoligased.

'Great, not even on our first mission and I pissed off the Commander.' He thought dismly to himself.

He turned on Vengances's main screen and took a look at Despair. 'Black Gold? One of my partners? Small Solar System, huh?' Nick thought to himself. He found his thoughs turn to what he heard Jiv say when Despair hijack his comm and to what the Commander said. While she don't say so, Nick guessed that she was in a similer spot as Jiv.

'Both my team members have lost a lot to Soh. I guess I was luckly not to have much to lose.' He though to himself and found himself felling a bit sad for his partners.

"Is every thing alright?" Vengeance asked suddly.

Nick looked up at the main screen, what he beleaved to be her main 'eyes'. "Nothing." He said, remembering he was on open comms. "Just thinking about things. Thanks for asking, however."

"Just making sure my pilot woun't be emoseanly comprenized, thats all." She told him.

Nick shook his head. 'So, is Despair and Nemesis the only ones I'm going to get allong with in this unit?'
  CommanderXD / 8y 357d 21h 37m 31s
Leena rolled her eyes at Despair's antics, checking over the systems more thoroughly until she heard Jiv. But she didn't hink him weird - instead she just gave a heavy sigh. "Lieutenant, a lot of people have families they need to avenge, so don't think yourself anything different. The moment you do is the moment you become an idiot."

So he was alike her, but she didn't care. She flicked on her speakers so her voice sounded into the hangar so Nick could hear. "Get your ass back into your mecha - that's an order!"

Already she was aggravated at her squad for being so disorderly and free-tongued.
"You just need to lighten up." Nemesis sounded a little exasperated and nervous at how hard-pressed Leena was.
"No time for that."
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Jiv nodded. "Lieute--"

Despair took over the comms. "Yep! This is Despair, here, I've got Black Gold in me, and I damn well feel like dancing! Care to join me, Vengeance?"

Jiv's irritation began to kick in. "Despair, you're a machine, and so is Vengeance, for one. For two, I'M supposed to be doing the role call, and lastly, stop acting like a god-damned Casanova! We're here to fight, not party like it's 1999!"

Despair chirped in again. "Gaylord."

Jiv ignored the insult for a moment. "This is Lieutenant Martin Jiv, in the "Despair" unit - all systems are operational, albeit a bit annoying." He clicked off the comms for a bit. He was fuming. However, Despair re-enabled them - another click coming through Nick's and Leena's end - as a sort of prank. "Despair, I'm the lowest-ranked member here! What the hell are you trying to do, make me god-damned useless!? I want to be on the front lines, fighting this war! I have a god-damned family to avenge! I don't have time for silly games!" He went to turn the comms on, and noticed they were already on. He facepalmed. "Great, now I'm going to be put in a psyche ward." Fucking mech...
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 363d 5h 25m 23s
Nick heard his team commander ask for a system check over the com.

"Just starting to run a check now, ma'am." He replied. As he got a good look at Vengeance's systems, he gave a nod of approval."Vengeance's systems are so far fully operational and are damn good. She's one hell of a mech!"

"She?" Vengeance asked and, although he couldn't see it, tilted 'her' head in confusion.

"Well, you do have a female personality programmed in you're systems, don't you?" Nick replied.

"I do, but a am still really sex-less. I am just a mech suited for advanced combat." Vengeance told him.

"Does being called female bother you?" He asked.

"No." 'She' admitted.

"Then dose it matter if a call you a 'she'?" Nick asked 'her'.

"Fair argument." She agreed. "If you want, you can refer to me as a female."

Kick nodded his head as he finished his check. "She's 100% ma'am." He was a bout to climb when a through it would be a good idea to say hello. "By the way, nice to speak to you ma'am. Nick Reclain, at your service."
  CommanderXD / 8y 363d 15h 20m 56s
Leena, for once, felt over shadowed as she heard the other mechs speak to their pilots but no pilot fled. Then again, none of their mechs moved.

Speaking of moving, the mecha in front of her shifted so it was kneeling down and almost to her height. "Y'know, when you ask a question, you generally don't... I don't know... RUN AWAY after."

She felt like it was teasing her, which made Leena cross beyond belief. So, tucking her pink hair up into a ponytail, she walked over to the mech, determined as she pointed to it.

"Let me in so I can be your pilot!"
She wouldn't back down, even as the mech stopped at her demand. It audibly shifted air through it's vents and outstretched a hand for her to step on. When she did, it lifted her to it's chest.
"Why are all women so pushy?" She wasn't sure if that was a joke or not, but dismissed it as she climbed into the cockpit and got herself situated as the cockpit slid shut.

It was a new experience for her - there was so much more to it now that it was on, and she liked the complexity. She pressed a few buttons, bringing up status and information screens, and the mech chuckled. "That feels weird you know.... like the mech equivalent of being tickled."

Leena rolled her eyes. "Well get use to it - it's going to happen often..." She then flicked on her comm system to her other squad mates. "Are all systems operational?"
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It didn't too much longer for Jiv to arrive at the hangar. His mech description sounded like something that was a bastardization of some fantasy novel from way back when, and the mech he used to have. He reminisced to the old, beaten up mech, and found himself smirking. God, I'll miss my old mech... He browsed, and found his new mech, Despair, relatively close to the entrance, on the right. He walked over, and got up to his cockpit, hopping in. He first got a feel for everything while it was offline.

Then he powered it on to see the interface, with lights and all.

Despair felt the processors warm up, and came into awareness for the first time. Already, there was a pilot within. Despair's reaction after looking inside to see Jiv was comedic, in a sense. "A guy?! What the hell! I was told I was going to have a girl pilot! God, dammit... ...boobs are prettier..."

