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Based on the town that got the nickname "silent hill", Comes a rp about its history and a lonely girl who searches for her father.

After some time, Zach Bernost, daughter of Kevin bernost.. Went looking into The town of centraila, The town has been abandoned ever since the Underground Mine fire had deemed the land to collapse.. Zach has Some kind of feeling that she is suppose to be in this ghost town in order to fulfill her Goal of finding her father

Along the way, She meets many creepy characters, She discovers her Past with centraila has more to do than just being being there.

She is the new god , A cult was looking for.

[ A Silent hillish Rp theme based on a town that was abandoned ever since 1960]

All i require is aleast a few creepy characters and Zach's make believe Sister who is real but she doesnt know it.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

  Siri / Dawn / 10y 117d 14h 52m 40s
  Siri / Dawn / 10y 123d 8h 44m 26s
[ Zach is about 17 now and her sister is 14]
  Zach Bernost / morninghell / 10y 123d 8h 49m 1s
  Siri / Dawn / 10y 123d 8h 51m 26s
[ we start when we has a creepy man... i can play him if you want me too]
  Zach Bernost / morninghell / 10y 123d 8h 52m 32s
  Siri / Dawn / 10y 123d 8h 54m 24s
  Zach Bernost / morninghell / 10y 123d 8h 55m 53s
  Siri / Dawn / 10y 123d 8h 57m 14s
:3 And some Silent hill charries cant hurt... if anyone wants to twist the game into the Rp.. i find that fine.
  Zach Bernost / morninghell / 10y 123d 10h 10m 16s

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