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Nemesis had docked in the landing bay, and Leena quickly hopped out, cursing the machine up and down. "Damn it, Nemesis, can I not discipline my troops?!" Nemesis was quick to grab Leena, and throw her back in the cockpit. "Settle down, or I'm not letting you out." It didn't take long at all for Leena to protest and tug on Nemesis' wires again. "Let me out, damn it!" Nemesis persisted. "Only if you calm down!"
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Jiv fumed, and went quiet as he had Despair run to base. Despair had to make a light quip as Jiv barely kept up with Nick. "Damn, dude, you have one hell of a flip-out. But if that's how you try to pick women up, dude, no wonder you don't get laid. Ease up, y'know?"

Jiv's tone was volatile. "Despair, I believe I made it clear that I do not intend for romance. The moment we allow softness to accompany us in the battlefield, we lose a lot of ability to fight. We're here to do or die, and hell be damned either way; nobody gives a fuck, and nobody should give a fuck."
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Nick was shocked to see Nemesis suddenly fly a way. Did Leena leave, to angrey at them to keep her temper under comtrol? Or did Nemesis play a part in this? No matter. With Leena...gone, that left him in charge.

"What the hell was that about?" Vengeance thought out loud.

"No idea." Nick responded. He then looked at Despair. "Jiv, lets head back to base. Can't really do much without our 'Commander'."

He then pulled Vengeance up and begain to fly to base.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 349d 2h 13m 40s
Leena was mad at both of them. Very mad. She was about to open her mouth to scream at both of them, but then she was pushed into the cockpit by a large set of cold metallic hands. It took her a moment to recover, giving a low hiss. "What are you doing Nemesis?!"

The mech, paused a moment, looking to Jiv and Nick. "See you guys back at base~" And the mecha took off, ignoring Leena's question. Until she prodded the wiring, making Nemesis' sway in the air some. But the mech was determined, not letting it's pilot out until they reached the hangar.
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Nick was a little surprased at Jiv's outburst, but did not mind to to much. That wasen't Nick's beef with Leena anyway.

"I know we all own the dead to bring SoH to juestise for what they've done, but we have to keep level heads. I'll fight to bring them down and make them pay for what they've done, but acting out of blind revenge is foolish. We need to be better them them. Just whanting to kill them all makes you no better." Nick hissed at Leena, knowing that his comment would spark a realy bad response from her.
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Jiv overheard Leena, and absolutely lost it. "Leena, I don't care what sort of motherfucking power trip you're on, but Nick's right, we're NOT supposed to kill each other during training! I DO realize that the potential of it happening, but it doesn't mean we go into training SOLELY to demolish each other! All of the Privates, Corporals, and Sergeants I've commanded had a hell of a lot more sense than that, and you're a higher rank than me, so I don't even see where the hell you're getting off at. If you want to demolish SoH, that's fine by me, but the moment you start demolishing allies, I will turn against you, regardless of anything. We have targets for a good reason. AM I PERFECTLY CLEAR?"

[[And we get to see Jiv ragecase! Yaaayyyyy~!]]
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Leena had gotten up and into Nemesis by the time Nick had finished speakiner, her cold blue eyes staring down at him. "If we're lax on a training field then what is the point of training at all? You might as well not be doing anything at all."

Clenching one of her fists as the other hand held onto the frame of the cockpit, she watched the material of her glove strain from the tightness of her fist. "And we owe those SoH bastards for all that we've lost, and I personally won't die until I see it done - I owe the dead too much to just not give it my all."

Nemesis' sensors picked up the heat of Leena's anger, and he almost felt bad for the pinkette. Had he had pain sensors then maybe the way she gripped his cold steel would have hurt but the only thing he could note of such was the slight scratching of paint. And unlike his usual persona he didn't bitch at her about it. Rather he was worried about what she was hiding.
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Nick turned back to Vengeance, still mad. "I know perfelty well this is a goddamn war. And I'm no were near this laid back in a real battle field. This is a training field. You don't need to be so tight ass about those. Ma'am."

'I know all to well this is a fucking war. Don't act like your're the only one who knows how to act in one!' Kick though betterly to himself.

He then got back into Veangeance. He shook his head. 'Those "emotional interference's" you don't seem to like Leena is what keeps us human. Without those, where no different then the mechs we used to pilot.'

As he sat in the cockpit, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture. On it showed a small group of soildgers that were from Canada. Nick's eyes traned on one of the soildgers. Him. He then looked to the others. All of then were his freinds. All of them dead, killed be SoH when they were still called the USA.

