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Lilith has just lost everything. Her mother and father have just passed away in a car accident. They had been the only family she had. Never having been very social she doesnt have any friends. Greif striken and numb, she receives her parents buisness empire. Making her a multi-millionaire. Desperate to get away she goes to the nearest airport without any luggage and picks the first place on the screen.
Tokyo Japan
When she arrives she is lost, in a new country with several million dollars burning a hole in her pocket. The first thing she does, is ask everyone she see's if they speak english. When she finds a young teenage boy also without a family she offers him money, and a place to stay and to travel with her, if he acts as her translator in the country.
What will happen?

Literate-ish please!?
Not many rules in this one. beggars cant be choosers ya know?
I'm pretty impartial though I'd rther a real pic. XD

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I'm sorry deary but i think i'm going to wipe this rp soon and start over. I'll give a day if you dont post, then i'm wpeing it clean.
  Lilith Ratcliff / torinchan / 10y 70d 2h 3m 40s
Lilith got out of the shower and got dressed eager to get out and about, see the sights and forget about all the things she was starting to rmember. The ache in her chest was returning and she didnt like it. Walking out holding her things she knocked on his door. "Hey, you up? I'd like to get going soon"
  Lilith Ratcliff / torinchan / 10y 78d 10h 53m 57s
Chad yawned softly. He then looked around and then rubbed the sleep from his eyes before he went into the restroom. His eyes still trying to adjust to the brightness of the day. Once he brushed his teeth he went out and looked out the window. It was partly cloudy and looked like it would clear up soon.
  Chad Wilson / MaxyBear / 10y 81d 3h 4m 42s
Lilith woke early and first thing got a coffee from the cafe down stairs. With a sigh she went back towards her room still wearing the clothing from last night have never change into her pajamas she finished her coffee quickly and went back to her room, leaving the door cracked useing the dead bolt to keep it from getting too warm in the room, she went into the bathroom and took a shower.
  Lilith Ratcliff / Torinchan / 10y 82d 2h 43m 11s

Chad woke with a start. he almost forgot that he was in Japan and then felt the excitment run through his body. He bit his lower lip and sat up. The blankets slid of him.
  Chad Wilson / MaxyBear / 10y 82d 2h 48m 30s
Lilith dropped her bag and fell on the bed with a tired sigh, closing her eyes she fell asleep immideatly
<Time skip? Sorry its short>
  Lilith Ratcliff / Torinchan / 10y 82d 22h 44m 26s
"Night see you."He said as he unlocked his door threw his bag in the closet and then he sighed and collapsed on his bed. He would apologize in the morning for the way he acted towards her.
  Chad Wilson / MaxyBear / 10y 82d 22h 56m 33s
Lilith leaned on the wall in the elevator completely wiped out she could barely stand closeing her eyes she kept her balence slightly as the elevator moved she held onto the rail inside and exited as it reached the floor waveing her hand to him as she walked towards her room she tossed a "night sleep well" over her shoulder.
  Lilith Ratcliff / Torinchan / 10y 82d 23h 17m 36s
"Okay."He muttered and then sighed softly. I guess she was paying. He bit his lower lip as he headed towards the elevator. He then looked down at his card. Avoiding her eyes as the elevator began to rise.
  Chad Wilson / MaxyBear / 10y 82d 23h 23m 40s
Lilith shook her head and asked for two rooms " I didnt want your life story, just somthing. It doesnt matter." she said and took the room keys handing one to him. "apperently there are only two adjoinning rooms left. So heres your key, I'll see you in the morning" she said calmly and walked towards the elevator.
  Lilith Ratcliff / Torinchan / 10y 82d 23h 26m 0s
"your right.You asked about me and I just said the reason I'm here. I didn't feel like giving you my whole life story unless you have the patience for that."He said looking at her.
  Chad Wilson / MaxyBear / 10y 82d 23h 28m 28s
Lilith looked at him and sighed, she hated when people got touchy with her. And she hated discussing money even more. "I asked about yourself, not about your expensise" she muttered and walked in after him pushing her hair from her eyes she looked around the lobby before moveing past him towards the secritary.
  Lilith Ratcliff / Torinchan / 10y 82d 23h 30m 55s
"Okay well I apologize that I brought it up. You merely asked about me and I answered."He said before he opened the door and got out. Not waiting for he entered the hotel. A bright orange light met his eyes and when he blinked it was a magnificent chandelier . He sighed
  Chad Wilson / MaxyBear / 10y 82d 23h 38m 8s
Lilith closed her eyes and leaned agains tthe winodow feeling the cold glass on her face. "Somtimes you dont want it...sometimes you dont want how you get it, i'd rather be homeless faceing a thunderstorm than have the money i do now, but i'm not." she said calmly and shook her head "Finances are trivial, i'd rather change the subject"
  Lilith Ratcliff / Torinchan / 10y 82d 23h 40m 12s
"well being wealthy must be nice. I mean I'd rather have more money then I have now. I wouldn't care about being rich. Money is just a peice of paper. It's the world That I depend on that will keep me protected from the disasters."He said. He looked at her.
  Chad Wilson / MaxyBear / 10y 82d 23h 42m 7s

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