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Danny shrugged."I don't know."He looked at her."I can't pretend to love someone else."Danny gulped his hot coffee down and threw the empty cup into a near by trashcan."We will think of something."
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 351d 16h 23m 24s
Luna blushed lightly. "I guess its good to know that I wont be." she said and sighed as they continued walking. She didnt know why but she was really nervous, though she usually wouldnt be. Luna sighed again and looked over at danny. "What are we going to do, Danny?" she began, "I cant act like Im in love with someone else, and we cant run away. Im scared" she finished and looked at her feet.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 351d 17h 37m 19s
Danny smiled and laughed a little."I don't think you will get as ambushed as any new kid."He sighed."The other students here don't really care so you will be ok. And you will have me with you most of the day."Danny squeezed her hand.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 352d 5h 31m 52s
Luna shrugged. "As ready as ill ever be I guess" she said and sighed. "I just dont want to get lost" she said and laughed at the thought. "How many people are going to ambush me when I walk through the door?" she asked and looked at him.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 352d 14h 16m 46s
Danny nodded and smiled. He blew into his coffee and sipped on it."Are you ready for your first day of school?"
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 352d 14h 25m 9s
Luna smiled and stood at another register. "Okay, so we should be okay" she said and sighed. She ordered her coffee and pulled out her wallet, handing the man behind the rigister a 10. Luna sighed as he handed her the coffee and took a few sugars and creams and put them in her bag. "Okay you ready?" she asked, holding the warm cup between both of her hands.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 352d 23h 24m 7s
"The school is only a block an a half away, so it should takeonly a 15-minute walk."He smiled and ordered some coffee with cream and sugar.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 352d 23h 29m 43s
Luna smiled. "good to know" she said and they reached the coffee place. "how far is school from here?" she asked and looked at the clock on the counter, which flashed that it was 6:35.

  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 352d 23h 39m 6s
Danny frowned."I'm sorry."He sighed and squeezed her hand a little."Well you can have me."He blushed and looked around.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 352d 23h 43m 28s
Luna laughed at that. "It SO has flavor!" luna laughed and sighed also. "Well trust me, Badr wasnt much better." she said and her nose crinkled in distaste. "He was a jerk and I never want to see him again" she said and frowned.

  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 352d 23h 45m 28s
Danny nodded."She said that she hated coffee because it lacked flavor."He made a face."I couldn't believe that."Danny sighed."So I had a little disagreement with her and she tried her best to argue with me."
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 352d 23h 55m 16s
Luna smiled and walked with him toward the coffee shop. "So she seriously didnt like coffee?" she asked, making conversation and also trying to keep her blush down.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 352d 23h 59m 15s
Danny nodded."Ok well we need to keep it to ourselves."He sighed."Let's go get some coffee."Danny smiled and grabbed her hand to hold. He leans down and kisses her cheek.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 353d 1m 10s
Luna smiled. "Lets just wait a while, until then we can be togoether in secret, and at school. okay?" she said and took his hand in hers. They had only known eachother for a day and were already talking about running away togoether. Somehow, she didnt mind. Luna found it exciting.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 353d 19m 35s
Danny thought a moment."Let's runaway."He looked at her."Together. Just you and I."Danny smiles."We can go anywhere and live the life we want to live."
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 353d 22m 21s

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