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its cool :]

Luna smiled at him and sighed. "if you must" she said sarcastically and giggled quietly. "Follow me, you concidently picked up boxes of my things" she added and walked into the house and up the stairs, leading to a large room- her room- and she sat her things on the desk. "put those there" she said and waited for him to do what she said. She looked out her window and noticed a window across the street was open and she glanced back at Danny. "Is that your room?" she asked and pointed out the window.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 363d 17h 7m 42s
Danny smiled."Could I be of any help?"He pointed too some boxes."I mean I can help y'all unload the boxes, into your house."He blushed a little and smiled. Danny looked at her and picked some boxes up and followed her.

  Danny / lylarose / 8y 363d 17h 17m 58s
Luna smiled at the boy -Danny- and placed her hand in his. "Luna," she said and glanced over at his house. She smiled again and blinked, then her gaze returned to his face. He was handsom, that she had to admit, and sighed inwardly. She turned around as her mother called her name and looked back at Danny apologetically. "Im sorry, i need to finish bringing those in, but ill see you later, okay?" she asked and walked around him slightly, getting into the truck to get another box of hers.

the next ones will be longer, im having a writers block right now sorry :P
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 363d 17h 21m 32s
Danny was watching out his window when he saw a moving truck pull up in the driveway across the street. He folded his arms into his chest and sighed. His parents invited a family of the old friends from the homeland over for dinner. His parents were your typical old timey Arabs that believed in arranged marriages. Their friends have a daughter around his age and they wanted them to get married. But Danny didn't want to get married too someone he didn't love. He looks around his room. Danny starts to clean up too make a good impression.

His eyes return to the house across the street, there was a black car pulling up next to the moving truck. An Arab couple and their daughter stepped out. Danny looked at the girl, she looked like his age and she was beautiful. He watched as they started too take the boxes inside.

Danny decided to sneak downstairs and go meet the new family. He goes out the back door and walks across the street. He looks around and finds the girl walking back."Hello, I'm one of your neighbors from across the street."He pointed back at his house."I'm Danny."Danny held out his hand to her to shake. She was much more beautiful in person.
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No problem
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I wont be able too post..my internet is down so I dont have much time..I will be able too post on saturday or friday night...sorryfor the wait..
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Could you? Sorry posting is hard for me now
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I'm sorry I poofed... Do you wanna start???
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thats okay :) im using my character Luna haha
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Hey I found it... Is this guy ok??? Or do you want another one??
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