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Jiv glared at the two, then sighed, in partial resignation. "Well, excuse me for operating under a different means." He took the time to hop in Despair, and talked once inside via communication relays. He sounded slightly more irritated once in. "We had a terminal to check every morning, at 07:00 hours back in my old unit. I'm used to the old schedule and methods, not this new 'to the hangar every morning' snot." His tone held a certain sharpness to it. "And for the record, I was up at 03:45 hours."

Despair had to chip in. "Yeah, he and I shot the shit all night. He's... ...actually quite the broski 'bout it. You wouldn't the Mexican would actually talk without getting anal or something about it, bu--"

Jiv cut Despair off. "Are you quite done with stereotyping? I want to get this show on the road, not stuck in the hangar."
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"Really, Jiv?" Nick asked, more to himself as he walked over to Vengeance.

"I don't see how a top pilot like yourself Lt can be so lazy." Vengeance said, surrising Nick.

"Vengeance, when were you turned on?" He asked her as he climbed into the cockpit.

"I never fully shut down last night. I left part of me on to keep watch for me." She then cut the com and added "I don't trust anybody right now." She then turned the com back on.

"Ya, okay. By the way, Commander. Jiv wasen't able to test Despair's full capibilitys yesterday. I voleenter to be his sparing partner."
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 223d 3h 30m 42s
Leena, however glad that she had been at the fact she didn't have to go and fetch the other two members of her squad, felt a little annoyed when Jiv spoke up with his question, his blue gaze snapping to him with a harsh glare. "Of course were meeting today! This is a military ship and you are assigned a military duty, thus it is your duty to follow military regulations by meeting your squad's commander every morning to receive instructions regarding the days missions or training."

Despite her annoyance at the elder male, she managed to keep her tone civil for the most part, with just a hint of annoyance in the tone. But she shook her head, shoving away what she felt. "Our training from yesterday is incomplete. We are to fully test our mechs and then we are to meet with the rest of the pilots to discuss tactics for the upcoming mission." She gestured for the other two to get to their mechs before climbing up Nemesis and getting situated in it's cockpit.
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Jiv, finding it odd that Nick would come in, take so little, and go away, decided to follow him, having already had his coffee fix, and his breakfast. He didn't dare speak up, in case Nick was about to do something confidential or something - he was higher ranked, so he could bark Jiv away, and he'd have little option but to follow. When Nick went into the hangar, questions followed through - but he was as much able to go the hangar as Nick, so figuring the matter not confidential, he followed Nick in. After a few seconds of approaching, Nick spoke, and he blinked, before speaking. "We were... ...supposed to meet today?"
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Nick was out of bed before he even had time to fully wake up. After getting changed he went down to the mess hall. He grabed a bun and a cup of coffee and left. He knew his body needed more to function, but he had a habbit of nelagting his body's needs.

He quicky ate the bun and downed the cup of coffee as he walked down to the hanger. He hoped today was a better day. They needed to be able to work well as a team. He suddenly found himself missing his old team. He had grown found of them.

"Stop that.' He told himself. 'Command thinks you'll do better with these new mechs. Trust them, man.'

He entered the hanger bay and found Leena already their. 'Hop she's not mad about me taking too long.' He thought to himself.

He saluted his Commander "Lt. Commander Nick Reclain, reporting for duty, ma'am!"
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Morning was never more of a curse to Leena than it was then. Her eyelids fluttered for a moment as she recognized the pain in her neck and back, as well as the foul taste in her mouth before her bright blue orbs were revealed. Using the wall, she got to her feet stiffly, her hand going to her head to hold it.
Her hair was a little mousy at the moment, but she didn't care, checking what time it was before letting a sigh escape her lips. It was about time to head down to the hangar to meet up with the rest of her squad, but she didn't feel like she had the energy.

With a shake of her head, she forced a determined expression to cross her face. She wouldn't back down here - not now, not ever. Now more geared to move on with the day, she left her room and went to the hangar, going over to Nemesis who's systems onlined the moment she got close to him. "Leena, about last night..."

She raised a hand to silence the mech, a nonchalant expression on her face. "I personally don't care if my squad hates me or not; I have a job to do and that is that. If they want to act like hormonal teenage girls and talk behind my back to their mechs, they can go right ahead." Of course it was a lie to say that she wouldn't be bothered by it - she was a woman after all - but she knew how to set her priorities, and that wasn't a high one.

She sat on Nemesis' foot then, running her gloved fingers through her knotted hair as she waited for the rest of them.
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Nick walked into his room with a heavy sigh. To day was...stressful to say the least. He walked to his desk and turned on his personal computer. Out of intrest he looked up both Leena's and Jiv's records. He was impressed to say the least. Both of them had impressive records.

He then thought about what Vengeance had said. Well it was ture the present actions speak louder then past ones, past events still have some meaning. He turned off the computer.

He looked at the clook. It was late and Leena would most likely want them to pick it back up early. Might as well get some rest.

In the hanger bay, Vengeance was still partly active. She was no fool. She know she was a SoH developed mech stolen by the Vanguard. But her loyeltys, however, were to no one. She was doing what she was programed to do: Fight and destroy. Nick is the one she desigded to derect her programimg. He will be the one to chose her targets...for now.

