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In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason.

Many years into the future, Earth is ravaged by war over a powerful weapon known as a Mech Suit. These mech suits started off as simple things - robots built to help people with ordinary and every day things.

"But things soon escalated from there."

To have robots be destroyed on the battlefield would be better then to have humans die senselessly, so the government of the United States built full scale battle robots.

"But war is such a complicated thing, isn't it?

The robots were unable to function as efficiently as humans in battle thus, the designs were revised. Instead of just robots, humans now operated giant battle mecha to decimate the enemies of their country, and soon, an ocean of blood was made as many other countries attempted to stand up against the now power hungry government.

Then, that war tore the Earth apart - the alliance against the new State of Humankind created space stations and fled into the stars, launching nuclear missiles at their old home's once beautiful surface in hopes to quash their enemies. But it didn't work - SoH still lived, and came back as powerful as ever, scattering the rebellion into disarray.
So they fled deeper, but still their enemies followed, not pleased until their enemies all lay dead.

"But there's still hope; there's always hope."

The rebels, calling themselves the Vanguard, unite together once again to build there own Mecha Suits and fight back, although losing fast. Looking for an edge in battle, they manage to find designs for three new Mecha Suits - ones that think and feel on top of being piloted. So, they send three of their best pilots to commandeer the new experimental Mecha, knowing that it's their last chance to turn the tables.


  • Looking for ONE other; the third pilot will die.
  • Literacy please - 1000 characters at minimum.
  • Spelling and grammar please.
  • Looking for a guy preferably, though I can deal with females.
  • It can have romance - I want it to be realistic though and I'd be willing to give yuri a shot.
  • Add your own twists.
  • Post at least once a week.
  • No godmidding in fights.
  • Your mecha will have a name and personality of it's own so you have to be ready to rp as the mecha as well.

I'm desperate to get this RP in the air, so someone please join?


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Jiv spotted one that blew past Leena in desperation, and he flew to intercept, sword at the ready. "Last one's yours!" He felt like only disabling systems, so with a few swings, he cleaved off legs, then cut the thrusters apart, then chopped the arms off so retaliation was impossible. Then, he impaled a part of the body with his sword so he could take a hostage back, and maybe gain some intel. He wasn't expecting much, but it was his initiative. "Taking one prisoner here. Might get some intel. May I interrogate him later?"

Jiv made a good choice in position. If he wasn't where he was, the salvage crew would've seen more heat than they would've liked.

[[ The prisoner isn't necessarily a plot object, or really much of a critical opening for me, but if there's any ideas around, go ahead and voice them. ]]
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 7y 233d 16h 51m 33s
"Confirming five hostels remaining." Vengeance reported, as Nick raised the stolen shield to block gun fire.

Nick took a look at how they were forming up. Three were grouped up, while the other two seemed to be trying something else. Nick's eyes moved to the three grouped up. "Let's get the three that are in formation, shall we?"

"Roger. Targeting SoH mechs." Came the response.

Nick aimed the rifle and both of the wing-tip mounted cannons switched into fire position. He fired all three weapons at the mechs, the plasma cannons obliterating the back two, while the rifle shot hit the chest, starting a chain reaction from the battery and destroying the mech.

"Shall we move to engage the last two unit?" Vengeance inquired.

"I think Jiv and Leena can handle the last two. Besides, by the time we take out on, the other will probably be destroyed by one of the others. I'm sure they can handle them."
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 7y 233d 17h 29m 52s
"Not many enemy hostiles left; we could wrap this up pretty soon the way things keep going." Nemesis commented as Leena directed the mech to aim at a SoH unit that was obviously trying to speed it's way through the battle feild. Of course it didn't get far seeing as Leena targeted the vital areas on the mech, immobilizing it.

Still though the pink haired pilot remained silent and rather than directing Nemesis towards some of the other remaining mechs, she moved in for the kill on the helpless SoH mech, firing until it exploded, leaving nothing but floating scrap metal.
"Whoa, hey! Cheap shot! That guy couldn't do anything!"

Leena grinded her teeth together at her mech's interjection. "So? Would have killed us if there was the opertunity." She sighed a moment after, noticing how few opponents there were now. "Okay let's finish this!"
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 7y 287d 20h 56m 35s
Nick fired off another pair of rounds from the rail guns, taking the arms clean of a mech. He fired Vengeance's thrusters forward and, drawing the sword stored between her wings, cleaved the mech in two.

"Warning: Two mechs closing in." Vengeance advised.

"Already saw them. Lets see how well you preform in close quarters." Was Nick's repile.

"Very well. Switching to HiMAT mode."

Vengeance's wings broke apart into several smaller wings, boosting mobility. Nick surges Vengeance forward, dogging gun fire from the two SoH mechs. They closed in in no time. Nick slashed at the first one, the pilot to slow to react and sliced it in half. Nick then turned the sword to the next one. The pilot manged to get the shield up in time, but Nick was counting on that.

