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Okay. ) it had been a long time since Optimus had last heard a voice this was the first time in a long time. He recognized it as ratchets immediately, his spark told him it was ratchets even before his processor confirmed it. He could hear ratchet speaking to him softly and sobbing,Oh how he'd missed the sound of his bond mates voice, even if his mates voice was thick with sadness. Slowly he checked his internal systems he was back to normal for the most part, he was still a little weak but very thing else check out okay so slowly he opened his optics. "" his vocalizer was weak from lack of use but he managed.
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I hate brackets. I fixed it. Look again. =.=
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[[ Why not when OP starts getting better? 'Cause I'm still working on the pic.]]
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If Aster could shiver, then he was sure that he would have, his hands darting up to cover his mouth. Wherever Azrael touched felt like it was on fire, and he was sure that sounds would end up escaping him, which would embarrass him to no end.

[Time skip?]
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Azreal trailed one hand down asters body to squeeze his aft kissing aster hungrily . He trailed kisses down Asters body stoping to skillfully trace the seams of the interface panel with his tongue trying to coax it to open for him.
"Az...." Aster tried not to sound like he was whining, but Primus did this ever feel good, and the little mech wanted more.
  .::ASTERSTORM::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 147d 18h 20m 5s
Azreal smiled and nibbled on Asters Neck cables "You looked like you needed some cheering up" he said huskily in asters audio before nibbling it.
The little mech, so preoccupied with his worry, didn't even notice the direction change until Azrael kissed him. Nearly jumping with surprise, Aster's optics looked to the larger mech's questioningly, though any questions he had vanished when the red mech toyed with him.

Quivering and trying to regain what little composure he could muster in this situation, Aster clung to Azrael nearly helplessly. "What are you... you've never done..." He felt so lost because of how nice it felt.
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Azreal chuckled thinking of a good way to get aster to forget all about the grim situation. He turned a corner and instea of heading for the training room he headed for their shared birth room. Once inside he locked the door and kissed Aster passionately claws playing with all the sensitive area's of Asters body.
"I hope your right." He sounded grim, his tiny fists clenching slightly. Worry seemed to simmer within him, but the little mech tried not to show it outwardly - he didn't want to worry Azrael anymore than he already was.

But what worried him the most was what would happen if Orion did die - moral would run low once again, and with the Decepticons gaining in strength...
"Damn..." He leaned his head on the bigger mech's shoulder, trying to banish the thought from his CPU. He was over thinking things, making the situation seem so much more bleak than it actually was.
  .::ASTERSTORM::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 175d 21h 5m 12s
Azrael shook his head "No I'm afraid there isn't Aster, it's up to Optimus to pull out of this" he said looking at his sad little friend and picking him up. "I'm sure it will work out"
Aster followed Azrael, silent for a few moments because of the grim atmosphere. He desperately wanted to be able to do something, but knew that there was nothing. "Az... there is nothing we can do right?" The little mech sounded depressed and worried. He knew what Ratchet must be feeling, and prayed to Primus that things would get better.
  .::ASTERSTORM::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 258d 20h 55m 17s
Orion still lay motionless the life support beeped showing a drop in his sparkbeat. He was dying and there was nothing anyone could do, he had to pull out of it himself.
Azreal came in to take Aster to train lightly touching ratchets shoulder comfortingly before guiding Aster out.

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