He put the picture a way. 'I'm still human for those he can't be any more.'
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Jiv blinked at the fast repair - a hell of a lot faster than what he was used to - but he didn't dare question it. He was certainly quick to get back in his mech, and restart the systems. Despair came back online, a tad irky at first on the user interface, but after a few moments, fine. Despair remembered the damage, however. "Why. Didn't. You. DODGE?!"
Jiv sighed. "Despair, I'm sorry, I'm sorry... ...look, I'm... ...ugh, nevermind..."
Despair, for the first time, actually got concerned for Jiv. "Jiv... ...are you alright?"
Jiv waited for others to get back in their mechs. His answer to Despair was quiet. "No... ...not for long, I'd imagine..."
Despair flipped on Jiv. "Jiv, Vengeance has beam weaponry; my shielding is useless against that. On top of that, both Nemesis and Vengeance have flight capabilities, and they have superior weapons for longer ranges. This also excludes the fact they both outrank you."
Jiv sighed. "If my enemies will be a step ahead of my allies, and I'm a step behind them..."
Despair interjected. "Jiv, Vengeance, Nemesis and I are the latest prototypes. You don't have to worry about that. And besides... ...your tactics were actually pretty good, for on-the-fly."
Jiv shook his head. "Not good enough. I should be ready for difficult foes, regardless."
Despair was harsh on Jiv, and disabled all movement systems after locking the cockpit down. "Jiv, you are your own worst enemy."
Jiv blinked. "The words that my previous commanding officer said to me before I left... ...I've contemplated them, but... ...I still don't know what that means..."

[[Nick, then Leena, then Nick again, so we can have it seem like Despair/Jiv is being left behind?]]
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Leena gave a low growl, her blue eyes trained on Nick even as the engineers arrived and set to work. "I'm not going to switch you out because we need the good pilots in these mechs, but I'll make this clear now. Think. Assess. Proceed. There is no room for accidents, bumbles, or any emotional interference. This is war and if you mess up you die."

And she turned, helping the engineers take out the old battery and place in the new one, mostly to vent her annoyance, and so she didn't have to focus on wanting to smack the other pilot upside the head.

Nemesis watched, shaking his head. "I think that she needs to lighten up. Sheesh."

When the engineers finished, Leena backed off, glancing to Jiv. "Start it up."

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Nick was a little pissed off at what the Commander said. Sure, she had a valied point and ya, that attack was extream but, to him at least, she missed one key point.

"I've already noted to myself that my Full Burst Mode was too extream. It was an error on my part." Vengeance replied.

Nick, while still being polite stil had something to say.

"I was well aware of that! That was why I went to make sure Jiv and Despair were okay right a way. That attack was out of line. And always staying in controll of a thinking mech is a little controlling. They have minds of their own for a reason and I for one will let Vengeance act on her own if she sees something I've missed!" He then turned to Veangeance. "But for now on, I think I should do the attacking, okay?"

Vengeance nodded. "Sounds exapiable."

He then turned back to the Commander. "If you don't like how I plan to operate with Vengeance that it is okay to transfer me if you please."
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 357d 1h 14m 48s
Jiv put on a mask once more, and turned around, picking up the wrench thrown at him. He wasn't going to let anyone see the underlaying sense of failure. He followed the order without any sort of comment aloud. Won't even let me freaking think about anything..., guess I'll just brood in my room, instead, and hope nobody bothers me... ...Dammit, I still should've handled that better..., well, it's a waiting game either way...
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Leena noticed what transpired and gave a huff, throwing a wrench at Jiv, hitting him square in the back. "You get your ass back here and remain here! That is an order soldier!" She then turned her annoyance induced rage upon Nick, throwing a screwdriver at him and hitting him with the handle. "And you! This was a training exercise! A maneuver like that could have damaged the mech or harmed the operator! Think and be in control of your mech!"

Finally she glared over at Vengeance. "And you too! I don't know what you were processing but whatever made you think that move on an ally was appropriate needs to be re-assessed. Do I make myself clear?"

Nemesis had stopped laughing at this point. "My operator is scary. Does anyone want to trade?"
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Jiv shook his head, and refused the hand. "I might've banged my head a little, but I can still walk." He managed out of the cockpit, and sighed. "I guess I'll see you guys back at base..." It was a 9 mile trip, at least. He had plenty of time to feel horrible, and once his back was to everyone, his face showed the defeat. Great, not only do they completely own my ass, but the one that shot me down ends up trying to help me up. Fuck, if it isn't one thing, it's another... ...And since SoH's either ahead of us, or on par, and I can't handle a simple 2-on-1, I can see someone wanting to get me back to my old unit, and that shitty run is definitely only going to add incentive to that... ...dammit, I don't even deserve my title... ...I ain't as valuable as gold...

[[ Yaaaayyyy, angst... ...Not going to bother with more of it... ]]
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"Aww, shit!" Nick shouted, stunded by what happened. He pulled Vengeance into a deep dive and landed by Nemesis.

"Hmm, prehapes I was a bit too eger to try out my systems..." Vengeance noted to herself.

"Ya, that was overkill." Nick said to Vengeance as he got out. He ran to Despair, glacing at the Commander as he went by, reassured that Despair would be taken care of. He arrived at the ccockpit and be gain to look for the emerency switch to open it. He found it after a few seconds and opned the cockpit. He leaned in while extending his hand.

"Are you okay?" He asked Jiv.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 357d 21h 53m 11s

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