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(Yay) Orion had had enough, much against hs usual principles grabbed aster and threw the little mech over his knee, giving his aft a firm spanking.
  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 8y 354d 11h 7m 11s
For a moment it seemed like Aster was ashamed, but then a look of annoyance crossed his face as a sudden lance of anger bloomed through his processor. "If he wakes up. Knowing my damn lick he'll die. Then what will I have? Nothing." His voice was a low snarl, optics dim.

[Yay decepticon programming~ \o/]
  .::ASTERSTORM::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 354d 11h 20m 6s
Orion stepped up " He saved you under my orders because first of all we can't afford to lose any more soldiers and second of all what you did was extremely foolish and if I tell azrael when he wakes up, he will be so dissappointed in you I think he'll cry, however I won't tell him if you promise never to do it again." he said sterny using the stern big bot voice He used when he was disapointed and upset, the same voice he used to give commands to the autobots.
  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 8y 354d 14h 38m 37s
Aster couldn't bring himself to look at the other two mechs, instead he looked away, optics on his marked arms. "why did you save me...?" he returned Ratchet's question with his own, his vocalizor staticy.
  .::ASTERSTORM::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 354d 14h 45m 26s
Orion didn't speak he just stood there arms crossed over his chest giving aster the 'Disapointed' optimus look. He couldn't speak he wanted to yell at the little mech and slap him but he also wanted to be understanding and kind so instead he opted for silence and 'the look'
  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 8y 355d 8h 31m 45s
Aster slowly began to awaken, feeling terrible. He looked around the medical bay, optics dim. Hazily he wondered what had happened. Then he remembered what he had done and weakly he attempted to sit up, but found himself unable to because he was so weak.

Ratchet, whom had been sitting at his desk saw the motion and immediately ran over, calling Orion out. The moment he was at the berth he scolded the young mech. "Why would you...?"
  .::ASTERSTORM::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 355d 8h 40m 15s
Lonesog nodded " Your welcome" he said kissing jazz's head.
  Lonesong / Grellfanaddict / 8y 355d 17h 14m 34s
Prowl smiled back to Lonesong, his figure fading slightly. "I know you will. That's why you have my eternal thanks."
  .::PROWL::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 355d 17h 16m 40s
Lonesong smiled " I'll always look after him Ptowl I promise" he said with a smile.
  Lonesong / Grellfanaddict / 8y 356d 7h 55m 43s
"I know." Prowl's voice was quiet too, his optics trailing down to watch Jazz's peaceful face. "But he's healing and it's because of you. And because of that I can finally rest peacefully." Because before he had seen Jazz tearing himself apart - he hadn't been able to rest he had been so heartbroken at the sight. But now he was at peace.
  .::PROWL::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 356d 8h 21m 40s
Lonesong nodded softly "It's my pleasure" he whispered with a smile not wanting to wake Jazz "He misses you you know... Everyday" he said softly looking down at Jazz's peacefully sleeping form.
  Lonesong / Grellfanaddict / 8y 356d 8h 29m 28s
The floating spark flickered for a moment, as if it was going to disappear, but slowly it formed a semi-transparent shape. That shape was that of the old Autobot SIC, Prowl. He had a gentle servo placed on Jazz's one cheek plate, his optics looking to Lonesong. "Thank-you for looking after him."

  .::PROWL::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 356d 8h 52m 9s
Lonesong woke up slowly " Huh?" he said when he saw the floating thing.
  Lonesong / Grellfanaddict / 8y 356d 8h 56m 52s
[Okay, I'll make it then.]

Splitsecond gave a small nod. "You're right."


Jazz slept softly on the berth where Lonesong had placed him, but another thing lurked in the room - it looked like a floating spark over watching the two. It moved closer - almost right next to where Jazz lay.
  .::PROWL::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 356d 9h 15m 12s
Arione sighed " I'm sorry splitsecond it's not you it's me, maybe we should just start as friends and see where it goes from there" he said softly looking down .

  Arione / Grellfanaddict / 8y 356d 9h 21m 23s

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