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Andrew Gosselin and Che had always been best friends ever since a young age. They did everything together, everything. Their friendship, unbreakable- or so they thought.

Andrew had fainted, only to discover that he has a serious heart condition only able to live for a little while. Their friendship would soon be over. Che then decides that he, as his best friend, is going to give him the best moments of his life. They soon go traveling and doing everything Andrew has always wanted to do. That is, only to reveal the deep connection they have and fall in love.


Romance is a obvious.
Cyber is a no, can get heated but time skips are needed. I do not cyber.
At least semi-literate, a paragraph or two.
Drama is yes.
Real pictures, please.
Best friend is a guy. ^^

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I'm so sorry I got grounded and couldn't get online! Hope we can continue this!
  Che / checkerz / 10y 118d 7h 4m 14s
OOC;; You here? =)
  Andrew Gosselin / KeepOnTrucking / 10y 123d 2h 7m 56s
Andrew's head collapsed against Che's shoulder as a tear rolled down his cheek, wiping it, Andrew looked at him. "I don't know what my Mother is going to do, first Dad, now me," Andrew's father had passed away three years ago and his Mother had been a wreck since then. Cancer they said. He wanted his Mother to stay strong, because when he leaves he won't know what she will do.

Wiping his eyes he lifted his head a bit, looking up at his friend, "there is so much I wanted to do, so many places I wanted to explore, people I wanted to meet." He didn't know what to do, was he supposed to sit back and let himself die? He didn't know.
  Andrew Gosselin / KeepOnTrucking / 10y 123d 8h 46m 49s
"Wh-What???" He said softly just trying to stay calm. He knew it must of been true since Andrew didn't laugh just held back the tear. Tear's came to Che's eyes, but he just bit his bottom lip to hold them back. Rapping his arm around his best friend's sholders. He pulled him close. "It's okay to cry." He whisphered not knowing the right word's to actully tell him.
WHat were you suppose to tell someone when they are dying? Please keep living? Not the right words to say. Not now not ever. He just knew he would have to stay by he side. Fufill all of his wishes. All of them that he had always wished for. Che was afraid too. How could he not be. He was going to lose his best friend. The one that had been there through everything. Was going to be gone in a year.
  Che / checkerz / 10y 123d 8h 58m 26s
Andrew looked at his best friend, biting his lips he blurted it out, "I have a serious heart condition, doctor says I have a year at the most to live." Andrew's eyes shot down with his head, he did not want to see his friends face, if it was hard on Andrew, it would defiantly be hard on Che. Would he think it was a joke? No, Che always believed Andrew even when no one did. They were best friends and Andrew didn't want it to end, but nothing is ever perfect.

Looking up Andrew wiped his eyes, making sure he did not cry. "I didn't want to believe it was true, but Che, I..." Andrew dropped his head again, stopping himself from crying. He couldn't look Che in the eye, oh, no. He would cry for along time if he did such a thing. "I don't want to die, Che... I don't."
  Andrew Gosselin / KeepOnTrucking / 10y 123d 9h 4m 52s
Che sat on the bed looking over at Andrew. He could already tell something was troubleing him which scared him. His best friend was usually blunt when it came to hard to say things, but this time it seemed to trouble him greatly. Che had already seen ANdrew's Mother be upsetwith her quiet sob's down stairs, but know he knew i was his turn to find out what was the troubling thing that seemed to already be very serious. Che sighed as a gnxious feeling came over him as he waited for Andrew to speak. What is he going to tell me? Is he moving? Or just what? He thought scared.
  Che / checkerz / 10y 123d 9h 14m 47s
The boy laid on the hospital bed, spread out, watching the TV that was in the room. The boy felt like crying, no. He would not cry, he was a strong boy, a man almost- in a couple of years. Andrew's hair was a mess as he sat up, grunting, pain spread through his body. All the boy knew was that after they gave him his medication, told him how long he had to live, he was allowed to leave.

Andrew sat on the sidewalk, his mother beside him trying to muffle her sobs. His arm was around her, whispering to her that everything will be alright. But he knew different. It would not. He asked himself, trying not to cry himself. They were close, how was he supposed to tell him he was dying, he couldn't just come out and say it.
He sat in the room with Che by him, his body throbbing and his head spinning, looking up he looked him in the eye. "So..." Then he told him, as if it were simple, Andrew held his head up high, like it was nothing. He would pretend it was nothing.

Doesn't have to be this short, or long. :P
  Andrew Gosselin / KeepOnTrucking / 10y 123d 9h 26m 30s
I am here now also! Now, I shall make my post. ^^ We'll start off with him telling you that he has a heart condition.
  Andrew Gosselin / KeepOnTrucking / 10y 123d 9h 38m 3s
Okay, I'm here. Well when ever you are
  Che / checkerz / 10y 123d 9h 48m 10s

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