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Orion chuckled and tossed one back but he still couldn't help but see the slight tinge of pain still in Megatrons eyes from the loss of his human. Orion shook it off and smiled tackling megatron to the ground and wrestling in the snow with him.
  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 9y 6d 10h 34m 15s
Lonesong frowned "Oi, watch where your tail is big guy you scratched my jazzy pants new paint job and mine too!" he cried not angrily but more in a helpfully critisizing kinda way.
  Lonesong / Grellfanaddict / 9y 6d 10h 36m 24s
Soundwave kissed San back, a little dazed from the snow having caught him off guard seeing as he had been watching Megatron pick up a snowball and hurl it at Orion.
  .::SOUNDWAVE::. / OreganoLeaves / 9y 6d 10h 37m 59s
[Only if you knew what plans Aster had for the snowfort... XD]

Grimlock piled the snow and went to get more, accidentally tail whipping Jazz and Lonesong as he did so.

Aster giggled and hugged Azrael's helm before jumping down to start the fort. The snow was about waist deep on the small bot, and he could barely move to make the fort.
  .::ASTERSTORM::. / OreganoLeaves / 9y 6d 10h 39m 49s
Orion chuckled softly" I'll help to why don't you pitch in Megatron? It'll be just like old times" he said walking over to megatron. San laughed out loud as she chucked a giant snowball at soundwaves head, snuck up infront of him and when he turned back around she caught his lips in a gentle kiss.
  Orion / Grellfanaddict / 9y 6d 10h 41m 26s
Azrael smiled wider " Thanks Grimlock we can use all the help we can get if we're going to make aster the best autobot sized snow fort ever. But I'm sorry aster is my cute little accesory you can't have him" he said teasingly taking his little buddy from grimlock and placing him on his own shoulder.
[Moe Aster is super-moe cute. >_> I think I died from imagining the cute-ness.]

Aster's optics brightened in glee as he gave a quick nod and ran to go recruit others. He was gone maybe three minutes when he came back, riding on the back of Grimlock's neck as the dinobot shuffled snow closer with his tail. "Me, Grimlock, help Aster and Azrael help make fort!"
  .::ASTERSTORM::. / OreganoLeaves / 9y 6d 11h 8m 24s
Azrael chuckled softly "Sure aster lets go" he said picking a spot to make a fort "We're going to need lots of snow, think you can help with that?" he asks full knowing the answer.(Sure)
[Prowler should come back as a ghostie JUST to tell Song that he's happy that he's with Jazzy to make him happy.]

Aster giggled, running over to Azrael and hugging his leg, a broad smile across his face. Like any child, the first snow had made him giddy and practically bursting with energy. "Az... would you make a snow fort with me...?"
He made a small pouty puppy face as he held the bigger mech's leg tightly.
  .::ASTERSTORM::. / OreganoLeaves / 9y 6d 11h 20m 50s
Shadow laughed and skillfully dodged Asters snowball and threw one back. Earning a growl and two snow balls to the helm for Azrael. LOne song flopped down on the snow and made an angel in it pulling jazz down with him. Jinx looked at Starscream and dragged him back behind a snow mound for some private time with a laugh.
  Sanyu / Grellfanaddict / 9y 6d 11h 24m 58s

This was a human holiday, and it confused MirrorMirage. He had been studying both sides for some time, and as the snow began to fall in the human world, he had noticed a certain cheer to them all, even the war-loving decepticons. So, perched where he was overlooking the autobot base, he watched as little Asterstorm playfully threw a snow ball at the Autobot Shadow, though his attempt would probably be in vain considering the autobot's ninja skills.

There were also a few decepticons out there with the autobots, Splitsecond helping Hound make a snowman, and Vale, the usual oh so bitter decepticon historian telling christmas stories to young Bumblebee and Cliffjumper.

[MM will be our narrator, and occasionally drop in.]
  .::MIRRORMIRAGE::. / OreganoLeaves / 9y 6d 11h 29m 29s
yay lets go you start with who ever you want.
  Swiftstar / Grellfanaddict / 9y 6d 11h 41m 5s

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