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A new girl, covered in blood, arrives to Konoha. People think of her differently due to having horns on her head. Because of that, she's been killing numerous of people. No one accepts her for herself. No one knows what her power is because all she does is look at the person and their bodys are ripped apart. Her true self can be covered up but when something happens her true self awakens. A music box that she has in her bag is the only memory she has at the moment.

When she first arrived at Konoha, she thought of making a new life. She had a hat over her head when she was there making sure no one saw her horns.

The characters are 17-18 ☺

my character is based off another anime : hope you dont mind its Elfen Lied)

How she kills...



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She looked up at Sasuke. She stood up and walked next to him. "I don't want to be a burden. Are you sure it's okay?" she asked as she looked up at him. She didn't want to bother him with her helplessness and troublesome problems. "You dont have to go out your way of helping me." she said as she looked down. She never had anyone actually help her before. For the past few years, she's been living on the streets. As she was next to Sasuke, she looked up at the sky. After a few minutes her stomach growled really loud. She was so embarrassed. The last time she ate a real meal was about 2 weeks ago. When she tried ignoring it, it growled even louder. 'Dang stomach...' she thought as she looked slightly up at Sasuke. "This is so embarrassing" she said softly while holding her stomach.
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Sasuke turns Naruto aloose as he said " Look she's blushing" Naruto looks at her as he said "'Sorry about that.And i have to go so see you guys later." Naruto runs off leaving Sasuke as he sighs and turns to her saying " Come on.You can stay at my house.I have a spare room." He starts to walk away as he shake's his head running his fingers through his hair as he waits for her.
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She smiled but still continuted to have her head down. "The thing is, is that, I'm not human." she said as she looked up at Sasuke. "I just want to live a new life, that's all I guess ahaa" she turned her attention to Naruto. What he said made her face go red. 'My face seems hot' she thought as she looked at Sasuke out of the corner of her eye. 'Could I really?' she thought as she smiled and looked down once again. "I'm the same way with hating people. I don't get close to anyone. I did once and I killed them because they betrayed me by trying to kill me. So I...maybe...could..." she felt even more red than before. She didn't know what the feeling was and couldn't put her finger on it.
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Naruto looks at her saying "'Maybe you could show Sasuke some love he like's no one and hates everybody." Sasuke looks at him and made a sound that almost saound like a growl.'Sasuke turn's to her saying " You dont sound like a bad person so why start over?. My brother killed the whole clan that me and him not Naruto was born in." Sasuke waits as he puts Naruto in head lock for saying what he said.
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She gave a small laugh to Naruto's statement. "They're horns and no one's ever said that they were cool before." She said as she looked up at Naruto an then Sasuke. She felt relieved by the fact that she can trust them, and she knew that they wont betray her like the people in the village she slaughtered. "Then I'll tell you," she said as she began telling them everything of what she's done, like slaughtering and everything also talking about her vectors. "But I came to this village to make a new life, ya'know. Escape from the blood and killings. I want to start over, make some friends, maybe even someone to love. I never showed any emotion. I dont know what it's like to have people around that like or even love you. Just wanted to discover new things that i never got to due." She sighed as she looked down.
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Sasuke looks at them and said "'So'what. I have wings." Naruto the idot goes and say's " Wow you have ears!" He looks at Naruto and slaps him upside the head saying " Cool it Naruto" They both look at her and say " We wont tell. " Sasuke looks away saying "Its not like anyone cares."
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She looked down. Maybe the guy named Sasuke was right. Maybe she was just someone who wasted peoples time. She sighed but soon looked up, "You two are the first people to talk to me without treating me different. Im guessing that i can trust you." She said as she took her hat off, reveiling her horns. Because she had horns, people thought of her as a demon and never got close to her. People used to beat her and hurt the things she used to like. "I'll tell you everything, that is if you wont tell anyone or be afraid of me." She said as she looked at the two. If they didnt mind on what she looked ike, then it was fine to tell them and she wouldnt have to kill them.
