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Ratchet, as the days passed grew more and more worried, never leaving Orion's side unless he really needed to.

So on the one day when he sat there, jut looking over Orion's berth sadly, aster poked his head into the room. Noticing how tired the medic looked, he walked over, holding out some energon for him. "Do you think he'll wake up anytime soon?"

Ratchet could only shrug and take the energon.
  .::ASTERSTORM::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 317d 19h 39m 42s
Orion didn't wake for a couple of weeks, he didn't move if not for the feel of the slow quiet beating of his spark you would have thought he was offline.
  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 8y 318d 21h 12m 44s
Ratchet frowned sadly, getting Orion comfortable on the berth before running off to the med bay, putting Al in charge there and taking an IV. He then went back to his and Orion's shared quarters and hooked the IV up. There was no telling how long he could be out so Ratchet didn't want to take any chances.

After everything was all set up he he sat on the side of the berth, gently stroking Orion's hand and waited.
  .::RATCHET::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 318d 21h 57m 23s
Orion cried so hard and long that he eventually passed out taking comfort in ratchets warm embrace. His chasis still shook though he was unconcious.
  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 8y 322d 12h 8m 59s
Ratchet, despite all of his years at Orion's side, had never seen him shed tears, and in that moment when he started to cry, he felt a little helpless. But also in that moment, he understood and held Orion close, pressing kisses against the chevron and stroking his back soothingly. The medic would occasionally whisper calming words into his partner's audios, mostly along the lines of 'it's alright' and 'you're not alone'. Ratchet knew that he could only wait for Orion to either pass out or settle down so with all the patience he could gather, Ratchet just sat there and let Orion cry, trying to be as supporting as possible.
  .::RATCHET::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 322d 12h 32m 17s
" ratchet" orion's voice came soft as the autobot leader for the first time since his days on cybertron, started to bawl like a child. He sobbed against ratchets chest plating his optics telling the story of his exaustion. All the stress of the last couple of weeks and all the stress of the war were making the poor mech sick, he wanted to purge...badly but cuddled against ratchet, he couldn't do it anymore. his systems now flashing warnings, everything was going to hell and poor orion was losing his sanity, his mind was fracturing from all that stress. He couldn't think straight, he wanted to die but instead just sat there and sobbed in Ratchets arms.
  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 8y 333d 1h 58m 21s
Ratchet, upon Orion's sudden awakening, ran to his lover's side and hugged him. He rubbed the other mech's back to sooth him. "It's alright - it was only a dream..."
  .::RATCHET::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 333d 5h 23m 37s
Orion woke for a moment to smile at ratchet before falling into recharge, and while he recharged Orion dreamt a terrible dream of earth being destroyed turned into a wasteland like cybertron. He shot up off the medical berth panting.
  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 8y 342d 18h 23m 23s
Ratchet had followed Orion, a little worried about how he was looking. And when he entered their shared quarters, he found Orion passed out on the floor. He rushed to Orion's side, checking vitals immediately before picking him up and taking him to the med bay so he could better look after him.
  .::RATCHET::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 342d 19h 27m 46s
Orion suddenly felt exausted for some reason nearly fainting right then and there, he leaned on the wall for support for a moment before shaking it off and giving the concerned looking ratchet a reassuring smile. He headed to his room none the less ... he didn't understand, a quick check of his power cells indicated that they were fully charged and in perfect working condition but he felt so tired and weak. Even his energon And temperature readings were normal he was just exausted with no plausible explination. He collapsed then, laying on the floor by his berth barely even able to lift his arms to summon help, all the energon had drained from his face and his helm swam ' Ratchet help' was the last thought that crossed his proccessor before he blacked out.
  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 8y 344d 6h 27m 15s
Right forgot anyways we just got in and I'm pooped so I'll reply to all rp's tomorrow
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[I do draw people. But my tablet is pooched right now, remember?]
  .::RATCHET::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 345d 16h 13m 0s
Going on plane ttyl
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  Quickdraw / Grellfanaddict / 8y 345d 17h 35m 5s
[Okay. :)]
  .::RATCHET::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 345d 17h 51m 50s

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