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Leena sighed, facepalmed and shook her head, opening a comm link back to base. "We could use an engineering crew out here...." And she got Nemesis to land, immediately getting out of the cockpit, a bag of tools in hand and running over to Despair.

She went to where the battery was, setting down her bag and tying her hair back then opening a panel. She gave a long sigh. "Once we get a new battery this thing will be good as new..." She opened the comm again. "We need a battery replacement and some light field repairs."

And she sat down, awaiting for the engineers.

But the silence was broken my Nemesis who was cackling with laughter, his vocalizer filled with static he was laughing so hard. And Leena just stared, kind of weirded out by her mech.
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 357d 22h 24m 26s
Jiv wasn't expecting Nick to have a different angle. At all. By the time he'd saw the beams, he only had enough time to make sure his own body didn't get blown by the beams. However, even with advanced weaponry, the damage was massive, as the beams all pounded one spot, and massively damaged the battery. Despair collapsed, and the power died in utter seconds. He sighed. Well, so much for my mech... ...guess I'm getting re-assigned, again...
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 358d 14h 49m 17s
Nick be gain to pull Vengeance a way after his first attack in order to get a better angel. He gained some height as the Commander be gain laying down some suppressing fire on Jiv.

"How to attack next. Jiv'll be ready for the wing beam cannons this time. Any ideas, Vengeance?" Nick asked her.

I have one. May I take control?" She asked back.

"Go ahead." He told her.

"Very well. Activating Full Burst Mod. Getting target lock."

"Full Burst what?" Nick asked, confessed.

Nick looked on the main screen showing Despair's and Nemesis' firefight, with Despair having a least ten target locks on him.

"Vengeance, what are you..." That was all Nick got to ask as Vengeance snapped both railguns, both beam cannons, and the beam rifle to bare and fire a full volley of shots at Despair.

'Oh, man. That's going to hurt.' Nick thought to himself.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 358d 15h 24m 55s
Leena was impressed that Jiv had dodged Nick's barrage so well, but her mind quickly shrugged that thought of, transitioning into a battle mentality.

She began circling Despair, making a few bursts of gunfire in hopes to off set him and give Nick a chance to set up a good long-range position.

She kept herself at a decent range above him - one that balanced accuracy and the ability to move farther if Jiv tried to close in. "Good thing that Despair has advance shields or that shot would have took off the arm..." She muttered this to herself as she increased her rate of fire.

[ Here Kyle!]
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 358d 21h 38s
Missiles wouldn't have been a problem. Regular rifles wouldn't have been a problem, but beams? Lucky for both Jiv and Despair, it was only the left arm, not that it wasn't consequential. "Ow, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" Jiv took the chance to get moving, unbelievably quick even still. He spoke over comms. "Not bad, but that ain't gonna get me down!" Jiv had Despair pull out the basic pistol, so he could let off a bit of covering fire as used targets for cover. Leena first, or I ain't getting off the ground at all.
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 358d 22h 9m 52s
Nikc fallowed the Commander into the air, happy to test Vengeance in combat but felling sorry for Jiv and Despair.

"Probeblity of Lt Martin and Mech Despair's victory: 7.25%." Vengeance informed him.

"That may be low, but they still have a chance. Don't get overconfedent, Vengeance." He said as he took aim with the beam cannons.

"I'm just informing you of the chances...I never got you rank. Care to tell me?"

"Lt. Commander." He answered.

"Very well Lt. Com. This fight should go by queckly."

"That it should." He agreed as he fired off a volly at Despair.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 357d 21h 42m 43s
Leena immediately disapproved, but wouldn't back down from the challenge. That and Jiv did have a point. But sadly there was one thing that Jiv failed to realize.

Both Vengeance and Nemesis had wings. And Despair was a close range mech.

A wicked grin curled over Leena's lips as she brought Nemesis into the air, already taking aim. "I almost feel like this is cheating."

And she chuckled a little. "Yeah, when this training round is over we can see about getting them equipped with thrusters or something else like that so they stand a chance against flying opponents. Anyways Nemesis, if we faced them on ground we wouldn't stand too much of a chance unless we cloaked. We're fast but they're faster."

Leena then opened a comm link to Nick. "Get your end in gear - this starts now."
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 359d 20h 11m 13s
Despair spoke to Jiv mainly. "Unlike the other mechs, I am equipped with armor and shielding technology."
A wicked smile curved on Jiv's face, ensuring that the comms are on. "Since my mech has armor and shielding, is painted black, and has incredibly high speed ratings... ...and since we all need to test out mechs out in full force..."
Despair began to freak. "Oh god, no, no, don't tell me you're..."
Jiv went on. "...let's make this a challenge. You two on me. Don't show me any mercy, 'cause I ain't showing you any either. Lemme know when you're ready."
Despair tweaked over the comms. "Oh god, take it easy!"
Jiv had to encourage Despair. "I heard women like battle scars."
Despair's tone changed to amusement. "Good point."
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 359d 20h 23m 1s
"Must you be so rough with me?" Nemesis was using a pouty tone, making Leena roll her eyes and test out a few more functions. She liked how advanced the systems were on hers and Nick's mechs. Now all she had to do was see Jiv's.

