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hey guys Dante Shakai here I have been in a couple but I never made oneso I would like to makke an roleplay but I got a few rules
1. please posts must be 1,000 characters to 2,500 characters if you have writers block it can be 500-700 characters
2. If you are not gonna post for awhile please pm me and tell me before you go
3. No cybering if needed we can do timeskips or over email
4. Im sorry furry fans I'm not doing any furry roleplays unless your plot is really good
5. No Twilight, True Blood, or just plain dumb roleplays I want a good one
6. I like to be the male but I dont care if I'm the female it would be fun
7. I like romance rolplays but no "love at first site" its stupid and dumb
I can be both guys and girls but dont be mad if im not good a girls
I'll take any ideas just post or pm your idea and plot and I'll make a tread for it
I would like to do an anime roleplay
animes i've watched and pairings I can do
soul eater
SoulX Maka
KidX Liz
Kid X Patty
Naruto X Sakura
Naruto X Hinata
Neji X TenTen
Neji X Temari
Sai X Sakura
Sasuke X Sakura
Sasuke X Karin
Itachi X OC
Naruto X OC
Sasuke X Ino
Sasuke X OC
OC X Ino
ichigoX Rukia
hitsugyaX Karin
Renji X Rukia
IchigoX Orhime
IchigoX OC
Shakugan no Shana
Yuji X Shana or OC
Code Geass
Lelouch or Suzakux OC
11 Eyes
Kakeru X Yuka
Kakeru X Miziru
Kakeru X OC
Hidan no Aria
OC X Kanzaki
!!!mirai nikki NEW!!!!
Yukkix Yuno
OC X yuno
OC X miryuu
MikotoX OC or Yuno
dairy holder survial game (group)
!!!school days NEW!!!
OCX konotoha
Makoto X OC
Legend of Zelda
LinkX OC
LinkX Zelda
Devil May Cry
Dante X OC
VergilX OC
Soul Callibur
Kilk X Xangwya
any male character except Nightmare or agol x OC
Mario X Peach
Luigi X Daisy
Mario X OC
Luigi X OC
Kindom hearts
sora X Kairi
RoxasX OC
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock X OC
Watson X OC
generic topicsNO INSTANT CYBERING!!!!
Jock X cheerleader
Nerd X cheerleader
teacher X student
lost on an island
Vampire X Human

to descuss a plot pm me with the subject "Akuma Aria"
these are roleplay groups that are open
remember if a girl shows yandere your instafucked if she goes crazy

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