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Im looking for a male master who is semi-literate and can post whenever they are. If they cant then PM me

I plan on being the girl human slave. We can plan out the plot along the way. Just post or PM me.

Skelly needed for the Master:



Name: Izumi Yukimura
Age: 17
Personality: Cheerful, energetic, outgoing, smiles all of the time, smart/clever, kind, sweet, and likes helping people
bio: she became an orphan after her parents died and was soon but into a slave trade for those who walk in the dark.

Name: Demi Alucard
Age: 20
Abilites: Able to read minds, can levitate, able to move things with mind, super fast, and super strong
Personality: He is kind and mysterious for the most part and has a lovely charm, but when you anger him he is know for a bit of a mean side.
Bio: He wasn't born a vampire, around the age of 13 he was turned, but he somehow has grown and stopped at the age of twenty. His family had left him when he was younger, so he basically raised himself in the wild.

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Demi smiled back at her and couldn't help but giggle. "Yes I do, and it's called a bathroom my dear. Come I shall show you." HE stood up and began walking further into the house til he reached a door. "You may get a shower, allow me to help." HE walked in, turning the water on, warm but not too warm and then gave her a towel.
  Demi Alucard / Rachel_Rawrz / 8y 174d 10h 11m 34s
She looked up at him from her plate. 'He's quite handsome for a vampire.' she said as she watched him get up from his chair to help her again. She closed her eyes for a second, 'I feel so hopefless...' she though as she set the pointy thing down. All the moments and memories just flooded through her head. She hid all of her feeling and smiled. Standing up from the table, she turned to face him, "Do you have those places in your house where you get clean?" She knew she probably sounded weird, but she didnt know what they were called. No one at the Auction house never took time to teach us human slaves nor did they care.
  Izumi Yukimura / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 175d 14h 48m 36s
Demi watched her struggle while he ate and couldn't help but giggle a little. "It's okay, it's your first time, you'll catch on." He smiled and finished eating then went back over to her, helping her eat. It was quite cute on how she didn't know how to use silver wear. He knew he was going to have to keep helping her a few times before she would catch on, and that was fine with him, though she was hard to resist when he heart started to race like it was doing.

  Demi Alucard / Rachel_Rawrz / 8y 184d 15h 17m 48s
She smiled, "Thank you." Her face flushed a light pink and her heart started pounding when she felt him behind her. She wasnt sure why so she didnt know how to react to it. She watched him adjust the the pointy thing in her hand. She was amazed by how it picked up the food and how much easier it was to eat with. "Yes, I think I got the concept down." She said with excitement as she tried to do what he taught her. It was quite nice to learn something new. She tried picking up one of the pasta noodles but it kept falling off. "Damn noodle." She said angerly as she tried at the same noodle that kept escaping. "Ahh, I give up ahaa" She said as threw her hands behind her head.