Nick lashed out with Vengeance's foot, kicking the mass product model and sliced the mech's left arm off at the elbow. He stab Vengeance's sword into the cockpit, kslling the pilot. Nick put the sword a way, and took hold of the shield. After removing what was left of the arm, Nick mounded the shield on Vengeance's left arm.

"Their, much better." He said to himself.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 7y 303d 4h 29m 1s
The ones within his range were either distracted, and with his darker colour scheme, he was harder to 'eyeball', which was an advantage he could use. He used his pistol to peg the distant units, and as soon as they came close to engage, they were forcibly met with Despair's sword. All-in-all, Despair didn't need to use the thrusters too much, but Jiv, under his breath, was cursing a storm about the said thrusters. They weren't very effective or fast, so he really felt the limitation of his movement in space. He liked the target-tracking, though, as he had to shoot in Vengeance's direction to take out a hostile.

Despair, as a partial joke, counted the units Jiv took down."One... ...two... ...three, four... ...That's it? Four?"
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 7y 310d 19h 51m 59s
Leena had tuned out her partner's banter, her mind just barely keeping their locations in mind as Nemesis' cloak activated and she quickly moved into a position behind the enemy, opening fire just as she deactivated the cloak, scattering the group of enemies. But she didn't let up, her gaze jumping from one foe to another.

A few enemies managed out of her range, but she didn't care too much - the others ould deal with them as she dealt with the ones within her range.
Her absolute focus seemed to stir her mech however. "Hey are you alright? You're really quie--"
Leena gave a low hiss and a particulary hard tug on the contols to silence to mech from breaking her concentration.

[Kay guys, let's wrap up the first mission as quick as possible.]
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 7y 310d 21h 27m 38s
Nick moved Vengeance into a good firing position. "Seeing as Vengeance is built with with several cannons, I'll take first shot."

"I'll do my best to monitor enemy locations and send them to Despair. How shall we attack, Lt Com?" Vengeance said.

"We'll try the Full Bust Mode out ageist real targets. Ready?" Nick replied.

"Asking is unnecessary. Activation Full Bust Mode."

The targeting computer came online and Vengeance locked on to five of the SoH mechs. When Nick got commiseration on targets he opened fire. The two beam cannons blew throw the first two mechs, destroying them. The shot from the beam rifle priced the battery of the third one and set off chain reaction of the mech's power. One of the rail gun shots tore into the cockpit of the next one, killing the pilot, but not destroying the mech. The other rail gun shot took out the right arm of the last one.

"Hmm, that last shot could of used some work." Nick commented as he flew to a new position.
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 7y 329d 11h 52m 1s
Jiv was only too happy to oblige his commander, and it wasn't long before they completely passed the salvage area. Despair, wanting to see the salvage, flipped, but Jiv remained in full control. "Dude! The Salvage is back THERE!"

Jiv's reply was sharp. "Shut the FUCK up, STOP dog-fucking, and focus! We're here to lob some heads off, and I'll be damned if anyone gets through me alive! As Jiv had said, about 1km past the wreckage, he stopped. If he went any further, he was going to expose ambush risks. "If any speed unit blows past you two, it's mine. It'll rush into either a headshot, or a sword. Leena, Nick, you two will have to be my long-range eyes. I can track your direction via comms, but enemies might not be so chatty."

Despair had to be annoying. "Well, sorry, princess! I'm a close-range mech, y--"
Jiv banged on a panel - a threat he wasn't making lightly. "Shut UP, or I'm frying your link to the comms!"
Despair's final remark wasn't on the comms. "Hard-ass."
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 7y 333d 6h 25m 24s
Leena was a little exasperated, her fist clenching as she listened to the requests made. Immediately she answered Nick, a certain edgy tone in her voice. "We can see to your request after we return from the mission."

She could feel mission anxiety build in her, thus she felt a little snappy at the Despair's comments. "Listen, you can go and check out the salvage AFTER we deal with the hostiles. We won't have time before that, got it?"
Already she noted that Nemesis was picking up hostiles on HUD, signaling that they were close.
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 7y 333d 11h 23m 59s
Jiv had no questions. No comments. Nothing. Dead silence. Jiv's focus was absolute, and calculated, as he began to dash to the co-ordinates he was given. His mech was slower than both Nick's and Leena's, since it was restricted to the ground, but it wasn't by a wide margin. However, Despair was confused, as Jiv was manually assigning pressures and such to the legs to actually do the dash. Despair analyzed the data, and took over, seeing the realistic difference that lower-altitude running had. Jiv smiled slightly, but still kept silent. Despair was learning Jiv's algorithms, and beginning to adapt to them. Despair only had one comment to make over the communication relay. "You guys go ahead. My armor system might be good, but if I'm too far out to start, I might miss hostiles. 'sides, I wanna sneak a peek at the salvage mechs."