She opened up a comm link to Jiv, disengaging the cloak as she did so. "Lieutenant test out the features of your mech - I want to see what kind of prototype technology SoH has implemented in your mech."

And Nemesis gave a huff through the internal vents. "Despair has advanced shields and armor, but noooo~ no one asks the mech. Sheesh..." Leena frowned at Nemesis' comment, tugging those wires again, making the mech shudder.
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 360d 14m 36s
Nick landed Vengeance by the shooting range, eger to test her advanced weapons. He then noticed that his Commander was gone.

"Hey, where's the Commander?" He asked.

"Nemesis is equeped with a prototype stealh field." Vengeance informed him.

"Oh, okay. Now lets test those weapons you told me about!" Nick proclained.

"Very well." She agreed.

Nick turned to the first target. He drew Vengeance's rifle and fired. Instead of bullets, a beam of energy shot from the rifle and hit the first target. Needless to say, Nick was surpressed.

"A beam?! Really?"

Vengeance said nothing as Nick aimed the next weapons. The two cannons on Vengeance's hip snaped up and he fired off two rounds. A pair of railgun shots hit his targets.

"Not bad, pretty powerful." He comanted.

He then unfoulded the two cannons mounted in the top tip of Vengeance's wings, the canons now over her shoulders. He fired off a volly and two larger beams fired and hit their targets. Nick was stuned.

"Three prototype beam weapons? Thats impressive. I'm glad Soh dosen't have this stuff." Nick was happy about this revelation.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 357d 21h 45m 19s
Despair's HUD pointed out the location of the shooting range, and it didn't take long for Jiv to adjust, and again, take off like a bat out of hell. Despair said something over the comms. "Uhm... ...guys? Is it a good thing that Jiv's hands are a blur to my internal cameras, or a bad thing?" Jiv ignored Despair for the time being, and it took maybe a minute to arrive at the region of the shooting range. Jiv brought Despair to a stop, and Despair sighed of relief. "Okay, nevermind, his hands are visible now."
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 360d 3h 52m 45s
The moment that Nemesis touched the ground, control was hers and she didn't waste a moment, checking systems and running a few quick calibrations. She opened up the comm link. "First step is the shooting range." And just like that she drove Nemesis forward and onto the range, taking advantage to the medium ranged weapons.

And Leena loved it, a smile over her face. But that's when Nemesis surprised her. "That's not the only thing I can do. Hey ma, look no Nemesis to be seen!" And the outside of the mech crackled for a moment with electricity before disappearing off radars and visibly. "Meet the latest technology in light bending and radar disrupting. Baby, your invisi--- OW!"

Leena, despite being impressed with the technology wouldn't take being called 'baby' even by her mech and promptly tugged a few wires.
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 360d 19h 2m 54s
Jiv intentionally waited for a few moments after Leena and Nick took off, knowing that his mech was going to have to be fast. Despair wondered for a moment, and before the mech could voice any sort of concern, question, or... ...just about anything, Jiv went insane on the controls, and he zipped out of the hangar, passing by both Leena and Nick. Jiv loved the performance, and began checking out maneuverability. He adored Despair's responsiveness. "As much as I miss my old mech, Despair, you're already proving yourself awesome!"

Despair, for once, actually had comments that were... ...though perhaps a little perverse, complimentary. "Jiv, your hands are flying ALL OVER THE PLACE! How the hell do you think so fast? I'm glad they gave me a good heat sink, I'm going to need it! With hands like that, man, you'd make women scream!"

Jiv answered Despair. "Despair, no, I'm not getting attached to anyone. As much as romance and all that shit is nice, I don't see a point in getting heartbroken if someone else dies, and I sure-as-hell ain't letting anyone mope 'cause I took one shot too many. This is war, dammit, there's no time for roses and crap. You get in to kick the ass politicians are too afraid to kick, or you take as many motherfuckers out with you as you damn-well can."

Despair was brief. "Yeesh, hard-ass, much?"
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 361d 17h 28m 45s
Nick saw the hanger bay doors open and leat a small smile play across his lips. Show time.

"Alright Vengeance, let's go!" He said.

"Roger that." She replied as she launched into space.

Nick desided to pull Vengeance through some advanced menovers as they moved to the training field. He was rather impressed at her preformance.

"You're designed very well, Vengeance. I've never seen mechs this flexable." He told her.

"My flexabliety, although impressive, is not my strong point." She correted him.

"And what is?" He asked as they got to the training feild.

"I'm equeiped with advanced weapon systems." She said.

"How advanced? A new type of railgun or something?" Nick inquered.

"You'll see." Was his only response.
  CommanderXD / 8y 360d 2h 24m 7s
Leena signaled for the hangar bay doors to open. "Orders are to meet at the training field immediately - feel free to test your mecha along the way though."
And just as those words left her mouth, Nemesis lunged forward, causing Leena to give a small squeak, gripping the controls tightly. "Nemesis! What are you doing!?"

She gritted her teeth as the mech didn't slow down or release control. "Well, you wanted to see what I can do, right? Why not give you a little show until we get to the destination then let you test me out?" The mech sounded proud of himself for this strategy, which left Leena to roll her eyes as they arrived.

She was a little impressed by Nemesis' performance, although she wanted to see the full extent - she wanted to drive the mech to it's limits and see just how much it could take before falling.
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 362d 13h 29m 44s

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