She subconcesly detected Jiv enter the hanger bay. This triggered a sub-roteen she had in place to turn on more of her. She was now fully aware of everything around her. Jiv went into Despair and she fegered he was taking a look over his systems. Now knowing their were no danger, she shut down her primary systems.

Everything was fine. For now.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 275d 23h 43m 24s
04:00 hours GMT, Earth Time.

Jiv was already dressed in his military uniform; he slept lightly out of habit, now, and while not tactically functional, he did something he did every morning while in his former unit - he made his way back to the hangar, and while a majority of the team was still sleeping, he took the time to check Despair out for himself, in silence, wanting to monitor running sounds, and many other things. Before powering the large mech up, he gave the entire suit a once-over, looking for anything exposed. Much to his satisfaction, nothing was exposed.

He hopped into the cockpit, while Despair was still powered off, and looked around the cockpit, smiling at a spot that he could magnet-mount a picture on without worry of disrupting anything. He went all the way back to his quarters - about a half-hour having passed by now - and got a picture of himself and a few allies in his old unit. The picture was a reminder of the three team-mates he had lost - two under his control. He went back to Despair, got in the cockpit, and stuck the picture above the GUI. Simon... ...Pass...

He turned Despair on, throwing his thought aside as the machine came to life once again. Despair, moving on its own, yawned, covering its mouth as the noise came out. "Eeeeehhhha, morn'n, buttercup, what ti-- holy fuck, go sleep, dirty mexican."

Jiv smiled. Genuinely smiled. "I'm a light sleeper, Despair. Thanks for reminding me to shower again later this morning. Anyways, gave you a once-over while you were dozin' off, and I have to say, other than a few scratches, you're lookin' as good as ever."

Despair chipped in. "I also see you put a picture in the cockpit... ...just above the GUI."

Jiv nodded to Despair. "Yeah, my old unit. God, we were lunatics, but everyone loved it like that. No worrying about seeming "weird", no worry about anything like that. Back then, we might've had ranks, but we were still like the best of friends. Kinda miss those days already."

Despair was surprised. "You? Actually enjoy something? Jiv, you're discovering emotion!"

Jiv honestly laughed from Despair's joke for a bit, before he answered. "Nah, I knew all along, just... ...I don't like showing it on the official scale. The higher-ups want a heartless, calculating bastard."

Despair was awed at Jiv's true colours. "I'm glad you aren't a dead brick..." A bit of time - a few minutes - silently passed before Despair spoke up again. "What's your opinion of Leena and Nick? Don't be afraid to get juicy."

Jiv smirked. "Leena? If you ask me, she's snobbish about her rank, and her pointless anger highlights her youth. I already read her dossier, and I'm not massively impressed - she just moved faster than an amateur, and basically skipped up. Wait until she gets a defensive order, and we end up losing someone because she doesn't know how to play defense. You watch, within the next Earth season, she'll end up losing someone. Won't feel too sorry for her after that. As for Nick, the man has spunk. I already like 'im. Little bit of an unlucky sod, but at least his dossier makes me a lot more confident in him. Might end up showin' my true colours to him later, but for now, nah, he can keep his eyes on Leena - maybe he can get her to change her tune; 'cause it sounds like he's already well on his way."

Despair cracked up laughing - horribly loudly - as the clock ticked 06:00. He was absolutely sure to wake up other early risers. After a few moments, Despair settled down. "You really think he can manage?"

Jiv nodded. "No doubt about it. Anyways, Despair, nice chattin'. I'll probably see you tomorrow morning as well." He hopped out of the cockpit, and made his way back to his quarters briefly before making his way to the mess hall, arriving there at 06:15. He was arriving just as the first pot of coffee finished. Uncanny timing. He made himself a cup of coffee to help himself relax a little, and took a seat, waiting for others to arrive.
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It wasn't very often that Leena was like this outside of her cockpit. She was frustrated, annoyed, angry, and so many other things. All because she could tell that Vengeance had been toying with her. The pink haired girl gritted her teeth and narrowed her eyes as she reached her quarters, entering and cursing loudly.

That thing had no idea what it felt like to have the anxiety of constantly planning missions on it's shoulders - it had no idea what it felt like to lose someone dear. And it had the audacity to lecture her about what she was doing.

Her gloved hands went to her silky strands of hair and captured locks tightly in their grip - so tight that it hurt. And she screamed in anger, pain - in every dark and desperate emotion she felt. She didn't care what it had to say - she was in charge because she could get the job done and not flounder on useless things like sadness.

Her grip loosened and she leaned against the door behind her and slid to the cold metallic floor, huddling her knees to her chest. She felt tired now, and no doubt they had a long few days ahead of them as they tested their mech's strength. But she made no notion to move to her bed, or even to get out of her pilot's uniform. She just remained there, trembling from the emotions that swirled in the pit of her stomach and chest.

Tomorrow she would show her team that she wasn't to be messed with - she would have complete command or she wouldn't tolerate them - she wouldn't have disobedience when they went on the field because then, lives were at stake.