Jiv blinked at the reaction, surprised at first. But, he soon had something better to say. "Considering you're jumping into hell, I think you'd rather your hide safe instead of blown to shit by some ditz. Nice to meet you, Despair."

Despair freaked out when Jiv belted out its name - "it" being due to the fact that machines technically had no gender. "Un-fucking-cool! You know my name, and I don't know yours! What the hell is this shit?! And who the hell named me?! I sound like a god-damned emo!"

Jiv facepalmed, concealing a slight chuckle at the reaction. "Eh, name's Jiv, Lieutenant Martin Jiv. If you've heard of 'Black Gold', you kno--"

Despair cut the male off. "Whoa, whoa, wait... ...THE Black Gold? I thought you were a chick!" Jiv sighed, and left the reaction hanging. Despair over-dramatized, and screamed for at least a dozen seconds. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!"
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 363d 23h 13m 26s
Nick walked down the hall of the massive warship. His thoughts were on his new assignment. He wondered why he was removed from his old unit. They had done pretty well together.

'Best not question Command. They know what their doing.' he thought to himself.

He keeped walking untill he reached the hanger bay, he pushed the door open a got a good look as his new mech. Red and black armor with, oddly enough, two wings on the mach's back.

"That's a new design. Wonder how it'll effect performance." He said out loud to himself.

He ran a hand through his light brown hair as he walked to his new mech. He queckly climbed up the latter and into the cockpit and sat down as he turned on the mech and was about to run a check of the systems when a voice spoke to him.

"Who are you?" It asked in a female metallic voice.

"Who...? Wha...?" Nick asked back, confused.

"No, who are YOU?" The voice repeated.

"Am, a...Nick. Nick Reclain. And you?" Nick replied.

"Unit designation is Venrance." It answered.

"So, are you a on bored AI program or something like that?" Nick asked.

"Correct." Was the response.

'Hmmm, this will be...interesting...' Nick thought to himself. 'Very interesting.'
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 357d 21h 43m 41s
Lt. Martin Jiv. He was known as "Black Gold" among his previous group, but now that he had been totally re-assigned, mech and all, he might not have to worry about the name ever again. He seated himself in his bed, and he allowed shards of his inner personality come out. He took out a pocket watch, and flipped it over to reminisce to his own past; his family, his neighborhood, his country... ...he had lost everything of his past, bar for the pocket watch. Mother... ...Father... ...I will avenge you... ...SoH will be taken down.

He snapped the watch closed, his hand in a fist. His hand slightly shook from all the bottled-up anger, and concealed hate for SoH. He crammed his fist into his pocket, and took a stroll down to the hangar. He hadn't heard any commotion, nor would he. There were a few people that transferred with Jiv, and a couple of them tried to greet him, but he ignored them. I want a mech, and I want SoH targets. I don't care about anyone or anything else.

Jiv had a slight reputation as a talented close-quarters pilot, and again, he didn't even care whether it preceded him or not. It wasn't his role to be a tactician. It wasn't his role to do anything but one sole thing: demolish his opponent. If the rebels wanted to paint some ridiculous rules up, he would meet them. As a running gag, one of the few members that transferred with him swung a punch to his face, out of nowhere. Jiv, out of pure reaction, bent back to avoid the fist, and out of moving so fast, his feet flipped from under him, and he landed on his back, shoulders first. He got back up, and walked as if nothing happened.

The hangar was his destination, to check his new mech out.
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 9y 1d 6h 27m 1s
"War is a terrible thing isn't it"?

The question had often slipped from her lips on multiple occasions, and this one was no less different than any other. It was always in the same place, and always she spoke to the same person. Her sister - her dearest Saundra - would never hear her word's though, and as she stared down at that old photograph, which was frayed just a little around the corners, she knew that.

Leena was no fool.

War was a terrible thing; it killed and caused more pain than anything in the world. But it also bred vengeance, and without that, she would be nothing but an empty shell of sorrow and pain.

She had lost everything to their enemies; her family, her home, her innocence, and now she wanted to rip it from ever last one of them, child or not. But that was who she was now.

Tucking the picture away, she looked up to her Mecha, an ominous feeling of abandonment washing over her. It would be the last time she would see the old and tattered mecha, but it was like saying good bye to an old friend. Leena gave a soft smile, despite her usual grim attitude, tucking a light pink strand of hair behind her ear.
"You've served me well, old friend. We've killed many together, and I'll miss that."

She set a hand against the mech's leg, knowing that full well that it didn't have the ability to understand her, let alone hear her because after all, it was just a machine.

With one final sigh, Leena turned away, her mission only moments away from starting . Her blue eyes rested on her new mecha - The Nemesis. She had never seen such a well built mech before and she had to hand it to the squad that stole the three SoH mecha. They must have had one hell of a time attaining those mechs.

She took one moment to look at the other two in her squad as they approached their own mechs. She felt a sudden bubble of nervousness as she grew closer to the new mecha, climbing up it's ladder and into the cockpit.

Checking all the systems quickly, she turned it on, the internal systems coming to life. By the looks of the boot-up, it was the first time that the thing had been started up.

She was about to test the controls when the mecha lurched making Leena gasp at the sudden movement, her eyes wide. "And who do you think you are?" A metallic voice that was almost menacing but held a humors almost teasing note to it.

"Wh-who's there?!" Leena was shaking as she practically threw herself out of the cockpit and slid down the ladder, backing up from the mecha as it moved. She imagined that her comrades were facing similar problems.
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