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Danny opened his window and helped her into hisroom."Hey Luna."He smiled. Danny noticed that she had been crying and wiped some of her tears with his thumb."I take it that it didn't go very well."He sighed."I'm sorry."
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 353d 13h 58m 21s
Luna nodded and slowly climbed further down on the roof, swinging down onto the window sil below. she then ran accross the street and dlimbed up onto Dannys roof, whiping her eyes when she was up high enough that she wouldnt have to hold on. She then knocked on his window and waved for him to open it.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 353d 14h 49s
Danny smiled at Luna. He waved slowly. Danny motioned if she wanted him to sneak over and talk. He watched her and waited for her to tell him. Danny wanted to talk about what happened.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 353d 14h 5m 30s
Luna walked behind her parents to the door as they were heading out and forced a smile as Bedr kissed her hand. she walked out the door quickly and climbed into the car, trying not to cry. When they reached her house, she jumped out of the car before it stopped, not wanting to talk about the horrible evening. Luna ran up the steps to her room, quickly sitting on the bed and cried into her hands. She ripped the scarf out of her hair moments later in frustration and changed into a pair of pajama shorts and a cami, opening her window to let in some cool air and sat on her roof.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 353d 14h 10m 49s
After hours of eating and talking, Samolia and her family left. They told Danny's family what hotel they were in and that they would be back tomorrow for dinner. Danny ran upstairs and changed into his regular clothes. Danny sat on his bed and watched out of his window.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 353d 14h 15m 26s
Luna arrived at the mans home a few minutes later. She walked slowly to the door and smiled as the family opened it. "Hello! Welcome!" the owner of the home said and welcomed them inside, luna walking inside slowly. she bowed slightly to the Boy. "Im Luna" she said and stood back up. "Im Bedr" he replied lazily and walked into the living room, paying luna no attention. Well this should be fun luna thought sarcastically and walked inside herself.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 353d 14h 18m 37s
An Arab family walked in and shook their hands.Danny smiled and shook the girls hand. She reminded him of Luna."Hello, I'm daniel."The girl blushed."Hello I'm Samolia."Danny and Samolia went into the livingroom and started to talk.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 353d 14h 24m 46s
*okay im on it!*

Luna smiled at her parents. "ready dear?" her mother said and luna nodded. Slowly and numbly luna walked out to the car and climbed inside, waiting for this whole night to be over. She glanced over at dannys house and saw a girl dressed almost exactly like luna, though her own outfit was a brighter pink. Luna frowned and hoped Danny would like her.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 353d 14h 31m 54s
-umm I was thinking about them being promised to two different people and they try to runaway together after spending time with the promised lovers.-

Danny walked into the kitchen and his parents attacked him. His mother started talking about how much he has grown into a man. His father started to give him advice. When all of a sudden, there was a knock at the front door. Danny froze as his mother got the door.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 353d 14h 39m 48s
Luna stood in the bathroom a while later and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was newly straightened and she was wearing the traditional Sari -it being a baby pink in color- and frowned. She looked beautiful, of corse, but she didnt feel like herself. Slowly she walked down the stairs and into the living room where her mother and father were waiting, preparing to leave.

are you wanting her to be promised to danny? i dont care either way
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 353d 14h 44m 12s
Danny smiled and waved. He went back to his house and got ready. He came downstairs dressed in traditional Arab dress for men. Danny looked in the mirror and frowned. He hated wearing anything like this.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 353d 14h 51m 17s
"Yeah i guess we do huh?" she said and smiled. They walked up to her house a few minutes later. "well. i guess ill see you around" she said and walked into her house, quickly getting persued by her mom to get dressed and sighed.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 353d 20h 46m 12s
Danny smiled."Yea I know what your talking about."He nodded." I want to get to know them for their hearts, not just their looks."Danny sighs."My parents don't understand me. But I have to do what they say."
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 354d 13h 35m 1s
Luna shook her head. "I dont want to, i want to fall in love, you know? Meet someone, go through those akward stages. Not just marry them and learn to deal with it." Luna sighed and blushed, realizing shed just rambled on about love.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 354d 21h 24m 41s
Danny stood up and walked out with her. He blushed as he watched her walk. He didn't want anyoneelse but her."Well do you think you will like the guy your parents picked?"Danny sighed and hoped that she would say no.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 355d 13h 43m 44s

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