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I don't know I will once I get to Florida I'll be heading on a plane shortly so it'll have to be done tonight or tommorrow
  Quickdraw / Grellfanaddict / 8y 345d 17h 56m 52s
[Why you no posty in other rps?]
  .::RATCHET::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 345d 18h 4m 7s
QuickDraw wandered past several bots introducing himself as he went sharing some good old western slang conversation with ironhide as he walked by Shadow clinging to his arm like a lost child
  Quickdraw / Grellfanaddict / 8y 347d 19h 39m 19s
Ratchet said 'thanks' as Quickdraw wandered off, although he had to inwardly question what he was implying with the gifts.
  .::RATCHET::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 347d 20h 16m 29s
QuickDraw smirked " Heard you had some new bots here sherif, I Recon I better go say howdy" he said before walking up to ratchet " as for you merry Christmas" he said shoving a couple books into ratchets servos that read 'Western slang for city boys' and 'western activities for dummies' before he wandered off.
  Quickdraw / Grellfanaddict / 8y 348d 22h 2m 6s

Ratchet gave a slow nod. "I see." He had a few issues understanding the western accent but he wasn't going to complain - he didn't want anymore negativity hovering around the base.
  .::RATCHET::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 349d 45m 15s
Well poor megsy I hade a dream windrunner died and it broke megatrons spark into little pieces so he decides to. Surrender to the autobots going and telling the decepticons that he's done with the fighting but they can ccontinue if they want, first soundwave who had recently lost San to an autobot attack and screamer who lost Jinx when they tried a dirrect attack on the autobot base agreed with megatron then the rest followed suit so megatron hands the document over to optimus and leaves. Soundwave,screamer and megatron start living together and megatron isn't doing well, since his spark is broken he refuses to take energon and or recharge and he starts to rust lookiing about 2 billion years old despite him being much younger than that and he gets sick and ratchets taking care of him but he's not getting better so optimus has ratchet pull the plug then he starts to cry it's so sad!)
  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 8y 349d 3h 47m 44s
  .::NITESTRIKE::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 349d 8h 18m 40s

  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 8y 349d 12h 8m 52s
Orion nodded " He lives a fair ways away from here all the way in Texas actually" he said with a smile.
  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 8y 349d 12h 9m 22s
Aster shook his head. "I'm the one who pushed you to that... I'm so sorry." He looked away, not wanting to mention him trying to take his life for that.

Ratchet raised an optic ridge. "You two know each other...?"

[[Mmm, it's good. :P]]
  .::ASTERSTORM::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 349d 12h 28m 38s

  Quickdraw / Grellfanaddict / 8y 350d 16h 29m 39s
" A bit of alright I recon Sheriff Orion. Just came down for some Yule tide cheer" Quickdraw replied in his drawl tipping his hat to Ratchet before shaking orion's hand " How's life treatin' you city boys? Not good by the looks of it, where's the tree an' the trimmin'? Base ain't lookin' to christmasy this year" he said concern flickering through his optics before they turned cheerful again.
  Quickdraw / Grellfanaddict / 8y 350d 16h 30m 55s
Azrael rubbed asters back and nuzzled him " Why're you apologising? I should be the one apologising" he said his voice just loud enough for Aster to hear. Orion walked outside with ratchet just as Quickdraw came speeding towards the base transforming and skidding to a stop in front of the two " Well Howdy There Marshal quickdrawn how're things in the west?" Orion asked with a smile
Aster held onto Azrael, giving soft mutters as he cried. Most of his mutters were so quiet that they couldn't be heard but the ones that were heard were "I'm sorry."
  .::ASTERSTORM::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 350d 16h 55m 32s

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