As her thoughts brooded in her mind, her bright blue eyes slid shut and she found solace in rest, like all those other times she had needed that dark oblivion to over take her.
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Vengeance looked after Leena as she left. Nick was about to sat something when she spoke.

"I already looked up her records on the way back to the ship. She reacted just the way a thought."

Nick was taken a back. "If you know she would act that way, then way did you say that?!"

"Because records are meanenless. I don't care how well their past missions went. What I care about is that WILL happen, not what has happened. If she was a good as she claimed, she should have kept her temper down. So far, I see no reson to follow her as the team's commander." Was Vengeance's response.

Nick blinked. She wasen't going to fallow Leena as the team leader? That was going to be a problem. As if knowing what Nick was thinking, Vengeance spoke up.

"Don't worry. I'l still work with you. So fare, you're the only one on the team that has earned my respect."

Nick was relived that Vengeance will at least work with him, so the team won't be disfuctenal. "You know, Leena's not going to like what you plan to do, you know." Nick told her.

Vengeance went and fit herself in between the other two mechs before answering. "I really don't give a shit about what she thinks. Untill she proves other wise, she's just a self centered bitch to me."

Nick just shock his head as he turned to leave the hanger. 'Good to know my new team will be preforming well.' He thought sarcastecly.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 298d 1h 23m 33s
Narrowing her eyes at the mech, her tone practically leaked venom. She placed her hands on her hips, her blue eyes ablaze with annoyance. "As to my appointment of being commander, this squad was not chosen for personality but for skills, and I can assure you that there have been no fuck ups when I have participated in an operation. Search my file if you see fit, but I have absolutely no reason to defend myself here when record speaks for me."

With her little rant finished, she turned and left the hangar, evidently pissed.
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 304d 1h 27m 37s
Nick and Vengeance were, to say the least, surpprised at Leena's suden change.

"Thanks. You were right about the attack Vengeance used, but you did get a little carried a way." Nick responded. He then turned to look at the hanger door. "Jiv seemed a little..." He traled off, not knowing how to describe Jiv's attitoud.

Vengeance however was able. "He seemed way to emotinal and hiw tone seggesited he was prity pissed. I have consernes about him. And you, Commander. You were acting like both Reclain and the Lt were green pliots on their first training run when they are both sessened vetrens. I'm wounder why they mad you the team's Commander."

Nick just face palmed about Vengeance's statment. 'Things are getting cooled down now Vengeance and you had to go on and say THAT. Damnit.'
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 311d 21h 28m 20s
Watching Jiv leave the hangar after his words, Nemesis gave a 'tch' of slight annoyance. Obviously he hadn't been listening to Leena because she had spoke nothing of the past. But that annoyance was easily forgotten when Leena, evidently mad, crossed a few wires and making something akin to pain cross through the mecha.

"Nemesis, I command you to let me out of here!" Leena's voice was shrill now, signalling that, oh shit, she was madder than before. So before she could do any real damage to his circuits, Nemesis opened the cockpit, which Leena immediately escaped from. But rather then going after Nick and bitching at him before, she turned to her mech, looking pissed.

"Nemesis, what the HELL was that about? In any situation, holding you pilot in your cockpit is completely unacceptable, especially when it interferes with the mission!" She was going to say more, but the mecha cut her off. "I was just exercising my decisions as a sentient machine to do what was right in the given situation, and seeing as I was the one acting as your mobile platform, I deemed it fit to get you off the training field before any harm could come from your unseeming fit of rage."

Seeming almost dumbstruck for a moment, Leena didn't speak for sometime, but when she did, she sounded calmer. "I... I see. I will have to report this in the report, but I can understand your decision." She turned to face Nick and Vengeance then, considerably calmer. "I apologize for my crude behavior on the field, but initially I deemed it necessary to prove a valid point."
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Jiv, when he hopped out of Despair, immediately stormed off. Despair perked up. "Oh, sure, start a fight, and don't finish it?"
Jiv spoke as he passed by Nick, loud enough for Despair to hear. "She's got nothing TO bitch about, except background shit I don't give two fucks about!" Then he quieted down a bit. "If anyone needs me, I'm in my quarters." Once again, he began storming off. He wasn't going to let any part of sensitivity show, the dog tag that he kept with him hanging off his belt was flashing about from the reflected light.

Loyal to the end... ...I kinda wish the end would hurry the hell up.
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Nick landed Vengeance in the hanger. Before he got out, he closed his eyes and took a calming breath.

"No need to got out their like a reaving loonatic like her." He said out loud to himself.

"She is being a real bitch." Vengeance agreed. "How are so calm about this?"

"I'm not as calm as you think I am. Really, I feel like I could smash a few heads in. But if I let my anger get the better of my, what dose that prove?" Nick asked back.

"Point taken."

Nick then got out and look over at Nemesis. Leena had yet to come out. 'Is Nemesis not letting out?' He though to himself.

"It's okay to let her out. We need to get this resolved now. I only hope she at least tries to be calm about it."
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 319d 2h 37m 26s

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