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"Yea I go everyday. And yea I get a buy one, get one free."He laughed and glanced down at the ground."They like me alot. They want me to work there, but my parents are against it."
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 358d 15h 35m 26s
"Really?" She asked and looked at him also. "I bet you get quite the discount" she said and laughed quietly.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 358d 15h 37m 15s
They started walking."Umm yea. There are really good coffee places."He smiled. Danny looked at her."I go to one everyday before school."
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 358d 15h 40m 23s
Luna smiled also. "Walking is fine" she said and waited for him to lead her. "Are there good coffee places here?" She asked and smiled a bit wider.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 358d 15h 43m 8s
Danny smiled."Are you alright with walking a little bit?"He bit his bottom lip."I don't have a car so I have to walk alot."Danny sighed."I could borrow a car but it's up to you."
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 358d 15h 46m 28s
Luna smiled. "Ill need the help and sure, let me tell my parents" she said and walked inside, grabbing her bag and told her parents. They nodded encouragingly and she rejoined Danny and smiled. "Im ready" she said and smiled at him again.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 358d 15h 54m 22s
Danny nodded."Cool. Maybe I can show you the grand tour of the school."He smiled at her."You will like it there. I love it."Danny glanced around."So since your done with the boxes, would you like to go grab a coffee or something?"
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 358d 15h 58m 48s
Luna sighed thinking and said "I dont remember as of now but im in mostly advanced classes. Actually there all advanced, so i might be seeing you alot." she said and smiled. Luna looked at him and thought he was cute.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 359d 15h 31m 45s
Danny smiled."Do you know your schedule yet? Or who your teachers are?"He smiled, at least he could give her some advice. He looked at her blush. She was so beautiful and he already liked her alot.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 359d 15h 48m 15s
Luna smiled and said "Ill be going there." she said and added "Im in 11" and bit her lip also. She noticed he was blushing again and her cheeks lit up also. Trying to hide it she looked away and sighed.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 359d 16h 6m 17s
"Nice. So where are you going to school?"He smiled and started to bite his bottom lip."I go to Alexander Highschool. And I'm in the 12th grade."He smiled and blushed.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 359d 17h 31m 37s
"Oh, we came from Palm Beach. But my dad had a better job offer here.. or thats what theyre telling me anyways." she said and smiled, remembering the sun that was basically always out, and the ocean behind her house. She sighed and smiled at him, carrying the last of the boxes inside and then walked back outside with him.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 359d 17h 38m 30s
Danny followed her out to the truck and picked up some more boxes."So where did y'all come from?"he asked as he set the boxes down where she wanted them. Danny smiled and folded his arms into his chest.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 359d 17h 41m 46s
"Oh, okay" Luna said and noticed his blush, her cheeks flaring red as well. "okay, lets finish this up" Luna said and smiled walking back down the stairs. She walked to the truck and dug around, looking for more of her things. She found the rest in the back and brought it all to the front, jumping down and grabbed another box.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 363d 17h 8m 19s
He glances at where she pointed."Uh yea it is."He smiled Danny placed the boxes down and looked at Luna."That's how I knew y'all were moving in and I wanted too welcome y'all into the neighborhood."Danny smiled and blushed.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 363d 17h 19m 18s

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