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Basically romeo and juliet just more modern, also when they first meet, it will be a costume party.


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"Me too, except for the fact that we only came for... him." she said and frowned, glaring at the floor.

  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 187d 19h 40m 3s
Danny smiled and held her hand."I'm glad that you moved here."
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 291d 9h 52m 38s
Luna smiled and blushed. "Good" she said and pushed her hair behind her ear.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 303d 8h 35m 5s
Dann smiled."Sub teachers don't really notice new students."He sighed and kissed her cheek.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 303d 8h 39m 47s
Luna smiled at him, looking up also. "Maybe she wont notice" she said and looked down.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 303d 8h 42m 15s
They sat beside each other and he held onto her hand. He looked up and saw that there was a substitute teacher."Well lookie there, theres a sub teacher."Danny smiled at her.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 303d 8h 45m 38s
Luna smiled, blushing slightly. "Hope your right" she said and sighed.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 303d 20h 30m 5s
Danny smiled and laughed."Don't worry. You will be fine."He smiled and kissed her forehead as try entered the classroom.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 304d 6h 52m 46s
Luna sighed. "Great" she said and looked at him. "As long as I dont have to stand up and go 'Hello, im Luna'" she said and sighed, knowing she would probably have to do that all day.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 307d 15h 56m 5s
Danny was surprised to find that he had the same math class."Well we are together for at least have first period together."He smiled. Danny held onto her hand as he led her to the math class."You will like the math teacher, she is very compassionate when it comes to new students."
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 307d 18h 53m 29s
Luna smiled. "I hope not" she said and thanked the office woman. She walked with him back into the hallway and sighed. "Okay now were off to... Math." she said and laughed slightly. "I just realized I am in all honors classes" she said and smiled again, fixing the strap on her bag.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 310d 11h 58m 38s
Danny helped her hurry into the front office to pick up her schedule."You won't get noticed until lunch probably."He sighs and kisses her hand.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 310d 12h 3m 8s
Luna smiled and kissed his cheek. "Lets hurry, I dont want to be noticed" She said and sighed, trying to look like she knew what she was doing like she did it every day.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 311d 9h 16m 51s
Danny nodded and held onto her hand. He smiled as they entered the school. Everyone was far to busy to pay attention to the new girl. He leaned into her ear and whispered."See I told you. No one really notices."He laughs a little and smile.
  Danny / lylarose / 8y 311d 9h 21m 50s
Luna nodded as they walked up to the school. "Dont let me get attacked" she said and smiled, pushing the doors open to walk inside. She drank some of her coffee, finding it almost gone though she didnt remember drinking any of it, and threw it out. "I think it was leaking" she said and sighed.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 8y 312d 10h 18m 42s

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