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A young girl has been alone for quite some time. But when she find a male she has grown attached to even though she has never met him before she begins to follow him around in hopes he will take her in and keep her. She is childish and shy but it doesnt stop her from following him around.

Male: Taken!
Keko:Me! :3

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Keko shrugged. "im out of ideas" she giggled a little bit and looked around smiling. She hugged her bunny and smiled looking down at the ground and swayed slightly.
  Keko-chan! / kittygirl / 8y 223d 12h 42m 35s
"We are awesome." Seth took all the books over to the checkout desk and laid his credit card on top of them. He turned to her and smiled. "So what now?" He crossed his arms and watched her.
  Seth Ellison / Pride / 8y 223d 14h 28m 37s
Keko looked at him and stared then laughed a little bit. She held the books she got and looked around with a small giggle. She yawned and stretched then looked at him again. "are we good?" she giggled.
  Keko-chan! / kittygirl / 8y 224d 2m 39s
He smiled at her and continued to walk around. He couldn't think of anything else interesting that they could do. It was kinda boring back at his place since he usually didn't have guests. He picked out a few more books before walking over to him.
  Seth Ellison / Pride / 8y 224d 1h 20m 8s
Keko nodded and looked around then looked at the book she was looking at then held it against her chest with her bunny. She looked at him and giggled a little bit.
  Keko-chan! / kittygirl / 8y 224d 5h 35m 33s
"Pick out as many as you want. Don't worry about the price just get whatever." He looked in different sections, picking out books he thought were interesting. He could spend the whole day in here if he wanted to.
  Seth Ellison / Pride / 8y 224d 5h 44m 30s
Keko laughed. "yep!" she smiled brightly. "I like to read" she laughed and stared at him then flipped through the book and set it down and walked behind him following closely.
  Keko-chan! / kittygirl / 8y 224d 5h 46m 51s
He smiled. He loved to read but never really got a chance. "I'm guessing we need to put a bookshelf in your room?" He smiled as he watched her go through the books. He walked over and looked through them as well. It was nice to be able to have fun and not worry about having to get somewhere or do something.
  Seth Ellison / Pride / 8y 224d 5h 48m 15s
Keko smiled and looked up at him. "okay!" she giggled. "uhh.." she looked around more. "lets go...over..." she sighed. "hey books!" she said smiling grabbing his hand and walking over to the books store and looked through the books.
  Keko-chan! / kittygirl / 8y 224d 5h 59m 40s
"This is up to you. We are shopping for you. You get to make the calls." He smiled at her. He didn't care what they did as long as she was with him. He put an arm around her shoulder and walked around with her, waiting to see what she wanted to do.
  Seth Ellison / Pride / 8y 224d 6h 5m 44s
Keko looked at him and stared with a smile. "uhh.." she muttered looking around for a second. "We can go over there!" she laughed and pointed to a random store. "or go home!" she smiled brightly.
  Keko-chan! / kittygirl / 8y 224d 6h 8m 52s
"Where are we going?" he let her pull him. It was nice to have someone other than those three other guys. They got annoying after a while.
  Seth Ellison / Pride / 8y 224d 6h 11m 34s
Keko giggled and stared at him. She smiled and looked at him and grabbed his hand pulling him along. "come on!" she giggled and stared at him. She was happy she had a friend now. She looked around and looked at him.
  Keko-chan! / kittygirl / 8y 224d 6h 25m 13s
Once they had the necklace he walked with her, waiting to see where she was taking him. He didn't come to the mall very often so he didn't really know where anything was. He followed her happily, looking at the people that they passed.
  Seth Ellison / Pride / 8y 224d 6h 32m 36s
keko smiled brightly and nodded. "okay!" she said laughing. "cool!" she smiled and stared him. "lets go lets go!" she said hugging her bunny tightly to her chest.
  Keko-chan! / kittygirl / 8y 224d 6h 42m 35s

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