Jiv finally spoke up. "Stationing 1km beyond co-ordinates if assuming same topographical direction to maximize weapon range and weapon damage to highest efficiency. Comments?"
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 28d 12h 7m 5s
"Roger that, ma'am." Nick replied. He was looking forward to this. Vengeance took off after Nemesis, catching up quickly. As they were launching, an idea came to Nick's mind. "Hey, Vengeance."

"What is it?" She asked him.

"Do you think you can give me a run down of you're systems and ability's? So I have an idea of what you can do?" Nick requested.

Vengeance though for a moment "Very well. It would be a good idea for you to know this information." She then went into a expatiation of her systems. "My arsenal composes of 8 weapons. The first is the 'Lupus' beam rifle for stranderd combat usage. To supplement, I have two 'Xiphias' rail guns. For heavy weaponry, theirs the two wing-tip mounted 'Balaena' beam cannons. They pack as much punch as the main cannons on cruisers. For close encounters, their are two head mounted Vulcans to shout down missiles or attack mechs in close proximity. And for close quarters combat I have a stranderd anti-ship sword."

"Nice layout." Nick remarked, impressed. "But what about a shield?"

"I don't have a shield. It wasn't deemed necessary." She told Nick.

"What the hell do you mean you don't have a shield? Those thing are invaluable for a mech! I can't tell you how often a shield has saved my life! I mean, how hard is it to take a piece of metal and slap it on a mech's arm? What the hell?! Commander, would it be possible for me to get a shield mounted on Vengeance when we get back? Realy, what the hell were those SoH techs thinking? Goddamn it."
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 31d 14h 11m 42s
"Alright, I'm sending some coordinates to both of you. At these coordinates there is an wreckage from one of the latest fights. We have a scavenging team there but they will need to be guarded. We already have a defense team stationary there, but our intelligence has informed us that there's a small squad of mechs coming to take them out. We are to thin out that approaching team, or completely dispatch. Remember, that this may be classed as training, but it is a real exorcise. If you feel your mech put in danger in anyway, you are to pull back." The pink haired commander was already pressing Nemesis forward to launch, barely giving her team mates a second glance. She could already feel adrenaline starting to pump through her.

Oh, how fun this would be.

"Remember to utulize the systems as much as possible to gain familiarity. Here we go!" She got Nemesis to launch, signalling the start of he mission, a dark grin across her face.
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 34d 19h 34m 43s
Jiv smiled. "I'm glad we're seeing eye-to-eye for a change." His smile didn't last long, however, as he turned a bit more serious. He was ready to serve. "Nonetheless, on your word, Commander."
Despair has to quip up. "You totally should've just trashed that heap of junk!"
Jiv, sharp to his mech, had to put Despair's whim in place. "Despair, we've been through this. We don't have many mechs available. We have to make the best use of what little we have."
Despair was trying to lighten Jiv's mood. "That heap of scrap probably won't be useful in a couple of months, just watch."
Jiv's mood lightened enough for one more thing to be said. "Alright, cabron, I wager the off time after three months. If I win, I get to pilot you manually. If you win, I owe you a personal maintenance and repair. Deal?"
Despair was surprised, but was quick to respond. "Deal!"
  Lt. Martin Jiv, Despair / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 58d 13h 20m 28s
Nick let out a small sigh. "Alright Jiv, you win. Good job." Nick then deactivated the mech he was using and got out of the cockit. He noticed a few dents and scratched in the mech's armor. "You did some good damage to this one, Jiv. It'll need a day at most for repairs."

He begain to walk back towards Vengeance, only to see her taking two steps towards him. She nelt down and placed a hand in frount of Nick. "You held you're own very well, Lt Com. The Lt and Despair also prefromed well." She said.

Nick steped on to Vengeance's hand and she moved him to the cockpit. "Thanks you for saying that." He replied as he got in the cockpit. "Alright, we're ready ma'am."
  Nick Reclain / CommanderXD / 8y 58d 18h 52m 29s
Her eyes never left the fight, her bows furrowed as she watched each movement intently, her mind racing with possible outcomes, but in the end she knew that Jiv would win for two simple facts - Despair's AI and the advanced shielding. Not that Nick wasn't good at close quarters or anything, but still the odds weighed in the elder pilot's favor. So when she was sure it was over she flicked open the comm link before Nick went against Jiv again, only to be met with another move from Despair and Jiv.

Her mouth pressing into a firm line she gave a small nod in agreement to what Jiv had said, although no one but Nemesis would see it. "Jiv is right here - Nick this was only a training exercise and that will do. Stand down." Her voice held nothing but a strict tone as she ran what information she had gathered through her mind about the mech and her team mates.
Thing would definitely be interesting from here on.

Getting nemesis to take a few steps towards the other two, she looked over the days order of events that she had scribbled down, letting a soft, almost inaudible sigh escape her. "Once Vengeance has it's pilot back we'll be going out to do a small recon training mission and then we get some down time before getting the dossier for our first mission tomorrow."
  .::LEENA::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 60d 13h 8m 41s

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