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Jiv felt a slight tilt from the impact, and used it to spin around, drawing a sword to the back of Nick's mech. He lightly pressed the blade into the mech, then shoved it forward even faster, before pointing his sword to Nick. He spoke over communications. "Nick, I would prefer not damaging the spare mech if at all possible, but you're beginning to leave me little choice."
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 100d 15h 20m 42s
"What the hell?" Nick cursed to himself. 'Was that...breakdancing? What the hell... That was Despair, I know that. Damn, the AIs are good' Nick thought to himself. Nick, however, littile time to react, with a pistol aimed right at his cockpit. So he acted fast.

"Like hell it's checkmate!" He declared and throw his shield at Despair, then charged him with his sword held in a two hand grip.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 101d 1h 28m 36s
Despair had previously looked up 'breakdancing' as an idea to impress Nemesis with. Jiv was out of ideas right at that moment, and Despair took over, some sort of heavy music playing, an odd pivoting move kicking Nick's mech off-course. "You owe me big, bitch!"

Jiv took over, and flipped out of the pivot, pistol aimed perfectly at the cockpit Nick was in. "Checkmate?"
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 103d 4h 3m 6s
'Crap, he ducked.' Was the first thing through Nick's mind when his sword meets Jiv's. 'He reacted fast!' Nick then pulled his sword away and aimed a slashed at Despair's torso. 'Let's see how good they are at extream close range.'

Nick then pulled his shield over his mech's body and chargered forward, putting all the thrust the old mech had in it into the charge. "Let's see you handle this!" He yelled as he begain the charge.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 104d 23h 4m 43s
Despair's systems woke up just in time to get hit by the shield. "Not the face!"

Jiv understood, and ducked low to avoid Nick's swipe. He stuck his sword up instead, waiting for Nick to hit the sword. He was beginning to not hold back, but this wasn't his ideal range to do it at - he preferred a small distance so he could make fast feints.
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 108d 3h 30m 18s
'Almost fell a sleep, eh? Well, time to step things up a bit.' Nick thought to himself, ready to go all out.

"Just a test, Jiv. We want to see what you can do. But I think it's time for me to stop holding back." Nick then surged his mech forward and slamed his shield foward, folwing it up with a quick swing at Despair's face.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 110d 1h 17s
Sharp. No-no. Swords never bode well with armor, and while it wasn't a grade of sword that was going to do any serious damage, every little bit counted, and Jiv jumped back a few times, giving the ground so Nick wouldn't scratch Despair up too much. He sighed. "Hardly a challenge, Nick. I can almost fall asleep here."

Despair had to be a smartass. "I think I'll sleep, and let you control." A few lights turned off, but Jiv was still able to pilot. Sure, Jiv was slightly annoyed, but his attention was on Nick.

  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 114d 1h 9m 21s
Nick was surprised to see his kick did nothing to Despair. Not even a small flinch. 'Must be the armor. If it can take railgun rounds and missiles, then a kick should be no problem.'

"Damn, thats good armor. But lets see if it can handle this!"

Nick then lashed out with five sword strikes, wanting to see if Despair's armor could stand up to several attacks in a row.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 115d 40m 59s
He didn't expect the kick - that was a surprise, but it wasn't a surprise his mech couldn't take. He just let the kick happen. Despair didn't budge. "Ewww, ugly foot. Don't get me wrong, though, it feels good."

Jiv had to quip up. "It's not a massage, cabron." He knew better than to attack quite yet. He wanted to test Despair suit's armor.
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / omio / 8y 120d 23h 41m 6s
Nick ativated the trusters in the mech's feet and jumped over the attack. His mech landed right back were it was.

'He'll be a littile off balance with that one' He thouth to himself.

He then stabed forward with his sword, only to suddenly pull back and then lashed out with a kick. "Good. I want this to be even a littile fun."
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 145d 1h 30m 17s
Jiv used the left knee of Despair to parry the shield. He spoke laxly, keeping calm as he toyed with Nick. "Could care less 'bout your rank, homes."
Despair quipped up, trying to take the words out of Jiv's mouth. "Trash his heap o' scrap!"
Jiv shook his head, and shot the raised left foot to the ankle of Nick's mech. He wasn't taking the said mech seriously, and he was annoyed with Despair trying to ruin his amusement. "Lemme play with him, idiota."
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 145d 23h 11m 6s
Nick angled his blade to pary Jiv's. He was quick, just as Nick had assumed.

"If your trying to throw me off, your going to have to do a better job of it. Or don;t tell me you're going easy on that because I'm higher ranked, Lt?" Nick joked.

Nick then pushed Jiv's sword a way and swong his shield at Despair's body.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 147d 22h 38m 55s
Jiv had taken Despair out, following Nick with a drawn sword and shield, and upon hearing him try to hold his ground, he had a small snicker. He had a retort to throw Nick off-edge. "You ever hear something about gun safety? They say "red is dead."" His sword was quick, like he was, and it wasn't long before he swung the sword at the hand that Nick's mech held its sword in.

Despair quipped. "My pilot's Black Gold! Kiss your heap good-bye!"
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 177d 18h 13m 11s
"Roger that, ma'am." Nick replied. He then landed Vengeance next to the older meck and exited the cockpit.

He took a second to look the mech over. It was the same model he remembered some members of his old team using. He knew how it worked, having helped some of those who piloted them fix them.

He was quick to get into the cockpit and, taking a moument to learn the systems, turned it on.

Veengeance moved a way from the older mech and came to a stop next to Neemesis, intending to see how well Jiv and Despair worked as a team and to see how well Nick would preform.

Nick ergerly drew the sword and shield and faced Despair "Alright, Jiv, Despair. I'm ready when ever you are. But don't take me littlely, they don't call me the Red Paladin for nothing!"
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 177d 22h 25m 6s
Leena felt a pang of annoyance at Jiv, her brows furrowing into a frown. “Well, despite what you’re used to, this military operation is already high budget so leisurely items and systems like consoles and squad comm. Systems outside of usual missions have been cut.” Despite her mood, she kept her tone even and matter of factly.
“That’s surprising… you figure with the importance of the mission files they have set for this squad, you guys are still scraping by, eh?”

Gritting her teeth at her mech's teasing, Leena just leaned back into the seat. "Yeah, well..." She gave a huff - she didn't want to be defensive to her damn mech. Shaking her head, she led the way to their training area.
There already sat an older model mech equipped with a sword. "Nick, you and Jiv are to spar again, but you'll be using this model so we don't have the same incident as yesterday."
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 183d 31m 36s

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