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Sasuke make's a sound as he said " Everybody has a power in here and you killed someone you just killed someone. No one cares" He starts to walk off saying " Come on Naruto.Let's not waste our time" Naruto look's at her saying " Pay no mind to Sasuke he's always grumpy and not careing. So im Naruto and its nice to meet you Lucy" Sasuke roll's his eyes as he walk's back over to them and look's at Lucy saying " Im Sasuke."
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She gave a small dark laugh. "Im Lucy." she said as she looked up at the too with her cold red eyes. "If I told you what happened, you wouldn't believe me. That blood isn't mine to begin with. There's things in this world that can't or shouldn't be said. I would have to kill you if I tell you what I am and what I do." she sighed as she looked back into the water. She wanted to start over her life but it seemed more difficult than that. "The thing is, is that, I want to make a fresh start. Once I do, I don't who to trust..." she paused for a few moments. 'Can I trust them?' she thought. For the first time, she wanted to just pour out everything about her and not kill anyone. She wanted to be able to make one friend, that was all she wanted. She hung her head low afraid that they might laugh because it was so...unbelievable.
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Sasuke who is sitting on the ground as he is known to be cold-hearted and emoitionless but smilles when he wants didnt even bother to look at her as he's watching her from what he see in the water. Naruto looks up as he said " What happen to you??.Are you ok?? What's your name?" Sasuke made a sound of not caring as he kept on looking away at the water. He soon get's up and pull's his arms back into his clothes as he puts his sword back where it belongs and then he looks at her he never really did have his normal eyes.But they have been sharingun eyes . So when he finally looks at her that's what they both see. Naruto wait's as he gets his shirt on and stuff.
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As she continued looking up at the sky, she noticed two guys fighting over head. She watched them as they collided with one another and joking around. Lucy felt a bit envious of them as they joked. Every time she tried getting close to someone, they always betrayed her because of how she looks. It's wasn't her fault that she turned out that way. Once those people betrayed her, she usually hunted them down and killed them without hesitation. She sighed as she watched as they cooled off in the stream where she washed off some of the blood from the bandits she killed earlier that day. She stood up and walked over to the two in the water. "That blood was from me." She said as she sat on the edge and put her legs into the water. She looked at her reflection in the water. She almost forgot about her horns but she was glad that her hat was still on. Even though she was feeling hot she didnt care as long no one saw them. Her face was still dirty and had a few blood stained splatters. She didnt mind the blood, since she was used to the blood from when she first discovered her mystery powers.
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Sasuke and Naruto was fighting again as They are all over the village.Sasuke flew over Lucy fighting Naruto as he kicked Naruto away from saying " What's wrong Naruto cant keep up??" He started to laugh not noticing Lucy as they soon went back at it and then took a break by the river by training in the water as they said " Ahhh the water feeling great." Sasuke noticed blood in the water and said " Hey Naruto.Are you on your period on something?" Naruto give's him a stupid look as he then said " Haha very funny Sasuke"
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(Ill post'soon.Just on and off right now sorry.
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Walking down a dirt path, Lucy comes across a bunch of bandits. The bandits look down onto her as they try to take her as their slave. Her personality changes as they grab her. Before they could even try anything, their bodies were torn to pieces. Limb by limb, ripping apart from their body, they screamed in pain. No emotion showed on her face as blood poured and splattered everywhere. Once they were dead, she took their money, and headed away from the scene as possible. Walking for hours, a small village came into sight. When the gaurds asked her to stop, they immediately shut their mouths. Lucy was covered in blood. People around looked at her with strange faces as she walked passed them. Saying "What happened?" and "What did she get into?" Things like that echoed around her. There was near by training ground she noticed off in the distance. She figured that, that was the only peacful place there. That's what she thought. Walking past a few trees, she noticed a small river near a single tree and 3 small posts. She crouched down next to the river and started cleaning off her arms and clothes. The blood didnt quite come out all of the way but she didnt care. She moved over to the single large tree next to the stream, and sat down. She looked at the sky and watched the clouds go by.
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