  Izumi Yukimura / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 186d 10h 58m 57s
Demi watched her, studied her, and he knew she could tell he was testing her. He backed off for a little, relaxing and started into his food. He giggled to himself as he watched her struggle with a fork. He could tell the auction house had not been so kind to slaves, and left them very much uneducated. He did not mock her, but nodded when she asked. "Yes I can help." He stood, walked up from behind her, positioned the fork correctly in her hand, then stabbing at the food, showed her the correct way of doing it and then made her feed herself. He giggled again, helping her a few more times. "Do you think you got it now?" He asked as he let go of her and watched to see if she would be able to do it on her own.
  Demi Alucard / Rachel_Rawrz / 8y 212d 6h 8m 15s
She watched him walk over to her and getting something out of his pocket. It was a key. She smiled but it soon faded. It was like he was testing her. "Thank you." She said as she rubbed her wrist. She had a few scratches on her wrists also with a few blisters. She looked back onto the table, noticing that he placed food in front of her. It looked so good her mouth watered. On the side of the plate there was a weird object. It had four sharp points following with a handling looking thing. She looked at confused a little and tried picking it up. People at the auction houses never gave them such things to eat with so she was didnt know how to use it. She was a little unknowledgeable to some things. She lifted it up and tried eating with it. It didnt work so well. She grew more and more agitated each time she tried using it. "Why is this so hard..." She said softly to herself. Who would have thought that something so little could be so diifficult. That thought ran through her head a few times as she concentrated on the dumb thing. "C-Could you help me?" She asked shyly and a little embarrassed.
  Izumi Yukimura / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 221d 11h 6m 45s
By the sound of her shackles, he could hear her following him. He had the key in his pocket, and he hoped she would be smart enough to not try to run away, so he would then undo her shackles. As he paused on cooking, he walked over to the table, pulled out the key, and removed her shackles. "I do this not out of kindness, but to find out how well behaved of a slave you are." He said,sort of sternly and then went back to cooking. When he finished he made both of them a plate, adding blood to his own plate of food, and then began eating.
  Demi Alucard / Rachel_Rawrz / 8y 223d 4h 23m 40s
She closed her eyes as she felt a hand on her head, patting it. She smiled but it soon faded as he went away. She looked down both sides of the hallway, trying to find out which way he went. She stepped out from the room, and started walking down the hallway. She still had the chains on her wrists, so every time she walked it made jiggle sounds. A huge room area came into view as she continued walking. She could smell the mouth watering aroma filling the air. She got walked closer to the main room and walked into the kitchen. She walked over closer to him as she watched him cook. "It smells good." She said as she looked up at him smiling and then headed to the table she saw from the corner of her eye. She sat down and rested her head on one of her hands as she continued watching him making food.
  Izumi Yukimura / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 226d 10h 42m 9s
Demi watched her, and could tell she was in thought. He smiled when his question brought her back and he found her attached to him. He patted her head, gently pulled away and left. He was only gone for about 10 minuted when he came back home and started cooking. He wasn't real sure what she would like, but he had cooked for humans before so he had a good idea what he was doing. He decided to do spaghetti, for that was one human food he could eat. He boiled the pasta while cooking the sauce and the meatballs in another pot. Soon the house was filled with the smell of the sauce.
  Demi Alucard / Rachel_Rawrz / 8y 228d 2h 57m 39s
She didn't say anything as she watched him loosen the chains. "Why not jus take them off?" She asked as she watched him walk toward the door. The chains were rubbing against her wrists, making sores. She didn't want him to think she was goingto run, since she didn't have anywhere else to go. She thought about them, her parents. They died in an accident when she was little and was put in the auction house. She was deep in thought when she heard him ask about food, or something. She stood up, and smiled. Her trembling stopped a few minutes after she stood up. She was finally going to get to eat. "Yes!" she was never this happy about food or anything like that. But she's never really eatten anything for a while and she was happy. She rushed over to his side and held onto his shirt, smiling.
  Izumi Yukimura / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 230d 4h 38m 43s
Demi studied her carefully, looking over every feature. It was hard to do since her body was trembling so hard. HE walked over to her, leaning close, and loosened the chains, so she would be able to move around more. Nice name, I shall remember it." He grinned, his fangs showing as he then started to walk out of the room. "Oh, yes, are you hungry?" He asked before completely walking out. Being human, he knew he was going to have to start keeping human food in the house. He sighed, kind of finding it a drag, but knowing he had to do it.
  Demi Alucard / Rachel_Rawrz / 8y 230d 11h 25m 40s
She was led into a cave after walking out of the auction house. 'This looks like a house more than a cave.' she thought as she looked around. She followed him into a room and was soon chained to the bed. She looked up at him and then sat down on the bed. 'Demi, huh.' she thought again as she looked up at him, staring at his fangs. Nervously smiling at him she said, "Izumi, Izumi Yukimura." She tried hard not to feel scared or anything but her body said other wise. She was trembling more than she did at the auction house. She looked back down and stared at her hands. She was here now, starting her new life as a slave.
  Izumi Yukimura / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 232d 2h 19m 23s
Demi smiled, not caring that others were giving him death looks. It was what he wanted, others to be jealous of the one he had. He pulled her along, creeping through the night, though the alley ways, making his way back to his cave. Yes he stayed in a cave, but when he entered it, it looke djust like a home. The cave was huge, looking like a two story home. He loved it, for no one was ever going to be able to find him so him and his slave was safe from harm. He pulled her to her room and chained her wrists to the bed. "Now, do tell me your name. Mine is Demi." He grinned, and his fangs shined through.
  Demi Alucard / Rachel_Rawrz / 8y 232d 2h 34m 46s
She watched as hands shot up as they bidded on her. The last hand she saw go up was the one who bought her. She could feel the crowds anger toward the man who had gotten the final bid. She couldnt tell on how the man was going to treat her, and that's what frightened her the most. She didnt want to be mistreated and abused but that's up to her Master. As she watched the guy make his way up, she noticed that the man didnt look that old from the others that were in the room. She wasnt sure if she should be relieved or scared. She was still trembling by the fact that she was going to be taken by a blood thirsty vampire. She was soon led off of the stage from her chains by the man. She didnt say anything, afraid that she would say something bad and have him hurt her. That was the last thing she wanted. All she could do now is to follow him.
  Izumi Yukimura / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 231d 12h 28m 19s
Demi had always loved slave auctions, especially human ones. True he had never bought a human before, he still always loved watching the humans be sold. Some seemed happy, others were terrified. He wondered what happened to some of the humans, though he knew what did happen to some of him. Tonight was the night he finally wanted to buy one, though he wanted to pick one that he seemed to find physically attractive. He could care less about emotional ways and her personality, he wanted something of a trophy human, that other vamps would want but was now his.

He watched the stage as slaves were sold left and right. Some went for high prices with long bids, others were short bids at low prices. Either way he had the money and was able to match the price of any solf slave so far. Finally a girl was brought out, and as soon as he saw her he knew she was the one. He allowed others to start to bid on her and when the bidding seemed to slow, he upped the price by a full 50o dollars. No one seemed able to match him as the auctioneer yelled sold. He walked up to the stage and took his slave by the chains which were around her wrists.
  Demi Alucard / Rachel_Rawrz / 8y 232d 3h 8m 27s

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